IBM RT PC Systems
RISC Technology Personal Computer

615x Common Devices
6150 RT Tower
6151 RT Desktop
6152 Academic System (based on Model 60)
   Crossbow Adapter
   AOS 4.3 Documents and Files

RT PC Processor Board, Model 032
RT PC Advanced Processor Board, Model 115
RT PC Advanced Floating Point Board (two cards)
RT PC 5080 Attachment Adapter (to 5085 Graphicsprocessor)
RT PC Multiprotocol Adapter
RT PC Memory Expansion
RT PC ESDI Magnetic Media Adapter (just the Late Enhanced for now)
RT PC Extended Monochrome Graphics Adapter

6150 and 6152 Reference Publications
   615x Diagnostics (Diags, LEDs, SRNs)
AIX 2.1 Documents

Stuff you need to install RT (dead ftp)

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