Update History

For more recent changes see the Global Changelog.

2006.02.06  Activated links for larger pictures stored in free web space sandy55.fc2web.com
Uploaded ref/diags of major PS/55 systems in trash page. I'm back again to PS/55 world
2004.09.18Added link to Another side of Still Crazy page and model M keyboard. Both pages
were written in Japanese. Few pages are available in English for Model M keyboards.
Minor fix for some dead links.
2003.06.21Added 5576 Keyboard section
2003.05.17Updated 5550-386 stage 1&2 system boards. Added 8MB SIMM usage in 5530-T section
2003.05.04Corrected 5560-W and 5580-W information.
2003.02.16Updated 5530 section
2003.02.11Divided 5560 & 5580 into separate sections.
2003.02.02Added " trash but important" section. Don't know how long will it last.
Also added diagram page for handy history about PS/55.
2003.02.01Updated pictures of Japanese Display Adapters and short SCSI /A.
2003.01.26Updated 5550-386, 5550-486, 5530. 5540 and 5510 sections are divided from 5550-386.
2003.01.19Added link to Multi-Station English page
2003.01.13Added link to Multi-Station Japanese page by Mr.Tahara
2003.01.11Added IC DRAM section.
2003.01.10Updated model numbering relating xxx0 and 0001 in 5550 (386, 486)/5570/5560 sections
2003.01.09Added 5541-T planar GIF donated by Mr.Tahara.
2003.01.02Added photo of Matilda
2002.12.29Added 1.2MB FD info in 5550-486 page. Revised 51-N/R planar GIF images.
2002.12.28Uploaded Still Crazy 021020 & 021228
2002.12.20Updated 5530 section
2002.12.02Divided SVGA section from PS/55 Display Adapter section.
2002.11.15Updated Interposer section.
2002.11.02Added P54C section
2002.10.27Added 386 Upgrade section.
2002.10.13Added 486 Interposer section. various ammendment has been made to each sections.
Updated Still Crazy page.
2002.09.07Published crappy scripts.

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