IBM Educational Computer, IBM EduQuest Fifty-Five

May 17, 1994
Announcement Number: 194-164

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(Corrected on June 15, 1994)

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A new model of the EduQuest(TM) IBM Educational Computer, the IBM EduQuest Fifty-five, with support for networking and audio, specifically meets the needs of the K-12 school environment.

New features of the IBM EduQuest Fifty-Five include:

Sale or delivery of the IBM EduQuest Fifty-Five is subject to approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). IBM will not accept orders for this device until FCC approval has been obtained.

Price Range: (Based on processor selected): $1,620 to $2,655

NEP Price Range: (Based on processor selected): $1,339 to $2,189

Planned Availability Date: July 29, 1994

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IN BRIEF . . .

|                                                                   |
| o  Designed specifically for the education environment            |
|                                                                   |
| o  Allows for upgradeability and expandability                    |
|                                                                   |
| o  Provides state-of-the-art processor speed and graphics         |
|    capabilities                                                   |
|                                                                   |
| o  Provides powerful audio function                               |
|                                                                   |
| o  Supports high-performance LAN adapters without using           |
|    full-size slots                                                |
|                                                                   |
| o  High-speed industry standard SIMM memory modules (4MB SIMM     |
|    standard with the system)                                      |
|                                                                   |
| o  DOS 6.3 license with all systems                               |
|                                                                   |
| o  Operating system software pre-installed on all systems with    |
|    installed hard files*                                          |
|                                                                   |
|    -  IBM PC DOS 6.3 with diskettes and publications              |
|                                                                   |
|    -  Windows(2) 3.1 with diskettes and publications              |
|                                                                   |
|                                                                   |
| *     Systems ordered without a hard file will not have software  |
|       shipped with the system.                                    |
|                                                                   |
|       Hard drives with preloaded operating system/software        |
|       licenses may be sold only as part of a configured system.   |
|                                                                   |

The IBM EduQuest Fifty-Five has increased processor speed and new added function. This new model offers 4MB SIMM as standard main memory and supports parity SIMM, if all system SIMMs contain parity. Additional optional memory is available. The system can support up to a maximum of 64MB.

Previously announced features of the IBM Educational Computer attach to the new model; however, part numbers may differ.

Main Processor/Memory

Additional optional processors available with system units: Standard Features

Standard features of the IBM EduQuest Fifty-five include:

When placing an order for the EduQuest Fifty-five system, the customer should also order one of the five optional keyboards offered. They are:
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The IBM EduQuest Fifty-Five:


The IBM EduQuest Fifty-five has a high-performance video system with a built-in 64-bit graphic user interface (GUI) accelerator and a CPU local bus interface. These features enable fast video response from most graphic-related application programs including GUI and multimedia applications. The internal display is non-interlaced, and a flicker-free video is available at all resolutions.

Color Resolutions

Internal Monitor Maximum Refresh Rates:

                      1M Video                        2M Video
Resolution              DRAM                            DRAM

640 x 480 16M @ 60Hz 16M @ 72Hz 64K @ 72Hz 64K @ 72Hz 256 @ 72Hz 256 @ 72Hz 16 @ 72Hz 16 @ 72Hz

800 x 600 256 @ 72Hz 64K @ 72Hz 16 @ 72Hz 256 @ 72Hz 16 @ 72Hz

1024 x 768 256 @ 72Hz 64K @ 72Hz 16 @ 72Hz 256 @ 72Hz 16 @ 72Hz

External Monitor Maximum Refresh Rates:
                     1M Video                         2M Video
Resolution             DRAM                             DRAM

640 x 480 16M @ 60Hz 16M @ 75Hz 64K @ 75Hz 64K @ 75Hz 256 @ 75Hz 256 @ 75Hz 16 @ 75Hz 16 @ 75Hz

800 x 600 64K @ 60Hz 16M @ 60Hz 256 @ 75Hz 64K @ 75Hz 16 @ 75Hz 256 @ 75Hz 16 @ 75Hz

1024 x 768 256 @ 75Hz 64K @ 75Hz 16 @ 75Hz 256 @ 75Hz 16 @ 75Hz

1280 x 1024 16 @ 87IHz 256 @ 87IHz 16 @ 87IHz

Note: 87IHz is an interlaced mode. Expansion Capability

The IBM EduQuest Fifty-Five permits the addition of a wide variety of input/output devices, storage devices, and adapters for growth and compatibility:


Functional and attractive design makes the system fun and easy for the user, providing for easy access, upgrade capability and security.

Read Only Memory

The IBM EduQuest Fifty-five Read Only Memory (ROM) consists of built-in functions that make it more user friendly and secure for educational use.

The ROM contains the system BIOS, an easy-to-use utility for setting up system options and features, non-technical error messages, audio subsystem firmware, and firmware to make the system resistant to the introduction of computer viruses.

Features of the ROM include:

Schools can use passwords and system options to control access to the computer, and control how and when software can be entered into the system.

EduQuest Audio Adapter

The EduQuest Audio Adapter offers a broad range of function that fits into one of the special EduQuest slots, leaving the three expansion slots available for general use. Capabilities of this adapter include:

EduQuest Token-Ring Adapter

The EduQuest Token-Ring Adapter offers a broad range of function in a new form factor designed to fit into the special EduQuest slots. Capabilities of this adapter include:

EduQuest Ethernet Adapter

The EduQuest Ethernet Adapter offers a broad range of function that fits into the special EduQuest slots. Capabilities of this adapter include:

EduQuest Schoolbox

The EduQuest Schoolbox complements the basic system unit. The Schoolbox contains software and documentation that is not ordinarily required with each system in typical usage. However, the Schoolbox does provide items that may be needed in advanced or special situations.

The school has the right, at no additional license fee, to copy any applicable programs to the EduQuest Educational Computers, which are delivered to that school are in the Schoolbox.

For ordering procedures and charges, refer to the Ordering Information section.

The EduQuest Schoolbox for the EduQuest Educational Computer Fifty-five is delivered as a package of diskettes, which consists of:


These products perform as:

Built-in upgrade capability permits a user to attach a variety of devices, and a large range of hard files permits flexibility in the ways these systems can be used.


The following publication is shipped with the product.

                                          Order       Part
Title                                     Number      Number

Guide to Operations S544-5207 60G2887

The following publication is available July 29, 1994 To order, contact your IBM representative.
                                          Order       Part
Title                                     Number      Number

Hardware Maintenance Manual S544-5205 60G0938


Specified Operating Environment

Physical Specifications:

Operating Environment: Equipment Approvals: Software Requirements:

Operating Systems: The primary operating system for the IBM EduQuest Fifty-five system is IBM PC DOS Version 6.3.

The following operating systems support the EduQuest Fifty-five system:

Network Software:

Programs that support the EduQuest Fifty-five system in a network environment are as follows. Other versions of software not listed may not be supported.


IBM OS/2: NetWare from IBM or Novell NetWare: Remote Program Load: Compatibility: Refer to the 9615 Sales Manual pages or contact your IBM representative for a list of supported features. The Sales Manual is updated periodically.

The IBM Educational Computer family is generally compatible with adapters used in the IBM Personal Computer, Personal Computer XT(TM), and Personal Computer AT. The IBM Educational Computer is designed to maintain compatibility with existing personal computer software and non-timing dependent features. Due to the high level of integration, features such as IBM Personal Computer XT(TM), Personal Computer AT, and ValuePoint(TM) series memory upgrades and graphics adapters are not supported.

Limitations: IBM Educational Computer systems have a LAN adapter with Remote Program Load (RPL). Remote Program Load from a second adapter is not supported. The EduQuest Ethernet and Token-Ring Adapters will RPL from NetWare IBM Version 2.2 and 3.12, and OS/2 2.1.

When upgrading to an Intel Pentium OverDrive processor, one of the standard full-size AT slots is restricted to a half-size card.

The system is limited to a maximum memory address space of 64MB.

The EduQuest Fifty-five does not support double byte character set (DBCS) applications.

Planning Information

Customer Responsibilities: The EduQuest Fifty-five systems are designated as customer setup (CSU). CSU allowance is one day.

Cable Orders: The customer is responsible for providing the LAN/Network cabling to attach the LAN system units to the Ethernet or token-ring network. The Ethernet adapter supports both 50 ohm 10Base2 BNC connections and 10BaseT unshielded twisted pair connections.

The power cord and keyboard cables are provided with the system unit. Instructions are provided as part of the initial setup instructions.

Installability: By following the setup instructions, the user attaches the keyboard, mouse and power to the system unit. LAN system units are connected to the LAN. The LAN administrator must configure the workstation for the network as well as any adapters installed.

Additional time is required to install other adapters and operating systems.

Problem Determination: If a failure is found at initial installation, an instruction will appear on the screen. For defect-related assistance, contact the IBM HelpCenter at 800-772-2227.

For problem determination in a network environment, the user should request assistance from the LAN administrator.

If the power-on self test is successfully completed, the system loads an operating system from the area predetermined during setup by the Selectable Boot utility. That may be a diskette drive, fixed disk, or remote IPL from a server. If an operating system is not found, the system posts an error.

Problem analysis and resolution assistance consists of a power-on self test, diagnostic tests, and easy-to-follow troubleshooting charts designed to assist the user in isolating a defective machine element. The failing element can then be replaced or repaired under existing warranty provisions.

When troubleshooting the EduQuest Fifty-five system in a LAN environment, diagnostics can be downloaded from the server. An Advanced Diagnostic and LAN Diagnostic Diskette are also available. Diagnostics for the Ethernet and Token-Ring adapters are found on the adapter diskettes shipped with the HML and the Schoolbox.

HelpWare(R) Support:

Packaging: One box

Shipment Group

Security, Auditability, and Control

Security and auditability features:

User management is responsible for evaluation, selection and implementation of security features, administrative procedures and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities.


Volume Discount: Volume purchasing is not available under the Volume Discounts section of the IBM Customer Agreement (ICA).

IBM Credit Corporation Financing: Term leases and installment payment plans are available for commercial and state and local government customers.

Warranty Period: System Unit: One year

Warranty Service: IBM next day On-Site Repair (IOR), 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

For service, call the IBM US Maintenance Service organization at 800-IBM-SERV (426-7378).

Alternative Service: A warranty upgrade providing coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is available for an additional charge of $40.

Service Support: Provided to service non-IBM components and features for an additional charge of $40, warranty or post warranty.

Maintenance Service (Post Warranty): IBM next day, On-Site Repair (IOR), 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Coverage is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for an additional charge.

National Parts Center: Educational institutions that IBM approved for the IBM Educational Allowance (EA), which choose to perform their own post-warranty maintenance may purchase selected maintenance parts for these products from the IBM National Parts Center (NPC) at the same prices IBM charges its authorized personal systems servicers and third-party maintainers. For most parts available from the NPC, this represents a substantial reduction from the list price. Parts purchased under this offering by qualifying educational institutions may be used only for maintenance and repair of machines that are used by the institution or machines belonging to its faculty, staff, students, or employees. This offering does not imply any authorization for qualifying educational institutions to perform their own warranty service or to purchase parts through the NPC for warranty purposes.

IBM Hourly Service Rate Classification: One

IBM Warranty Service or IBM Hourly Service may be obtained by calling 800-IBM-SERV (426-7378). IBM Hourly Service is available at the applicable rate and terms, including element exchange price if applicable.

Mid-Range System Option: The announced products are eligible machines for the Mid-Range System Option of the ICA.

Eligible                          Discount
Type                     Three-Year      Five-Year

9615 5% 5%

Extended Maintenance Option: The announced product is an eligible machine under the Extended Maintenance Option of the ICA.

Central Facility Maintenance Service Option: The announced product is an eligible machine for Central Facility Maintenance Service Option of the ICA. A revised exhibit will be available at a later date.

A minimum of six machines required to be at the central facility before requesting maintenance service. The Additional Maintenance Charge Factor is currently 0.5 hours. The terms and conditions are stated in the Attachment for Central Facility Maintenance Service Option.

Product Availability Status: New product available

Field Installable Features: Yes

Model Conversions: No

Customer Setup: Yes

Licensed Internal Code: No

National Education Price (NEP): A National Education Price is available.


Product Name/                 Machine   Model
Part Number                   Type      Number    Price       NEP

IBM EduQuest Fifty-five (486SX-33) (60G2911) 9615 001 $1,620 $1,339

IBM EduQuest IBM Fifty-five (486SX2-25/50) (60G2912) 1,755 1,449

IBM EduQuest Fifty-five (486DX-33) (60G2913) 1,985 1,639

IBM EduQuest Fifty-five (486DX2-25/50) (60G2914) 1,985 1,639

IBM EduQuest Fifty-five (486DX2-33/66) (60G2915) 2,055 1,695

IBM EduQuest Fifty-five (486DX4-33/100) (60G2916) 2,655 2,189


Bulk Pack

Description                             Number    Price       NEP

Audio Adapter, EduQuest 60G2909 $173 $145 CACHE Memory Upgrade 60G2919 159 135 Disk Drive, IDE 170MB 60G2884* 260 215 Disk Drive, IDE 360MB 60G2886* 353 295 Disk Drive, IDE 540MB 60G2889* 500 415 Memory Kit 4MB without Parity 74G1299 195 165 Schoolbox Diskette 60G2921 68 59 Video Memory -- 2Meg Upgrade 60G2918 91 75

Individual Field Upgrade Features

Audio Adapter, EduQuest 60G2910 189 159 CACHE Memory Upgrade 60G2895 175 145 Disk Drive, IDE 170MB 60G2885 276 229 Disk Drive, IDE 360MB 60G2898 369 305 Disk Drive, IDE 540MB 60G2899 516 429 Part Description Number Price NEP

Diskette Drive Kit 1.44MB 70G8499 119 99 Diskette Drive Kit 2.88MB 32G4338 213 179 Diskette Drive Kit 1.2MB 5.25 70G8500 128 109 Dual IDE HDD install Kit 60G2901 13 15 FDD Tape Install Kit 60G2880 $16 $15 Keyboard, EasyTouch 60G0819 60 55 Keyboard, Enhanced 60G0814 85 75 Keyboard, Trackball 60G0818 168 139 Keyboard, Spanish 60G2707 64 55 Memory Kit 4MB without Parity 60G2890 211 175 Video Memory 2Meg Upgrade 60G2893 107 89 Schoolbox Diskette (single) 60G2921 84 69 Space Saving 60G0815 80 69

*     Hard drives are preloaded with operating system software DOS
      6.3 and Microsoft Windows 3.1.  These hard drives can only be
      installed on configured systems.
Publication Charges: Charges for publications will be available July 29, 1994.

Alternative Service Charges:


IBM On-Site Repair (IOR)

9615-001 $40

Annual Minimum Maintenance Charges:
                       IBM                           Central
                     On-Site            IBM           Facility
                      Repair          Coverage      Maintenance
                     8AM-5PM           24 x 7         Service
                      (IOR)            (IOR)           (CFMS)

9615-001 $160 $216 $152