IBM PS/2 76 and 77 Family of Systems and Options

June 14, 1994
Announcement Number: 194-206

Document's Table of Contents:


Experience high levels of processor performance, improved graphics performance, large storage capacities, and configuration flexibility when you choose one of the new Micro Channel(R) PS/2(R) 76i, 77i, 76s, or 77s systems. These system attributes are ideal for business applications that have multitasking, compute-intensive, and mission-critical requirements. The attributes are also suitable for desktop publishing, training, education, public access, and merchandising. Companies of all sizes mix and match these systems as stand-alone units, intelligent workstations, network servers, or gateways. All models come standard with your choice of either OS/2(R) or DOS/Windows(1) shipped separately (multimedia models come preinstalled).

Choose from the following processors:

All models support a maximum of 64MB of memory (parity or ECC) and a zero insertion force (ZIF) socket that provides processor upgradeability, including future Intel Pentium** OverDrive** and Intel 486** OverDrive processors.

The following options are also available:

Single Unit Price Range (PS/2 systems): $2,365 to $5,235
Description                                         Availability

Intel 486DX2-66MHz processor systems June 14, 1994 IntelDX4-100MHz processor systems June 28, 1994 Intel 486SX-33MHz processor systems June 28, 1994 Multimedia models and MediaBurst Adapter 4th Quarter 1994 128KB or 256KB L2 WT Cache Memory July 1994 Remaining Options June 1994

(R)   Registered trademark of International Business Machines
(1)   Trademark of Microsoft Corporation
**    Product or company name is a trademark or registered trademark
      of its respective holder.
(TM)  Trademark of International Business Machines Corporation
IN BRIEF . . .

|                                                                   |
| o  Up to 40MB per second data streaming between Micro Channel     |
|    busmaster adapter and system memory                            |
| o  Choice of the following processors:                            |
|    -  New IntelDX4-100MHz -- Models xTx                           |
|    -  Intel 486DX2-66MHz -- Models xNx                            |
|    -  Intel 486SX-33MHz -- Models xUx                             |
| o  Choice of OS/2 or DOS/Windows operating system (multimedia     |
|    models come preinstalled)                                      |
| o  Choice of the following fixed disk drives (IDE or SCSI-2       |
|    interface):                                                    |
|    -  IDE = 170MB (xx9), 270MB (xxB), or 527MB (xxG)              |
|    -  SCSI-2 = 270MB (xxB) or 540MB (xxG)                         |
| o  Standard 8MB parity 70ns or 16MB ECC 70ns memory with support  |
|    up to 64MB                                                     |
| o  ZIF socket CPU upgradeability, including future Intel          |
|    Pentium** OverDrive** and Intel486 OverDrive** processors      |
| o  Improved graphics capability:                                  |
|    -  Enhanced local bus                                          |
|    -  1MB Video Memory Expansion Kit -- improved graphics         |
|       resolution and more colors                                  |
|    -  ISO 9241-3-enabled, high resolution and XGA(R)-2            |
|       application compatibility                                   |
| o  Support for power management monitors                          |
| o  A 2.88MB diskette drive with media sense for storing more      |
|    data on fewer diskettes                                        |
| o  SurePath(TM) BIOS                                              |
| o  BIOS flash update capability                                   |
| o  Select-a-Keyboard including those with TrackPoint II(TM) or    |
|    enhanced mouse                                                 |
| o  Options and accessories for improved performance: cache,       |
|    SCSI-2 Adapter/A, IBM MediaBurst Movie Adapter with VESA       |
|    Media Channel, video memory, cables, cable cover, and floor    |
|    stand                                                          |
| o  Three-year, on-site warranty                                   |
|                                                                   |

The IBM PS/2 76/77i, and IBM PS/2 76/77s are new models of the Micro Channel 76 and 77 family of systems designed for computing environments that require high levels of processor performance, high-resolution graphics, large storage capacities, and configuration flexibility.

Refer to the Technical Information section for specific model information and technical details.

Enhanced Local Bus Graphics

The Enhanced Local Bus Graphics provides improved graphics performance over the current Models 76 and 77 and is ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9241-3-enabled. The media access slot provides an upgrade path for an additional 1MB of video memory or the MediaBurst Movie option also announced today.

Multimedia Models

The following models are particularly suited for the multimedia environment:

All the multimedia models include the following features: The 9577-6xx models are preinstalled with DOS 6.3 and Microsoft** Windows 3.11. The 9577-7xx models are preinstalled with IBM OS/2 2.11.

Operating Systems

These models are shipped with either OS/2 or DOS/Windows in a separate box. If no operating system is selected, the default will be PC DOS 6.1 and Windows 3.1. The exceptions are the multimedia systems that are preinstalled with either OS/2 or DOS/Windows, depending on the model.

The specific choices are:

SurePath BIOS

IBM SurePath BIOS provides the hardware instructions and interfaces designed to support the standard features of the system and to maintain compatibility with many software programs operating under DOS and OS/2. The BIOS can be updated via "flash" EPROM.

Security: Enhanced security features and functions for these models are listed in the Security, Auditability, and Control section.

Supplier's Declaration

A supplier's declaration is available for these systems. This document contains detailed test results of this product against the recognized national and international standards/guidelines on ergonomics, emissions, product safety, acoustics, and thermal. A significant part of this document addresses the ISO 9241 and ANSI/HFS 100 Ergonomics Standards. This declaration demonstrates IBM's commitment to product excellence and is available through your local IBM office.


The IBM PS/2 76/77i and IBM PS/2 76/77s system attributes are desirable in business applications that have multitasking, compute-intensive, and mission-critical requirements. They are also suitable for desktop publishing, training, education, public access, and merchandising for customers in small, medium, and large companies.


The following publications are shipped with the product. Additional copies are available.

                                             Order          Part
Title                                        Number         Number

PS/2 76i/s System Library S83G-7532 83G7532 PS/2 77i/s System Library S83G-7533 83G7533

The system Library contains the following publications: The following publications are available. For prices or to order, contact your IBM representative.
                                             Order          Part
Title                                        Number         Number

Hardware Maintenance Manual Supplement S83G-7912 83G7912 IBM PS/2 76i, PS/2 76s, PS/2 77i, and PS/2 77s Technical Reference S82G-3873 82G3873

Related Technical References:

Video Technical Reference S42G-2193 42G2193 Architectures S84F-9808 84F9808 Architectures Update S10G-6466 10G6466 Subsystem Control Block Supplement S85F-1678 85F1678 Common Interfaces S84F-9809 84F9809 Common Interfaces Update S04G-3281 04G3281 Common Interfaces Update S10G-6464 10G6464 Common Interfaces Update S42G-2447 42G2447 BIOS Technical Reference S04G-3283 04G3283 BIOS Technical Update S10G-6467 10G6467

The System Library Subscription Service (SLSS) is available.

Displayable Softcopy Publications: The PS/2 76i/s and 77i/s User's Handbook is offered in displayable softcopy form. These displayable manuals can be used with the BookManager(R) READ licensed programs in any of the supported environments. Terms and conditions for use of the machine-readable files are shipped with the files.

Source File Publications: The PS/2 76i/s and 77i/s User's Handbook is offered as a no-charge feature.

These files can be used with the BookMaster(R) and DCF licensed programs to create unmodified printed copies of the manuals. The source files can also be used with the BookManager Build licensed program to create unmodified displayable softcopy manuals. Terms and conditions for use of the machine-readable files are shipped with the files.


A description of self-study and classroom courses is contained in the Catalog of IBM Education (G320-1244).

Call Skill Dynamics(TM), An IBM Company, at 800-IBM-TEACH (426-8322), for schedules and enrollments.


Physical Specifications

Processors, Memory, and Cache

All models support up to 64MB of 70ns parity or error checking and correction (ECC) memory on the planar in four single in-line memory module (SIMM) sockets.

                        Speed                     Cache
Model   Processor       (MHz)      Memory         Memory

xUx Intel 486SX 33 8MB Parity None xNx Intel 486DX2 66 8MB Parity 128KB L2 Cache xTx IntelDX4 100 8MB Parity 256KB L2 Cache VTx IntelDX4 100 16MB ECC 256KB L2 Cache

Fixed Disk Capacities

IBM PS/2 76i/77i (IDE Controller)

Model                    Fixed Disk Drive

Ax9 170MB (million bytes) AxB 270MB AxG 527MB

IBM PS/2 76s/77s (SCSI-2 Adapter/A)
Model                    Fixed Disk Drive

BxB 270MB BxG 540MB

IBM PS/2 77s (SCSI-2 Fast/Wide Adapter/A)
Model                    Fixed Disk Drive


IBM PS/2 77s (SCSI-2 Adapter/A, Audiovation, MediaBurst Movie, CD-ROM Multimedia Systems)
Model                    Fixed Disk Drive

6xB 270MB 7xB 270MB 6xG 540MB 7xG 540MB

All models come standard with a 2.88MB floppy drive.

The system is intended for use in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. Vertical orientation must be via the vertical stand. The vertical stand is optional in Model 76 and is standard in Model 77.

PS/2 Model 76

Acoustical Readings: Declared acoustical noise emissions (idle mode): LWAD = 5.0 bels. The noise emission level stated is the declared (upper limit) sound power level, in bels, for a random sample of machines, typically configured and operating in idle mode; that is, powered on, but no DASD read/write or other I/O activity. All measurements were made in accordance with ANSI S12.10 and reported in conformance with ISO DIS 9296.

PS/2 Model 77

Acoustical Readings: Declared acoustical noise emissions (idle mode): LWAD = 5.0 bels. The noise emission level stated is the declared (upper limit) sound power level, in bels, for a random sample of machines, typically configured and operating in idle mode; that is, powered on, but no DASD read/write or other I/O activity. All measurements were made in accordance with ANSI S12.10 and reported in conformance with ISO DIS 9296.

Equipment Approvals:

Hardware Requirements: The following systems (or equivalent) require an analog display: Software Requirements: One of the following operating systems is required: ISO Fonts: IBM DOS 5.02, and later, provide ISO font selection during installation.

OS/2 fonts are installed with the OS/2 Font Palette.

OS/2 provides System Proportional and VIO Window fonts that are ISO 9241-3-enabled when used on this system and the 95xx, 6324, and 6325 monitors. These fonts are available in Helvetica, Times Roman, and Courier for 640 x 480 and 1024 x 768 mode. These fonts can be obtained from:

Display Power Management: If you have a power-manageable display attached to this system and the display conforms to the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) Display Power Management Signaling (DPMS) interface, you will save power using the Advanced Power Management (APM) driver. The APM driver makes your display go into various power saving states after a period of user inactivity.

APM puts your power-manageable display into one of three different states:

The timeout defaults can be changed from one to 99 minutes.

The following monitors support power management:

DPMS for DOS/Windows: Support is shipped with the system in the Enhanced Local Bus Device Driver Package. The installation program gives you the option to install the feature.

DPMS for OS/2: Support for OS/2 is available and the package can be obtained from:

Compatibility: Refer to the IBM PS/2 Models 76 and 77 Sales Manual pages or contact your IBM representative for a complete list of supported features and options and compatible IBM and vendor software. The sales manual is updated periodically.

The system contains licensed System Programs, set configuration and features, test, copy an option diskette, backup/restore and update System Program. These System Programs are stored in a 6MB visible partition on the fixed disk drive. BIOS provides the hardware instructions and interfaces designed to support the features of the system and to maintain compatibility with many software programs currently operating under DOS and OS/2 on the Personal Computer XT(TM), Personal Computer AT(R), and the PS/2 family.

BIOS Flash update capability allows BIOS at the hardware level to be changed without replacing the hardware components.

Limitations: The systems support only 4MB, 8MB, and 16MB 70ns single in-line memory modules (SIMM).

The maximum addressable memory space is 64MB. The system reserves 128KB of memory when BIOS/POST is copied to RAM. For systems with 16MB or greater of planar memory, split memory addressing is disabled.

Refer to the Software Requirements section for operating systems limitations.

The licensed System Programs include set configuration and features, copy an option diskette, test, backup/restore, and update System Program. These licensed System Programs are stored in 6MB of visible partition on the fixed disk drive. The formatted capacity is therefore reduced by 6MB, and the total user-accessible capacity may vary slightly based on operating environments. However, the user may delete this partition and use the entire disk space. If the user deletes the visible partition, those functions can still be accessed using the supplied IBM PS/2 76/77 reference diskette. This partition is affected when the drive is formatted using the FORMAT command provided in DOS or OS/2. The licensed System Programs are also provided on the PS/2 76/77 Reference Diskette. High-performance BIOS uses 128KB of system memory.

Display adapter cards that use the Auxiliary Video Extension when installed in a system require installation in slot one (9576) or slot two (9577) and attachment of a display to the system video connector during configuration of the system.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) SCSI specification for the total SCSI cable length connected to a SCSI interface is six meters (approximately 19.7 ft) maximum. The length of the SCSI cable inside the system is one meter. Therefore, the total length of all SCSI cables for external devices that operate from the external SCSI connector may not exceed a maximum of five meters (approximately 16.5 ft) including the cables inside each SCSI device.

The 9576 supports internally a maximum of two IBM PS/2 1GB SCSI Fixed Disk Drive Options (#1958, 70G8492).

The 9577 supports internally a maximum of two of the following fixed disks or a combination of them:

The following Micro Channel adapters, options, and cables are not supported by the IBM Personal System/2 76/77i and 76/77s: The 6327 Color Display is supported with the following limitation: It is not supported in SVGA mode (640 x 480 x 256 colors).

The IBM 1GB AT Hard Disk Drive (#2543, 70G8512) is supported with the following limitation: If you experience problems configuring this drive as the "master" with any other fixed disk drive in your system, reconfigure this drive as the "slave" drive. Refer to your option installation publication for configuration information.

User Group Requirements: This announcement satisfies, or partially satisfies, requirements from one or more of the Worldwide User Group Communities, which include Australasian SHARE GUIDE (ASG), COMMON, COMMON EUROPE, GUIDE, European G.U.I.D.E., Japan GUIDE SHARE (JGS), Latin American GUIDE (LAG), SHARE EUROPE, and SHARE.

Planning Information

Cable Orders: There are no cabling requirements, other than for system power, keyboard, and display connections. Cables are provided with the system unit, display, and keyboard and the instructions are provided as part of the initial setup.

HelpWare(R) Support:

Problem Determination: Technical coordinators and specialists have access to a RETAIN(TM) file via IBMLink(TM). The RETAIN file provides product defect information such as the description of a defect, the severity of the defect, and the current status relative to resolution.

Customer Responsibilities: Customers are expected to perform problem determination procedures and to seek assistance when required. End users who have access to technical coordinators and registered technical advisors are expected to obtain assistance from those sources before contacting IBM with a problem. Customers are expected to furnish additional data when requested to do so by IBM. Customers are also responsible for installing corrective service diskettes using procedures supplied by IBM.

SSA Responsibilities: Maintenance support representatives working in support centers will do the following:


The following products are shipped in three cartons: the system unit, the keyboard (customer-selectable), and the operating system software (customer-selectable).

   9576-ANB         9576-BUB         9577-BNB         9577-BUB
   9576-AU9         9577-ANB         9577-BTB         9577-VTG
   9576-ATB         9577-ATB         9577-6NB         9577-6NG
   9576-AUB         9577-AUB         9577-7NB         9577-6TG
   9576-BNB         9577-ANG         9577-BNG         9577-7NG
   9576-BTB         9577-ATG         9577-BTG         9577-7TG
System Unit: The system unit (9576 or 9577) shipment group includes: Multimedia Systems: The multimedia systems include the system unit ship group plus the following shipment group: Note: The shipment group is in a separate carton and is included in the system unit carton.

Keyboard: Select-A-Keyboard -- the system unit comes with one of the following keyboards and keyboard cables in a separate keyboard carton based on customer selection.

The TrackPoint II keyboards are available for an additional charge. Keyboards without TrackPoint II are packaged with the IBM Enhanced Mouse.

The following keyboards are available for special bid: An enhanced mouse with higher resolution (400 dot-per-inch) comes standard with all non-Trackpoint II keyboards.

Operating System: The customer selects the operating system at the time of the order. The choices are:

Description                                            Number

PC DOS 6.1 and Windows 3.1 (default) 71G4146 PC DOS 6.3 and Windows 3.11 83G7841 DOS 5.02 and Windows 3.1 71G4218 OS/2 2.1 71G4220 OS/2 2.11 83G7840

The software is shipped in a separate carton, except for the multimedia models that are shipped with the model-dependent software preinstalled.

Options: Each of the following options are shipped in one carton.

Accessories and/or Supplies:

For End Users: Lexmark International, Inc., manufactures and markets IBM supplies. For information about products or services, call Lexmark at 800-358-5835.

Supplies can be purchased from Lexmark Authorized Supplies Dealers or directly from Lexmark by calling 800-438-5835.

Fax orders can be sent to 800-522-3422.

Mail orders can be sent to:

For Remarketers: Supplies can be purchased from Lexmark International by calling 800-292-5885.

Fax orders can be sent to 800-232-9539.

Mail orders can be sent to:

Security, Auditability, and Control

The following enhanced security features and functions are standard in these systems, except where noted.

Software system identification enabled via Vital Product Data (VPD) User management is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities.


Volume Discount: Volume purchasing is available under the Volume Discounts section of the IBM Customer Agreement (ICA).

The PS/2 76i, 76s (9576), 77i, and 77s (9577) are included in Category A, Discount Group 1, of the Volume Discount Exhibit -- Workstations and Related I/O (WKSN).

For further information regarding volume orders, contact your IBM representative.

Note: The PS/2 76i, 76s, 77i, and 77s are available for commitment attainment only and are not offered for a discount when purchased under a volume commitment to the Volume Discount Exhibit -- Workstation and Related I/O.

Software components do not aggregate to the Eligible Program List for Personal Computer/System Programs (PCS) exhibit.

IBM Credit Corporation Financing: Term leases and installment payment plans are available for commercial and state and local government customers.

Customer Fulfillment Option Applies: Yes

Warranty: System Hardware -- three years on site; however, an optional one-year warranty is available via special bid.

Optional Features -- one year minimum, or the remaining warranty of the system the feature is installed in.

IBM Media -- Three months

IBM Programs -- Three months

Licensing -- IBM Programs: IBM programs included with the IBM PS/2 9576 and 9577 are licensed under the terms and conditions of the IBM Program License Agreement and IBM System Program License Agreement. A copy of this agreement is included in the documentation that ships with the systems.

Licensing -- Non-IBM Programs: Non-IBM programs are available from IBM as distributed by the program supplier. Terms and conditions of the supplier apply. They are passed on to the customer and are included in the supplier's respective program packages.

Warranty Service: System Hardware -- IBM On-Site Repair (IOR)

Alternative Service: A service support charge for the support of non-IBM products installed in a premium system on warranty may be charged. Refer to the Charges section for details.

Maintenance Service: IBM On-Site Repair (IOR), seven days a week, 24 hours a day, four hours average response time.

IBM Hourly Service Rate Classification: One

IBM Warranty Service, Maintenance Service, or IBM Hourly Service can be obtained by calling 800 IBM-SERV (426-7378). IBM Hourly Service is available at the applicable rate and terms, including element exchange price, if applicable.

Volume Maintenance Option: The announced products are eligible machines for the Volume Maintenance Option of the ICA(2).

Mid-Range System Option: The announced products are eligible machines for the Mid-Range System Option of the ICA(2).

Eligible                          Discount
Type                     Three-Year      Five-Year

9576 17% 22% 9577 17% 22%

Corporate Service Option: The announced products are eligible machines for the Corporate Service Option of the ICA(2).
Option                   Three-Year      Five-Year

Network 25% 30% System 17% 22%

Extended Maintenance Option: The announced products are not eligible for the Extended Maintenance Option under the ICA.

Central Facility Maintenance Service Option: The announced products are eligible machines for the Central Facility Maintenance Service Option of the ICA.(2)

A minimum of six machines is required to be at the central facility before requesting maintenance service. The Additional Maintenance Charge Factor is currently 0.5 hours. The terms and conditions are stated in the Attachment for Central Facility Maintenance Service Option.

(2)   A revised exhibit will be available at a later date.
Product Availability Status: New product available

Field-Installable Features: Yes

Model Conversions: No

Customer Setup: Yes

Licensed Internal Code: No

IBM Education Order Center: These products are available for ordering through the IBM Education Order Center. Availability through the Education Order Center may not coincide with the product availability dates in other sections of this document.

The IBM Education Order Center is the order processing location for selected personal computers and related hardware/software for eligible education end users. Eligible end users are defined as faculty and staff members of qualified kindergarten through twelfth grade educational institutions, and students, faculty, and staff members of higher educational institutions that have an Education Product Coordinator.

National Education Price (NEP): A National Education Price is available under the terms and conditions of the National Education Price List. The NEP price is not subject to any further discount or allowance. The machines in this announcement are included in the National Education Price List.


Product Charges -- System Unit

Machine                            Part                Single Unit
Type                Model          Number              Price

9576 ANB 9576ANB $3,065 AU9 9576AU9 2,365 ATB 9576ATB 3,600 AUB 9576AUB 2,465 BNB 9576BNB 3,265 BTB 9576BTB 3,800 BUB 9576BUB 2,665 9577 ANB 9577ANB 3,235 ATB 9577ATB 3,765 AUB 9577AUB 2,635 ANG 9577ANG 3,600 ATG 9577ATG 4,135 BNB 9577BNB 3,435 BTB 9577BTB 3,965 6NB 95776NB 4,335 7NB 95777NB 4,335 BNG 9577BNG 3,800 BTG 9577BTG 4,335 BUB 9577BUB 2,835 VTG 9577VTG 5,035 6NG 95776NG 4,700 6TG 95776TG 5,235 7NG 95777NG 4,700 7TG 95777TG 5,235

*     The single unit price reflects the purchase price for a single
      unit acquired from IBM, and is subject to change without
      notice.  This price is for information purposes only, and shall
      not limit in any way the remarketers' ability to set their own
      prices for IBM products.
                           Feature   Part        Purchase
Description                Number    Number      Price

TrackPoint II Adder $ 67 PS/2 SCSI-2 Adapter/A 9087 82G4868 233 1MB Video Memory 9089 82G4870 200 128KB L2 WT Cache 2597 06H3653 133 256KB L2 WT Cache 2594 06H3651 233 IBM MediaBurst Movie Adapter 9111 82G4884 167 IBM Cable Kit for 76i/s 9118 82G4883 20 IBM Cable Kit for 77i/s 9127 82G4891 20 IBM 76 Security Cable Cover 9128 82G4892 47 IBM Floor Stand for 9556/9576 5606 95F5606 27

Alternative Service Charges:
                           Service Support


Annual Minimum Maintenance Charges:
Machine           IBM                          Central Facility
Type/           On-Site                          Maintenance
Model            Repair                            Service
                 (IOR)                              (CFMS)

9576-ANB $171 $162 9576-AU9 162 153 9576-ATB 176 167 9576-AUB 162 153 9576-BNB 171 162 9576-BTB 176 167 9576-BUB 162 153 9577-ANB 232 220 9577-ATB 243 230 9577-AUB 225 213 9577-ANG 232 220 9577-ATG 243 230 9577-BNB 232 220 9577-BTB 243 230 9577-6NB 298 283 9577-7NB 298 283 9577-BNG 232 220 9577-BTG 243 230 9577-BUB 225 213 9577-VTG 243 230 9577-6NG 298 283 9577-6TG 317 301 9577-7NG 298 283 9577-7TG 317 301