FTe (Panther Rev D and F)

As with FTs, this machine is designed to be a network file server, but targets the smaller network installation.

Motherboard Layout: Rev. D, Rev. F
Motherboard Revision History: Rev. D, Rev. F
Motherboard Revision Summary
BIOS Revision Summary
Parts List
Parts Identification

Owner's Handbooks, etc.:
   TE Add-on Installation Guide
   TF Add-on Installation Guide Rev 2

Product Code prefixes:
   TE FTe (Panther Rev D)
   TF FTe (Panther Rev F)


Bus Architecture MCA
Processor Intel 80486SX-25
Intel 80486DX-25
Intel 80486DX2-50
Intel 80486DX-33
Intel 80486DX2-66
Video EVGA On-board
Memory 1MB to 16MB on-board
Floppy Disk Drive 3.5" and/or 5.25"
Hard Disk Drive up to 4 x 3.5" half height (SCSI)
Networking via expansion card
Security On-board
Expansion Options 8 x 32 bit slots

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