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MCABase XGA208 Display Driver for Windows 95/98/NT

  • XGA208 Windows 95/98 Display Driver for the XGA/XGA-2 display adapters. New display modes up to 1600x1200 on the XGA-2 and 800x600 and 832x620 in high color on the XGA.

  • XGA208 Windows NT Video Miniport Driver Release B for the XGA/XGA-2 display adapters. Due to limitations imposed by the Microsoft XGA Windows NT display driver only 256 colors modes can be selected. Provides higher refresh rates.

  • XGA Video and System Information utilities, indispensable for understanding resource conflicts and obtaining detailed MCA device information.

XGA208 for Windows 95/98 xga208.zip 2008-04-28 39,035 Download
XGA208 Miniport Rel. B for WinNT xga208ntb.zip 2008-04-28 27,400 Download
XGA Utilities, System info, DOS xga2util.zip 2008-02-25 24,908 Download

MCABase Series 206 Drivers for Windows 95/98/NT

  • XGA206 Windows 95/98 Display Driver for IBM XGA/XGA-2 Display Adapters.
  • SPOCK206 Windows 95/98 Miniport Driver for IBM MCA SCSI Host Adapters.
  • SPOCK206 Windows NT Miniport Driver for IBM MCA SCSI Host Adapters.
  • AHA206 Windows 95/98 Miniport Driver for Adaptec AHA-1640 SCSI Host Adapter.

Note: SPOCK206 and AHA206 contain two separate sets of drivers for use on Win95 and Win98SE. Unzip the compressed files by preserving and recreating the original directory structure. For PKUNZIP on DOS, use the command line option -d.

XGA206 for Windows 95/98 xga206.zip 2006-05-18 27,591 Download
SPOCK206 for Windows 95/98 spock206.zip 2006-08-02 38,352 Download
SPOCK206 for Windows NT spock2nt.zip 2006-08-02 28,680 Download
AHA206 for Windows 95/98 aha206.zip 2006-07-09 25,884 Download


Get POS and Adapter Information for IBM MCA SCSI Host Adapters.

QSPOCK for DOS QSPOCK.ZIP 2006-08-09 13,269 Download

QUMC for DOS Release 01.55 May 7 2005

This inofficial beta release reads out and shows the planar POS bytes, it focuses on the planar configuration.

QUMC for DOS, Inofficial Rel. 01.55, QUMC155.ZIP 43,620 Download

QUMC for DOS Release 01.13 Feb 06 2003

This release reads and processes the extended POS bytes of the IBM PS/2 SCSI-2 Fast/Wide Adapter/A (8EFC Corvette). The default set of the planar POS bytes have been added to the output. The download package contains the DOS program, the ADF database and a full screen file viewer to view the output. Use the supplied batch file QUMC.BAT to run QUMC on DOS and conveniently browse the results.

QUMC for DOS, Rel. 01.13, QMCD113.ZIP 43,620 Download

WriteLED for DOS Release 00.09 Feb 11 2003

WriteLED for DOS is a standalone program for DOS, OS/2 and Windows 95/98. The common source code of WriteLED for DOS and Windows NT is also available. You should #undef _WLEDDOS to compile the program on Windows NT.

WriteLED for DOS Rel. 00.09, WLD009.ZIP 8,815 Download
WriteLED Source code for DOS/NT, WLDN009C.ZIP 7,115 Download

MCPOS for Windows NT Release 00.09 Feb 11 2003

This package is for Windows NT 4.0 systems only. MCPOS Beta 00.08 users should upgrade and update their copies of MCPOS, QUMC and WriteLED. Package contents:

  • MCPOS Beta 00.09 - MicroChannel POS and LED Display Windows NT driver
  • QUMC Beta 00.13 - identify installed MicroChannel adapters
  • WriteLED Beta 00.09 - write to the LED display output
  • Regini - system registry utility
  • Installation and operating instructions for Windows NT 4.0.
  • Sample sources to demonstrate the MCPOS API for user-mode programs.
MCPOS, QUMC and WriteLED Rel. 00.09, MCPNT009.ZIP 97,748 Download
WriteLED Source code for DOS/NT, WLDN009C.ZIP 7,115 Download

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