IBM MWave WindSurfer

@8FEB.ADF IBM MWave WindSurfer
SURFBRD.DGS IBM MWAVE Windsurfer Diagnostics

193-314 IBM Windsurfer MCA Communications Adapter And Windsurfer Enhancements

Support Disks (source: IBM FTP - dead)
WSWMCA01.ZIP Mwave Windows MCA support disk 1/2
WSWMCA02.ZIP Mwave Windows MCA support disk 2/2
WSWARP01.ZIP Mwave Warp support disk 1
WSWARP02.ZIP Mwave Warp support disk 2
MWAVEVSD.ZIP Mwave sampled sound synth for Warp

Windsurfer MIDI Pac Files
Samples from Prosonous Sounds - Full MIDI samples for OS/2 & Windows (7 diskettes)
OS2SMP01.ZIP MIDI samples disk 1 (OS/2)
WINSMP01.ZIP MIDI samples disk 1 (Windows)
SMPS02.ZIP MIDI samples disk 2 (common)
SMPS03.ZIP MIDI samples disk 3 (common)
SMPS04.ZIP MIDI samples disk 4 (common)
SMPS05.ZIP MIDI samples disk 5 (common)
SMPS06.ZIP MIDI samples disk 6 (common)
Band in a Box
PowerTracks Pro

Sony CDU-31A Uses the 34-pin "New Sony Bus" (source: Metropoli BBS files)
173A.EXE Complete DOS installation disk for the CDU-31A
SONY31.ZIP OS/2 Drivers Sony CDU-31A, CDU-33A, CDU-7305, CDU-7405
NT 3 Drivers Sony CDU-31A and CDU-33A

CR-526/563 Drivers CR-562/563 (2x speed, tray loading type CD-ROM)

Windsurfer (base image from Robert Watts, part ID by Tim Clarke) [P] [P]

J1 RJ11 socket (phone line?)
J2 RJ11 socket (phone set?)
J4 34-pin Sony CD-ROM header
J5 40-pin IBM CD-ROM header
J6 4-pin CD audio header
J7 3-pin IBM CD audio header
P2 16-pin front panel header (3 pins missing)
P3 6-pin mini-DIN MIDI in/out/thru
S1 twin 1/8" jack sockets (audio in/out)
U1 Crystal CS4216-KL 16-bit Codec
U2-4,10,17 LH52258AK-25 32Kx8 SRAMs
U5 Toshiba TC9164N Analog Switch
U8 TI TMS320M500PQL mWave DSP
U23 TI TLC32046CFN Analog iface
Y1 23.040 MHz osc
Y2 33.8688 MHz osc

J4 34-pin header for Sony CDU-31A CD-ROM drive with the "New Sony Bus" interface
J5 40-pin header for IBM CD-ROM drive P/N 32G2961 or Panasonic 562/563
P2 16-pin header (3 pins missing) for the front panel - stereo line in/out, mixed l/r out, mono in, +/- 12 V (supports a front panel that includes a speaker with volume control, a microphone jack, and a headphone jack)

External I/O Connections
1/8-inch jack for stereo line in/microphone
1/8-inch jack for stereo line out/headphones (32 ohms or greater)
RJ11 phone jack (telephone line connection)
RJ11 phone jack (telephone set connection)
6-pin, mini-DIN for MIDI in/out/through (via breakout cable). 

WindSurfer is a 16-bit DMA bus master adapter which occupies a 16 or 32-bit Micro Channel bus slot 16 MHz or faster system, with a 386SX or greater processor. 

WindSurfer and Audiovation Adapters Together
    They cannot be active at the same time with current software . Concurrent operation is planned for a future release of the software. (Ed. I don't know if AV212 solves this)

Microphone needed for full-duplex speakerphone feature
   Any standard unidirectional electret mic will do. If you have a dynamic microphone, you may have to turn off your monitor while using the speakerphone, due to interference.

CD-ROMs supported
   IBM Internal ISA CD-ROM (P/N 70G8501) or Panasonic CR-562/563 drive, the other is the Sony CDU-31A. These same drives with OEM labels, and other Panasonic and Sony drives that use the same ISA interfaces (not SCSI) should work also, but have not been tested. (Ed. Report what CDs you have used)

Recording .WAV files while simultaneously playing MIDI files
   Yes, assuming both your PC and music software can handle it. 

Audio along with modem
   All audio features (except synthesis) can run concurrently with the modem, even at 14.4Kbps. 

WindSurfer MIDI Pac
     MIDI breakout cable, an expanded set of Prosonus sampled sounds, Band-in-a-Box and PowerTracks music applications. 

Developer's toolkit 
   Available for the WindSurfer/Audiovation adapters Contact Intermetrics at 617-661-1840 for DOS/Windows and OS/2 toolkits.

AdapterId 08FEBh IBM MWave WindSurfer

   The COMM port can be assigned as COMM 1 through COMM 8, or it can be disabled.
      <COMM 3, IRQ 3>, 4-IRQ3, 4-IRQ4, 5-IRQ3, 5-IRQ4, 6-IRQ3, 6-IRQ4, 7-IRQ3, 7-IRQ4, 8-IRQ3, 8-IRQ4, 2-IRQ3, 1-IRQ4, Disabled 

I/O Address Selection
   Select the I/O addresses used by the adapter
      <0400-041F 04F8-04FF>, 0800-081F 08F8-08FF, 0C00-0C1F 0CF8-0CFF, 1000-101F 10F8-10FF, 1400-141F 14F8-14FF, 1800-181F 18F8-18FF, 1C00-1C1F 1CF8-1CFF, 2000-201F 20F8-20FF, 2400-241F 24F8-24FF, 2800-281F 28F8-28FF, 2C00-2C1F 2CF8-2CFF, 3000-301F 30F8-30FF, 3400-341F 34F8-34FF, 3800-381F 38F8-38FF, 3C00-3C1F 3CF8-3CFF, 4000-401F 40F8-40FF, 4400-441F 44F8-44FF, 4800-481F 48F8-48FF, 4C00-4C1F 4CF8-4CFF 

DSP Interrupt Selection
   The Digital Signal Processor Interrupt level can be set to either 9 or 15
      <Interrupt Level 15 decimal>, Interrupt Level 9 decimal 

CD-ROM Drive Address Selection
    I/O address selection for CD-ROM drive - Sony CDU31A or compatible or Panasonic CR-563 or compatible.
      <CD-ROM Disabled >, Sony 300 - 303, Sony 340 - 343, Sony 360 - 363, IBM  300 - 303, IBM  310 - 31, IBM  320 - 323 

Arbitration Level
   Select MicroChannel Arbitration levels.
      <Level 1>, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E 

Fairness Enable/Disable
   Enables the MicroChannel Fairness feature to be enabled or disabled.
        <Disabled>, Enabled 

MIDI Port Enable / Disable
   MIDI may be enabled by the user.
      <Disabled>, Enabled

Stereo Output:
   Dynamic Range:  16 bits
   Bandwidth:  20 Hz -- 20 kHz +/- 1.5 dB
   Output Level:  2.8 V (p-p) (600 ohms load)
   S/N Ratio (S+N0/N:  >80dB @ 1 kHz (10 k ohms load))
   Output Impedance:  33 ohms typical.
Stereo Input (Microphone Configuration):
       Bandwidth:  20 Hz -- 20 kHz
       Input Impedance:  5 k ohms (600 ohms microphone recommended).
Stereo Input (Line-In Configuration):
       Bandwidth:  20 Hz -- 20kHz
        Maximum Input Level:  4 V (p-p) (1.4 V rms)
        Input Impedance:  5 k ohms.
Internal CD-ROM Stereo Input:
        Bandwidth:  20 Hz -- 20 kHz
        Output Level:  5.6 v (p-p) (2 V rms)
        Input Impedance:  5 k ohms.

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