3513 External PCMCIA Hard Disk Drive

PCMCIA Adapter/A, "Stinger" based
Note: Under OS/2, choose ThinkPad 720 when installing PCMCIA support.

ENUS194-174.PDF Options by IBM: Storage Products (364 and 527 MB)
Hardware Maintenance Manual Supplement (S83G-8092)

External PCMCIA Hard Disk Option Diskette (ver. 1.00, 1994)
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Type 3513, 3513-364 P/N 66G3369 FRU 66G3371
Type 3513, Model 527 P/N 3513527 OPT 66G3370

3513 Enclosure, Front

Images provided by chulofiasco on VCFED.

Look at the design, it screams "IBM".

3513 Enclosure, Rear

Wow. 3.5" IDE HD, not even a 2.5" model... DSAA-3360, 929 cyl, 16 heads, 48 sectors/track. P/N 84G8392. Wow, again. The header is NOT a 40 pin ATA, it uses a fine-pitch cable and the header is about half the width of the normal IDE ribbon cable. Uses the standard 4 pin Molex for power, though.

Note the strain relief between the EMI filter and the back of the enclosure. To easily open the enclosure, the strain relief's straight side MUST be parallel to the upper cover. If it is "cocked" a bit so part of the strain relief blocks the upper cover, it will keep you from sliding the cover rearward.

The strain relief can be easily removed and a whole new cable (for a newer PCMCIA/IDE card?) installed...

I wonder about the need for a PSU, until I get one, it is unclear if this could support a CF card in an IDE to CF adapter. If possible, a solid state CF drive might obviate the need for the PSU.

3513 PCMCIA/IDE Interface Card P/N 40G2894

Note there are two announced HDD sizes, 364MB and 527MB. Unsure if the 527MB size is due to a card limit, available HDDs, or was a limit of the supported system BIOSes... The possibilities of overcoming the 528MB limit might include a drive overlay -OR- swapping out the stock card/cable combo and dropping in a newer PCMCIA/IDE Interface Card that supports the PCMCIA 2.01 spec...

Or if you don't worry about PS/2 systems, you could just find a CardBus card and cable.... (CardBus is NOT supported on PS/2 systems!)

3513 Diskette and User's Manual

Just a SWAG, Play-At-Will?

Diskette is 66G3350, version 1.00, 1994

3513 Box, Front

Note the odd Type-Model format on the sticker ion the flap in the lower left corner - 3513364, no hyphen...

3513 Box, Back

Supports hot plugging, booting on systems with PCMCIA boot capacity (like 710T)
PCMCIA version 2.01, Card and Socket Services 2.0 installed.

Hardware Requirements — IBM Systems: The External PCMCIA Hard Disk Drive (3513) is supported on all models of the following IBM platforms/models:

350 2618 (Intel 82365SL)
500 2603 (Intel 82365SL)
720 9552 (Stinger)
730T 2524 (Cirrus CL-PD6720)
750 9545 (Intel 82365SL)
PS/2 E 9533 (Intel SE82365SL)

List of PCMCIA Controllers used in Thinkpad Products

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