7011 Planar

7011-220 Planar
   7011-220 Riser
   7011-220 I/O Card
7011-230 Planar
7011-250 Planar

Original images courtesy of Rick Ekblaw.

7011-220 Planar FRU P/N 65G7374, P/N 65G7369

F1,2 1.6A, 250V fuse
J1 50-pin HPDB external SCSI
J2 15-pin Ethernet AUI connector
J3 Graphics Tablet connector
J4 PS/2-style Mouse
J5 PS/2-style Keyboard
J6 2 serial / 1 parallel
J7 Battery holder for CR2032
J8 2x97 Burndy riser connector
J9 Gt1 video adapter connector
J10 2x8 unused pads
J11 Power supply connector
J12-19 72-pin SIMM sockets
J20 3-digit LED display and reset
J21 Keylock connector
J22 Internal SCSI connector
J23 Diskette drive connector
J24 Hard drive power connector
JP1 External SCSI enable/disable
U2 Intel N82C501AD
U3,U5,U6 1489 module
U4,7 1488 module
U8 Power 601 33MHz processor
U10 LM386 module
U11 PC16550DV
U12 LSI L1A7217
U13 Intel KU82596DX-25
U14 Toshiba 02G7356
U15 Toshiba 02G7190
U16 65G7370 (27C040-15)
U17 SRM2264LM12 module
U19 heatsink covering module
U20 NCR 53C700-66
U21 Dallas DS1210S NVRAM controller
U22 Dallas DS1285Q RTC/CMOS
U23 Toshiba 02G7355
U24 82077AA Floppy controller
Y1 20.000 MHz osc
Y2 6.650 MHz xtal
Y3 48.000 MHz osc
Y4 7.81250 MHz osc
Y5 14.3181 MHz osc
Y6 32.768 kHz xtal

7011-220 Riser FRU P/N 91F0986, P/N 81F7844

P1,2 32-bit MCA slot

No other components besides the Burndy 2x91 card connectors.

7011-220 I/O Card FRU P/N unknown, P/N 32G2292

This card connects to the planar and provides the signals to the two serial and one parallel port for the 7011-220. There are many capacitors and inductors on the top side of the card. The card-edge piece in the AMP connector is removable and has no part number.

7011-230 Planar

Battery CR2032
F1 Fuse, Ethernet
F2 Fuse, SCSI/KB/Tablet/Mouse
J1 External SCSI Connector
J2 Ethernet
J3 Tablet
J4 Mouse
J5 Keyboard
J6 Serial/Parallel
J8 Riser Card Connector
J9 POWER Graphics
J11 Power Supply
J12-19 SIMMs
J20 LED Connector
J21 Keylock Connector
J22 Internal SCSI connector
J23 Floppy
J24 Disk Drive Power
JP1 External SCSI Enable
U16 ROM Module

7011-250 Planar

Battery CR2032
J1-8 SIMMs
J9 POWER Graphics
J10 Riser Card
J11 Mouse
J13 Serial/Parallel
J14 Keyboard
J16 Keylock
J18 Power Supply
J19 Tablet
J20 Disk Drive Power
J21 External SCSI connector
J23 LED connector
J24 Floppy
J25 Internal SCSI connector
J26 External SCSI Enable
U23 ROM Module

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