Acculogic SIMMply-RAM

@7E7F.ADF ACCULOGIC SIMMply RAM for the PS/2 (16-bit card)
C7E7F.ADF Description Program for @7E7F.ADF
   Note: This may be only for the older card with 30-pin SIMMs.

@7EC0.ADF 32 Bit Memory Adapter (different name)
C7EC0.ADF Description Program for @7EC0.ADF

SIMMply-RAM/16 72-pin
Early SIMMply-RAM/16 72-pin

Photos provided by Alexandros Paterakis. Thanks!

SIMMply-RAM/16 72-pin "110-00200-00-B00" [P] [P] | [P] [P]

JP2 Enable/disable jumper (?)
SP1 Spare PAL position
U5 IDT6116 2Kx8 SRAM (14-pin socket)
U34-37 72-pin SIMM sockets

Early SIMMply-RAM/16 72-pin [P]

JP1 0WS/1WS jumper
JP2 Enable/disable jumper (?)
SP1 Spare PAL position
TP1 Vcc (+5V) test point
TP2 GND (Ground) test point
U5 IDT6116 2Kx8 SRAM (14-pin socket)
U33-36 72-pin SIMM sockets

Seen on the box art. Similar to the later version above but with one additional jumper (0WS/1WS), voltage test points, and one less PAL.

Specifications (SIMMply-RAM/16, 72-pin SIMMs)

Supported Systems

PS/2 Models 50, 50Z, 55, 57, 60, 65 or any other 16-bit Micro Channel compatible system.

SIMM Compatibility

256Kx36 (1 MB), 512Kx36 (2 MB), 1Mx36 (4 MB), 2Mx36 (8 MB) IBM compatible 72-pin SIMMs.
1 MB, 2 MB, 4 MB or 8 MB modules can be mixed in any combination. Up to 32 MB.

Memory Modes

Extended and/or expanded (EMS).
EMS compatibility - LIM 4.0, LIM 3.2 on-board hardware support.

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