Simulex IPI

J1 ?
L1 8 LEDs, L-R, 8 4 2 1
P2 Edgecard
P3 4 pin header ?
U10-19 Pads for (10) 28 pin ZIPs
U20 34G1519 Memory Control
U21 i960CF-25
U22 AMD MACH130-15JC SC13
U26 LSI L1A7463 IPI Master
U40 40.0000 MHz osc
U43 50.0000 MHz Osc
U50-59 (10) NEC D424400V-70
U65 34G1521
U66 AMD MACH435-15JC VC16
U67-75 (9) Hitachi HM534253BZ-7

34G1519 Memory Control is an IBM "Brighton"

Simulex Corp.
   The IX4000 IPI-2 disk controller adapter can have up to 8 MB of on-board cache. This adapter controls a string of up to 8 IPI-2 disk drives, and supports a maximum IPI transfer rate of 27 MB/sec and a maximum Micro Channel bus data rate of 40 MB/sec.

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