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PS/55 Model 5530-L

PS/55 Model 5530-L

Featuring Hi-Performance Blue lightning CPU, ECC memory system, 32 bit Streaming Data Transfer mode
which enables 40MB/S of Hi-speed data transfer. 5530-L with IBM's new and developed technology offers

IBM 486BL2-66

IBM Blue Lightning 486BL2-66MHz supports 32 bit address BUS and 16KB of internal cache memory.
System performance with this CPU is almost equal with i486 DX2-66MHz on most of applications based on
16 bit OSes.

Hi-Speed and Reliability

ECC (Error Correcting Circuit) Memory System which is enabled when pairing usage of SIMMs in same memory size.
Streaming Data Transfer feature offers 40MB/Sec of data transfer between Micro Channel and main memory.

System Expandability which enables you to use various devices.

Integrated IDE interface offers Hi-Speed Data transfer. 5530-L provides 3 optional Micro Channel slots aside from the one
already used for Display Adapter and also provides one additional storage bay inside it's body.

Fully compatible with IBM's new platform OS/2 J2.1

In addition to OS/2 J2.1, 5530-L supports applications based on PC DOS, JDOS, DOS/V and Microsoft Windows
V3.1 Japanese version and also offers multi-tasking environment.

Product Specification

STD: IBM 486BL2-66MHz
Option:  i486-33/66MHz Double Clocking Processor Option
Cache Memory: 16KB
Main Memory (RAM)
Max: 28MB    (  8MB x3  in addition to originally installed 4MB)
         Diskette Drive
           3.5" (1.44MB/1.2MB/720KB) x1 Drive
         Hard Drive
           STD: 270MB(IDE)
           MAX: 797MB(IDE)
RS-232C(9pin) x1/(25pin) x1, Printer, Keyboard, Mouse, Display
Bus Architecture
Micro Channel: 32bit Data BUS
Optional Slots
Full Size: 2
Half Size: 1
* One full size slot is already occupied with PS/55  Display adapter or XGA-2 /A according to model type.
Additional Storage bay
1 (for 3.5" drive)
Video Sub System
PS/55 Japanese Display Adapter for L0C
XGA for  LXC *-2
13inch Color Display
Kanji Font ROM
L0C:  Total 8,211 characters JIS Level 1, Level 2 and characters selected by IBM
LXC:  None (XGA-2 has no Kanji Fonts ROM)
Graphics mode
1,024 x 768 dot,  16 or 256 colors among 262,144 colors
Text mode
         Kanji: 40 characters x 25 lines, English/Kana 80 characters x 25 lines
System Security
Password function/Cover Lock
Battery back Up
SP Volume
Dimension (mm)
319(W) x 378 (D) x 410(H)
Power consumption
Input AC Power
AC 100-120V(50/60Hz)
Pre-installed Software
L0C:  DOS J5.0
Shipped with
Power code(1.8m/3pin  non-lock),  Manual (User's Guide, Maintenance Manual),  Reference Diskette, Keyboard cable)
L0C :JY 496,000
LXC: JY 446,000


Product Name                                     ID#      Retail Price(JY)
486-33/66MHz Double Clocking Processor Option    66G0727    128,000
4MB System Board Memory Kit (70ns)               79F5396     40,000
8MB System Board Memory Kit (70ns)               79F5397     80,000
Additional Storage Device (Internal)
3.5  Diskette Drive (4-mode)                     54G1680     34,000
270MB Hard Disk Drive (IDE)                      66G9058     70,000
527MB Hard Disk Drive (IDE)                      66G9059    120,000
Micro Channel Adapter
3270 Communication Adapter /A                    4773081     75,000
5250 Adapter /A                                  65X1092     75,000
TokenRing NetWork Adapter 16/4 /A                93F2970     86,000
NetWork Adapter /A (Ethernet 10Base5/T)          35G2806     58,000
NetWork Adapter /A (Ethernet 10Base2/5)          35G2793     87,000
Micro Channel SCSI Adapter - II/A (16bit)        35G2980     49,900
Micro Channel SCSI Adapter - II/A (32bit)        06G6760     88,000


          5576-001, 002, 003, A01*1,  C01 *1
Number of Keys
001; 124Keys,   002, A01, C01; 106 Keys,  003; 89 Keys
Key Layout
JIS Hiragana layout [001, 002, 003],  A01Layout [A01],  TrackPoint II [C01]
Price (JY)
001: 38,000
002: 33,000
003: 27,000
A01: 22,000
C01: 33,000
NOTE; KeyBoards with following product numbers (S/N) can not be used
   5576-001:  Before S/N99-69887,  From S/N99-90000 to 90849
   5576-002:  Before S/N99-19323,  From S/N99-90000 to 90109
   5576-003:  Before S/N99-A5976

*1  Not supported with OS/2 J1.33


5584-G02, 5584-H02, 5585-H01, 5589-H01, 5572-B02, 5573-H02, 5575-H02, 5577-J02, 5577-K02, 5579-K02
Printing Method
Laser [5584-G02, 5584-H02, 5585-H01, 5589-H01]
Wire Dot Matrix  [5572-B02, 5573-H02, 5575-H02, 5577-J02, 5577-K02, 5579-K02]
5584-G02:  198,000
5584-H02:  288,000
5585-H01   455,000
5589-H01:  698,000
5572-B02:    89,800
5573-H02:  143,000
5575-H02:  265,000
5577-J02:   378,000
5577-K02:  486,000
5579-K02:  698,000
Other Manufacturers' products:  Specification should be meet with ESC/P J84
**When you use Other Manufacturers' printer, please check your application is compatible with ESC/P.

Roughly translated IBM's sales manual.