List of IBM ASICs & Gate Arrays

IBM ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) and Gate Arrays used in the PS/2 line of computers and related products.


Note: This list is nowhere near complete. YMMV

List compiled by Tomáš Slavotínek. Last update: 02 May 2023

72X7377DMA controllerPGA-112 can50, 60, 80 T1-T2"Type 1", 24-bit, 8-10 MHz
90X8134DMA controller (details)PGA-112 can50Z, 55SX, 65SX, 70 T1-T2, 80 T3, P70, P75, 5530, 5540, 5550 386, 7568 SR; T0-, T0, T1 complexes63F7520 compat.?, "Type 1", 24-bit, 8-10 MHz
63F7520DMA controllerPGA-112 can70 T3/T4, Bermuda, 5494, T1 "G"90X8134 compat.?, "Type 1", 24-bit, 10 MHz
72X7385Bus controllerPGA-116 can50, 60dual volt. 5 V / 1.7 V bipolar
72X8299I/O controller "PIO"PLCC-8450, 60, 70 T1, 70 T3/T4, P70, 80 T1-T3, 5550 386controls external KBC, FDC, LPT, async
23F9177?PQFP-12450Z, 55SX, 65SX, 549437F0728 compat.
37F0728?PQFP-12455SX, 5530-S23F9177 compat.
27F4620?PQFP-10055SX, 5494, 5530-Swhy not on 65SX? buffer?
27F4619?PQFP-10055SX, 65SX, 5494, 5530-S
57F1139?PQFP-10055SX, 65SX, 5494, 5530-S
23F8566?PQFP-12455SX, 65SX, 5494, 5530-S
02F9624? (TC110G05)PLCC-685494
69G1261System controller #1? "SYS#1"PQFP-2085551-RMCA BIU/buffer?
59G1883System controller #1? "SYS#1"? "PJ"PQFP-20885 "X", 5551-N, Type-AMCA BIU/buffer?
59G1885System controller #2? "SYS#2" "PG"PQFP-20885 "X", 5551-N, 5551-R, Type-Amemory controller/buffer?
69G1212System controller #1? "PAJ"PQFP-24085 "N"similar to 59G1883?
69G1204System controller #2? "PG"PQFP-24085 "N"similar to 59G1885?
96F7690System controller?PQFP-2089553, 9556/57, Turbo 50/70memory controller, DMA, BIU, etc.?
91F7490I/O controller?PQFP-2088556/57, 5530
85F0464I/O controller (Int., KB/mouse, planar MCA)PQFP-14490, 95 XP
57F2188I/O controller (Int., KB/mouse, planar MCA)PQFP-1445560possibly 85F0464 compat.
10G4672I/O controller, "Galaxy"? (details)PQFP-2089553, 9556/57, Bermuda, Lacuna, 85 "X", 85 "N", 95A, 5550 486,
Power 50/70 & 60/80, Turbo 50/70 & 60/80, Olivetti M6-5x0
64F09421x UART, 1x parallelPQFP-14490, 95 XP, 556033F5469 compat.
33F54691x UART, 1x parallelPQFP-14490, 7568 RC64F0942 compat.
92F2384?1x "ExpressPrint" parallelPQFP-20895A61G2800 compat.
61G28001x "ExpressPrint" parallelPQFP-20895A92F2384? compat.
33F5946CPU GAPQFP-100T0-, T0, 70 T2, P70, 5540, 5550 386paired with 33F5944
33F5944Memory controller GAPQFP-100T0-, T0, 70 T2, P70, 5550 386paired with 33F5946
57X4111"MS700", MCA Interface?PGA-112 can70 T2, 70 T3/T4, P70 new, 80 T3, T0-, T0, 7568 CPU, 7568 SR
57F2194Memory controllerPGA-179 canT1
54F2958Buffer (Memory Data or MCA), 32-bitPGA-112 canT1 "J", T1 "K"78F1659 compat., old?
78F1659Buffer (Memory Data or MCA), 32-bitPGA-112 canT154F2958 compat., new?
89F5724Memory controllerPQFP-160T2, Bermuda
92F1428DMA controllerPQFP-160T2buggy, 10G7808/10G4714 compat.
10G7808DMA controller (32-bit)PQFP-16085 "X", 85 "N", T2, T3, 5551-N, Type-A, PC720 riserok, 92F1428/10G4714 compat.
10G4714DMA controllerPQFP-160T2ok?, 92F1428/10G7808 compat.
64F8781Memory Data BufferPQFP-208T2, Bermuda
89F5415MCA Buffer/Controller?PQFP-160T2, Bermuda
96F1920Memory Data Buffer(C)SPGA-365T3 base
96F1921Memory Address DriverPGA* canT3 base*unusual pin pattern, 2 dies?
10G7459Memory controller or MCA BIUSPGA-304 canT3 base3.7 V
92F1477Memory controller or MCA BIUSPGA-304 canT3 base3.7 V
78F1639Memory Address BufferPGA-112 canT3 daughter
96F1992Memory Data BufferPGA* canT3 daughter*unusual pin pattern, 2 dies?
L2 Cache controller setPGA* can
PGA-166 can
T3 daughter*unusual pin pattern, 2 dies?
50G8192SynchroStream "Mad River"? (details)CCGA-625T4 "N", "P", "Q"3.7 V, 8190587 compat.
8190587SynchroStream (see above)CCGA-625T4 "Y"3.7 V, 50G8192 compat.
50G6871SynchroStream (see above)CCGA-625Reply TurboProcessor 60/65/80, Olivetti M6-5x03.7 V, pin compat. not confirmed
10G3441C5C/C8C to SSC BIU (MBC)CQFP-208*T4 "P", "Q", "Y"*exposed die or ceramic IHS
71G0438System controller? (details)CQFP-304 dieLacuna, Reply PowerBoard 50/70, Reply PowerBoard 60/65/80real name unknown
06H5425PCI-MCA bridge?CQFP-272 dieServer 720 planar, PC730/750 MCA riser, PC720 MCA riser3.3 V
06H6119PCI-ISA bridge? (TI CF64569BPPM)PQFP-208Server 320/520 PCI/MCA planar, PC720 planar
06H6956North bridge? (TI F642522PGC)PQFP-240PC720 planar
87X0079Clock GeneratorPGA-24 canT3 base & daughter, T4 "P"/"Q", T4 "Y"
72X8287Video Graphics Array (VGA)PGA-184* can50, 60, 80 T1-T2*one pin missing (key)
90X8941Video Graphics Array (VGA)PQFP-14455SX, 65SX, 70 T2, P70, 80 T3, 2011, 5550 386, JP DA15F6864 compat.?
15F6864Video Graphics Array (VGA)PQFP-14425-286, 30-286, 50 Z, 55 SX, 70 T1, 70 T3/T4, 2011, VGA/A90X8941 compat.?
1888676XGA (TC110GC9AG)PQFP-184XGA, 90?
74F5160XGA (TC110GC9AF)PQFP-184XGA, 90
50G5725XGA-2 (ISA/MCA?)PQFP-2089533, ISA XGA-232G6698 compat., IMS G201 compat.?
32G6698XGA-2 (ISA/MCA?)PQFP-208953350G5725 compat., IMS G201 compat.?
37F0842RAMDACCQFP-144XGA, 90
33G0329RAMDACCQFP-208XGA-289G2928 compat., old, ceramic IHS
89G2928RAMDACCQFP-208 dieXGA-233G0329 compat., new (blue)
52G7656IDE controller (TC14L040AF)PQFP-144Lacuna, 5551-R 486
33F6715SCSI MCA iface/BM DMA controllerPQFP-144P75, Bermuda, 85 "X", 5550 486, SCSI/A, SCSI A/16, Spock, SCSI A/32, 7568 DASDpaired with 33F6910 or 15F6903
33F6910SCSI Data flow controller (OKI M91V034)PLCC-84P75, SCSI/A, SCSI A/16paired with 33F6715
15F6903SCSI Cache/data flow controllerPQFP-144Bermuda, 85 "X", Spock, SCSI A/32, 5550 486, 7568 DASDpaired with 33F6715
15F7917SCSI ? (OKI M91H048)PQFP-100P75, SCSI/A, Spock (1 & 2 can), SCSI A/16 (old), 2/3 SCSI/A, 7568 DASDpaired with AIC-6250EL, replaced by 84F8324
84F8324SCSI bus controller? (TI CF62068APJ)PLCC-44P75, SCSI/A, Spock (1 & 2 can), SCSI A/16 (old), 2/3 SCSI/A, 5551-N/Y, 7568 DASDreplaces AIC-6250EL & 15F7917
61G2323MCA Bus Interface "Malibu" (info)PQFP-20885 "N", SCSI F/W, Diff. F/W
52G9307F/W SCSI-2 controller "Cutlass" (info)PQFP-144SCSI-2 F/W (old?)61G2444/82G2645 compat.?
61G2444F/W SCSI-2 controller "Cutlass" (info)PQFP-14485 "N", SCSI-2 F/W, Diff. F/W82G2645/52G9307? compat.
82G2645F/W SCSI-2 controller "Cutlass" (info)PQFP-14485 "N", SCSI-2 F/W, Diff. F/W61G2444/52G9307? compat.
52G9707Diff. F/W SCSI-2 controller "Cutlass?" (info)PQFP-160Diff. F/Wfor ext. diff. SCSI iface
64F4760SCSI controller (local bus) (TI CF63290PC)PQFP-1608556/57
91F9906SCSI controller (local bus) (TI CF63323PCM)PQFP-1609556/57
02G139416/4 Token Ring "Pinegrove"? (info)PGA-175 canshort 16/450G6144 compat.
50G614416/4 Token Ring "Pinegrove Shrink" (info)PGA-175 canshort 16/402G1394 compat.
50G8196MCA Bus Master Interface "Maunakea"PQFP-208LS, Auto LSold, 63G9811 compat.
63G9811MCA Bus Master Interface "Maunakea"PQFP-208LS, Auto LS, Dual LS, ES, Dual ES, 8229new, 50G8196 compat.
50G8180Token Ring Protocol Chip "Huntingdale"PGA-171 canLS, 8229
73G2692Multi-Protocol Chip (MPC) (TR/Eth.)PQFP-184Auto LS, Dual LS, ES, Dual ES
34G1519Split Bus/Dual ECC Memory Controller "Brighton" (specs)PQFP-304ARTIC960, IX4000
13H6107Split Bus/Dual ECC Memory Controller "Brighton" (specs)PQFP-304ESCON, Turboways 155
93F3167Micro Channel Interface Controller "Miami" (specs)PQFP-240PassplayPass 1, 34G1520/34G1521 compat.
34G1520Micro Channel Interface Controller "Miami" (specs)PQFP-240Passplay, Cheetah?Pass 2, 93F3167/34G1521 compat.
34G1521Micro Channel Interface Controller "Miami" (specs)PQFP-240ARTIC960, IX4000, PeerMaster, Turboways 155, Passplay, Cheetah, 7-5, 4-D/-G/-IPass 2, 93F3167/34G1520 compat.

* - "ESD" suffix omitted (where applicable)
"can" - IBM's PGA or SPGA "metal can" package (flip chip on a ceramic substrate w/ metal shield)
"die" - exposed die

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