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End Of Life Letter
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This product is no longer being manufactured by Intel. THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED FOR HISTORICAL REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY AND IS SUBJECT TO THE TERMS SET FORTH IN THE "LEGAL INFORMATION" LINK BELOW. For information on currently available Intel products, please see and/or

End of Life (EOL) Notification

Change #EPD943405-01

August 22, 1994

Dear Customer,

The ActionMedia® series of products and associated video components offered by the Video Products Operation of Intel will be discontinued over the next two years. These products are undergoing an "End of Life" (EOL) process due to the recent advances made with Indeo video -- Intel's software only video technology for the PC. Please refer to the "Customer Action Requested" section on page 2 for order information.

The actions of the Video Products Operation do not affect Intel's Indeo video, Intel SmartVideo Recorder, Proshare Video System 200 products or future extensions of these product lines.

The following products are affected by this End of Life notification:


  • 82750DB 28 Display Processor, 28 MHz
  • 82750DB 45 Display Processor, 45 MHz
  • 82750PB 25 Pixel Processor, 25 MHz
  • 82750PB 33 Pixel Processor, 33 MHz
  • 82750PD Pixel/Graphics Processor
  • 82750LA Audio Gate Array for 82750PB/DB designs
  • 82750LH Host Gate Array for 82750PB/DB designs
  • 82750LV VRAM Gate Array for 82750PB/DB designs


  • AM1222IS ActionMedia II board, ISA, software and cables included
  • AM1222ISC ActionMedia II board, ISA, software and cables included, analog cable added
  • AM1222ISOEM ActionMedia II board, ISA, no software or cables
  • AM2222MC ActionMedia II board, MicroChannel, software and cables included
  • AM2222MCOEM ActionMedia II board, MicroChannel, no software or cables
  • AM0920 ActionMedia II board capture module, cables included
  • AM0920OEM ActionMedia II board capture module, no software or cables
  • AMBASIC AMBasic board, no software or cables

Design Kits

i750DK Intel i750® VideoProcessor system design kit

Product Transitions:

Board Products

There are two product transition paths available to ActionMedia II board customers:

  1. The ActionMedia II board series is available through IBM. This includes the ActionMedia II board (ISA and MicroChannel versions) and capture module.
  2. Customers may also transition directly to Indeo video technology for software playback. Capture applications may use Indeo video capture products such as Intel's SmartVideo Recorder. North American developers and customers working to transition to Indeo video based solutions may call 1-800-628-8686 for more information. International developers and customers may call 916-356-3551.

Component Products

Customers wishing to purchase these devices should contact the Video Products Operation before July 31, 1995.


Additional software development kits for the ActionMedia II board are available from Digital Video Arts, Ltd.

Customer Action Requested:

Intel will accept purchase orders for the above mentioned EOL products through July 31, 1995. Products ordered by July 31, 1995 may be scheduled for delivery during the following twelve month period, up to July 31, 1996.

We would appreciate your prompt response indicating your actual or projected product requirements for the next year. Please direct this feedback to your Intel field or factory representative in order to ensure timely availability of product. Purchase orders placed by July 31, 1995 will be used as the final product demand forecast.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this End of Life notification. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your Intel representative.



Kevin D. Gazzara
Product Marketing Manager
Video Products Operation
Embedded Products Division

Modified: 6/11/96

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