Qi 300 (Jupiter Motherboard) Revision 'E' (Rev 1.1.15)

RAM Configuration
Ethernet Options
Disk Drives
Switch Settings
Additional Options
Rear Panel
CMOS Discharge

RAM Configuration

1 or 2MB of On-Board Memory. To expand this further an expansion card must be fitted in one of the slots.

1MB 1MB XB48036 2MB
1MB 2MB XB48037 3MB
1MB 4MB XB48038 5MB

Disk Drives

Hard Disk Drives

MB Make Model Type Part Number
30 MiniScribe 3438 (3)38 RLL 11787111
49 Seagate ST-157R 46 RLL 14004311
52 Quantum LPS52S SCSI 14588431
105 Quantum LPS105S SCSI 14588331

Tape Drives

MB Make Model Type Part Number
40MB Irwin 3.5" Tape XB45915

Floppy Drives

MB Make Model Type Part Number
2 MB Sony 3.5"

Ethernet Options

On Board Thin and Thick Ethernet.

Switch Settings

CPU Clock

CPU speed MHz

Switch no ON

20 (not used)









Ethernet SW1
All ON BNC connector active
All OFF D-type connector active

Additional Options

Apricot LOC Technology security.
Co - Processor
Rev C 80387SX XB42664
Rev D,E & F 80387SX XB42663
IC150 Replace PAL P/N 12149321 with PAL P/N 12152031
IC155 Replace PAL P/N 12149521 with PAL P/N 12152131

Rear Panel

CMOS Discharge

To drain CMOS remove battery and wait for approximately 20 minutes.

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