Hypertec Hyperram MC32/16

@608D.ADF "Hyperam MC 32/16 SIMM"

Hypertec Hyperram MC32/16
ADF Sections

Hypertec Hyperram MC32/16 (scan by Basil Holloway)

Motorola LS38JC716PI01
XICOR X2816CP-20
Pads for PGS PLCC

This puppy uses ZIPs like those used on the XGA and 8590 planars. There are two horizontal banks with 32 sockets each, plus another two vertical banks of four sockets each at the lower left corner of the adapter.

ADF Sections AdapterID 608D "Hyperam MC 32/16 SIMM"

EMS window address
   To configure the Hyperam MC 32/16 for expanded memory, an EMS 'window' must be allocated through which the expanded memory can be accessed. This 'window' can be from 64kb to 128kb in size and must not conflict with other devices that are already installed in your system. If you do NOT wish to have the Hyperam MC 32/16 memory used as expanded memory, you must allocate a 16kb 'window' that is used to initialise the board for extended memory. Again, this window must not conflict with other devices.
   <"C000-CFFF (64K)">, C400-D3FF (64K), C800-D7FF (64K), CC00-DBFF (64K), D000-DFFF (64K), C000-D7FF (96K), C800-DFFF (96K), C000-DFFF (128K), C400-C7FF (16k - EMS off), C800-CBFF (16k - EMS off), CC00-CFFF (16k - EMS off), D000-D3FF (16k - EMS off), D400-D7FF (16k - EMS off), D800-DBFF (16k - EMS off), DC00-DFFF (16k - EMS off)

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