SMC aquired Western Digital's network cards. So a WD8003 corresponds to a Elite 16 8003. 

17 May 00- After a request for help on drivers for a smc 3016, I found they moved all of this stuff to a "legacy" subdirectory, PLUS they "HID" the file location behind some JS stuff. I can't get a direct link to the files. Any attempts to get directly to the files results in an error telling you to use your email as a login. No idea where the directory is. 

 Legacy Driver location

WinNT 4.0 internal drivers exist for the SMC (WD) 8003E, 8003W, 8013EP, 8013WP 

WD8003 Ethernet
ETHER.EXE 8003 Drivers, utils 
8003wt-USG.pdf 8003 User's Guide 

@6FC0.ADF - WD EtherCard PLUS/A (WD8003E/A or WD8003ET/A) 
@6FC1.ADF - WD StarCard PLUS/A (WD8003ST/A) 
@6FC2.ADF - WD EtherCard PLUS 10T/A (WD8003W/A) 

Elite 16 8013(/A) Ethernet
8013-UGD.pdf 8013(/A) User's Guide 
ETHER.EXE 8013 Drivers and utils 
gsu124.exe   SMC SCO LLI 3.4 DRIVER 
guw402.exe   SMC UNIXWARE 2.x Driver 
smc-ultra.c    SMC Ultra ethernet driver for linux 

TokenCard Elite/A (8115T/A)

AdapterId 06EC6 SMC TokenCard Elite/A (8115T/A)

Adapter I/O Space
   This selects the I/O Base Address of the adapter. The adapter requires a space of 32 bytes (20h) beginning at the Base Address 
   <I/O Base 0800h>, I/O Base 2800h, I/O Base 3800h, I/O Base 4800h, I/O Base 5800h, I/O Base 6800h, I/O Base 7800h, I/O Base 8800h, I/O Base 9800h, I/O Base A800h, I/O Base B800h, I/O Base C800h, I/O Base D800h, I/O Base E800h, I/O Base F800h 

Shared RAM Base Address
   This selects the shared RAM Base Address of the adapter. The adapter requires a space of 16K bytes (4000h) beginning at the Base Address. 
   <0C0000h, Size 16K>, 0C4000h, Size 16K, 0C8000h, Size 16K, 0CC000h, Size 16K, 0D0000h, Size 16K, 0D4000h, Size 16K, 0D8000h, Size 16K, 0DC000h, Size 16K, FC0000h, Size 16K, FC8000h, Size 16K, FD0000h, Size 16K, FD8000h, Size 16K 

BIOS ROM Base Address
   This selects the Boot ROM Base Address. Select <Disabled> if a Boot  ROM is not installed. Select a Base Address if a Boot ROM is  installed. The Boot ROM requires a space of 16K bytes (4000h)  beginning at the Base Address 
   <Disabled>, C0000h, C4000h, C8000h, CC000h, D0000h, D4000h, D8000h, DC000h 

Boot ROM Protocol
   This selects which protocol the boot PROM will use 
   <Netware>, RPL 

Interrupt (IRQ) Level
   This selects the interrupt (IRQ) level for this adapter. The  adapter must have a unique interrupt level that is not shared with any other adapter 
   <Level  3>, Level  4, Level 10, Level 15 

Cable Type
   This selects the type of cable that is connected to the adapter 
   <Shielded Twisted Pair>, Unshielded Twisted Pair 

Adapter Operating Speed
  This selects the data rate at which the adapter will operate 
   <4 Mbps>, 16 Mbps" 

Early Token Release
   This selects whether the adapter supports Early Token Release 
   <Disabled>, Enabled 

8216 Ethernet
8216-DS.pdf   8216 Product Guide 
8216-UGD.pdf  8216 User's Guide 
gsu124.exe   SMC SCO LLI 3.4 DRIVER 
guw402.exe   SMC UNIXWARE 2.x Driver 
smc-ultra.c   SMC Ultra ethernet driver for linux 

3016MC and 3016TP/MC Ethernet

The 3016TP is illustrated. The 3016MC has a BNC connector in place of the RJ45 jack and it lacks the COL and LNK LEDs.. 

JP1 and T1 Cable select 
JP2 Not installed 

Selecting Cable Connector
   Jumper J1 and the pulse transformer T1 are used to select the cable type used.

Board Connector Cable J1 T1
3016TP/MC RJ45 Twisted Pair OUT IN
3016MC BNC Thin OUT IN


Collision (3016TP only) 
Link integrity (3016TP only)

3016.exe   3016 Driver and utility disk 
3016MC-UGD.pdf   3016 Users Guide 

AdapterID 06016 SMC3016/MC

I/O Address Range
   Selects a 32 byte IO address range for the SMC3016/MC registers 
  <0300-031F>, 0340-035F, 0360-037F, 1980-199F, 2000-201F, 5680-569F, 5900-591F 

Boot PROM Address Range
   Selects an 8K byte memory address range for the Boot PROM. If there is no PROM installed, or you want to disable its operation, then select <PROM not used> 
 <PROM not used>,0C2000-0C3FFF, 0C4000-0C5FFF, 0C6000-0C7FFF, 0C8000-0C9FFF, 0CA000-0CBFFF, 0CC000-0CDFFF, 0CE000-0CFFFF, 0D0000-0D1FFF, 0D2000-0D3FFF 0D4000-0D5FFF, 0D6000-0D7FFF, 0D8000-0D9FFF, 0DA000-0DBFFF, 0DC000-0DDFFF, 0DE000-0DFFFF 

Interrupt Level Selection
    <IRQ3>, IRQ9 (IRQ2), IRQ10, IRQ11, IRQ15, IRQ5, IRQ4, IRQ12 
These options are currently not supported 
   IRQ14, test only, IRQ7, IRQ6 

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