FT//e (Panther II)

A mid-range version of the FT//s. Features include MCA2 bus architecture and increased disk and memory capacity.

Motherboard Layout 486, Pentium
Motherboard Revision History
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BIOS Revision Summary
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Owner's Handbooks, etc.:
   TG - Owner's Handbook
   TG - Add-on Installation Guide
   TG - Add-on Installation Guide (486)

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Bus Architecture MCA2 (40Mb/sec)
Processor Intel 80486DX2-66
Intel Pentium 60
Video EVGA On-board
Memory 192MB On-board (486)
256MB On-board (Pentium)
Floppy Disk Drive 3.5" and/or 5.25"
Hard Disk Drive 240MB - 6GB
Networking via expansion card
Security On-board
Expansion Options 1 x 32 bit with 1st video extension
1 x 32 bit with 2nd video extension
6 x 32 bit slots

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