WD1007V-MC1 ESDI Adapter

@DDFF.ADF IBM ESDI Fixed Disk Controller (does not require Description Program, German version)
@DDFF.ADF IBM ESDI Fixed Disk Controller (requires Description Program)
@DDFF.ADF IBM ESDI Fixed Disk Controller (requires Description Program, different exec method)
@DDFF.ADF IBM ESDI Fixed Disk Controller (requires Description Program, different text)
@DDFF.ADF ESDI Fixed Disk Controller (Phoenix/NCR ver. 1.3)
@DDFF.ADF ESDI Fixed Disk Controller (Phoenix/NCR ver. 1.1, missing Int 0Eh fixed res., 5000MC)
@DDFF.ADF Apricot ESDI/SCSI Disk Controller (Apricot Version 1.1)
CDDFF.ADF Description Program for @DDFF.ADF
CDDFF.ADF Alternative Description Program for @DDFF.ADF

LL7FMT.zip WD1007V-MC1 low-level format utility
WDFormat.zip "MC ESDI Format Utility" v2.02 (zipped image, cleaned up) [P]
   Contains ESDIFMT.EXE - same as LL7FMT.EXE above.

ESDI Integration and Setup - Western Digital (by Wolfgang Gehl)
ESDI Resources - Western Digital (by Wolfgang Gehl)

WD1007V-MC1 ESDI Adapter
Adapter ROMs
   BIOS Extension
Drive Format

WD1007V-MC1 ESDI Adapter

61-600278-00 - standard [P] [P] (adapter kindly provided by Nathan Behncke, photo by David Beem)
61-600258-00 - internal for Bull Micral 500 [P] [P] (photo by Stefan Lemanski)

CR1 Activity LED?
J1 Pads for 4-pin header (act. LED?)
J2 20-pin drive 0 data connector
J3 20-pin drive 1 data connector
J4 34-pin control connector (both drives)
U1 Intel N80C188
U3 µcode ROM
U7 8Kx8 SRAM
U10 WDC WD14C03-JT
U13 32Kx8 SRAM
U29 BIOS ROM odd
U30 BIOS ROM even
Y1 NYMPH 33-03 xtal
Y2 3314T8J? xtal

U7 SMOS SRM2264LM-10, Hyundai HY6264LJ-10, or compatible 8Kx8 SRAM

U13 Sony CXK58257M-10L, Samsung KM62256ALG-8, or compatible 32Kx8 SRAM

Supported Data Rates: 10, 15 MHz

A slightly modified version of this adapter was shipped with the French Bull Micral 500. In place of the back bracket there is only a short springy contact not much longer than the blue plastic tab used for card installation and removal.

Adapter ROMs

BIOS Extension

2x AMD Am27128-1DC or compatible 16Kx8 EPROM - U29/30 (odd/even).

62-000325-030 / 62-000321-030? - © WDC '89 (sample from Bull Micral 500)
62-000193-036 / 62-000194-036 - © WDC '89, Revision 2.04 (sample for Tandy 5000MC)


1x AMD Am27C256-12/J 32Kx8 EPROM - U3.

62-000193-040? - © WDC '89 (sample from Bull Micral 500)
62-000195-130 - © WDC '89 (sample for Tandy 5000MC)


There are no user-configurable jumpers on the WD1007V-MC1, all configuration is done through the firmware. Each WD1007V-MC1 board can support two hard disks. If two WD1007V-MC1 boards are installed in a PS/2 system only one drive may be attached to each controller. (i.e.: you can never have more than a maximum of two hard drives in a PS/2 system, no matter how many controller cards are installed.) The ESDI drive is always assigned to C:. If you have one ESDI and one ST506/412 drive, the MCA architecture always selects the ESDI drive as drive C:.

Drive Format (from Wolfgang Gehl, original HERE)

The WD1007V-MC1 is a Micro Channel ESDI controller, which requires hard sectored drives with 36 sectors per track for the 10 MHz drives and 53 sectors per track for the 15 MHz drives. All setup is done with Western Digital's 'll7fmt.exe' utility. 'llformat.exe' does defect mapping by default and leaves you with an error free drive after low-level format. Defect management and interleave setting is handled without user intervention.

Unfortunately it is not possible to read the hard disk contents with another ESDI controller card, not even with a WD1007x ISA ESDI controller.

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