Extreme Computing with Micro Channel

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Processor Complex Tuning

8573 on Steroids (by Jim Shorney)
100 MHz 486 Monsters (by Peter)
Failed Type 4 P60/P66 Upgrades
Type 4 P200 MMX Overdrive Conversion
Type 4 P90 to P200 Conversion
Type 4 P233 MMX Upgrade


Briefing on PS/2 memory technologies

Other Articles

A visit with Ross Barker

Pictures and other files

Random MCA card pictures
Some planar pictures and Thinkpad 730T pictures
Model 80 customized with a RAID cage
P75 portable pictures
My "restored" PS/2 Model 90
IBM PC Convertible pictures
Pictures of my PS/2E LCD display, 3511 SCSI tower, and Server 85

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