PS/2 Server 95 - Technical Specifications (8595-0G9, 0GF)

At A Glance
Processor type 486SX 20MHz
Number of processors standard / maximum 1/1
Level 2 cache .
Memory standard / maximum 4MB / 64MB
Disk Subsystem PS/2 SCSI 32-bit bus master adapter with cache
Hard disk type 160MB (0G9); 400MB (0GF)
Maximum storage capacity 2GB
Slots and bays total / (available) 8(6) x 1-3.5", 4-5.25"
Network interface .

Administrative Information
Model Type 8595 0G9, 0GF
Announce status Announced
Announce date 4-23-1991
General availability date 7-26-1991
IBM announcement number NDD 91-143
Announcement of withdrawal date .
Withdrawal date 1-17-1992
Withdrawal announcement number .
Final returns date .
Final returns request date .
Returns announcement number .
Countries of origin .
Ship group System unit carton
Quick Reference
reference diskette
XGA graphics device driver diskettes(2)
U.S. Line Cord (except in AP
Keyboard cable
SCSI terminator
Keyboard carton

Limited Warranty period and type One year Customer Carry-in Repair

Form factor Tower
Orientations allowed Vertical
Bus type/architecture .
Slots x bays total (free) 8(6) x 1-3.5", 4-5.25"
Expansion bus type .

Processor type 80486SX
Processor internal clock speed 20MHz
Front side bus .
Number of processors standard/maximum 1/1
Processor manufacturer Intel
SMP capable No
Math co-processor .
L1 internal CPU cache 8KB
L2 external CPU cache standard/maximum .
L2 external CPU cache type .
L3 cache .
Upgradable processor Yes
Processor upgrade options Faster 486 processors (if available from Intel)
Processor upgrade method .
BIOS type .

Memory (RAM) standard/maximum 4MB / 64MB
RAM speed 70ns
Optional RAM speed .
RAM type parity
RAM slots total (available) 4 SIMM (must be installed in matched pairs)

Hard disk
Number of installed hard disks 1
Hard disk size 160MB (0G9); 400MB (0GF)
Hard disk controller SCSI
Hard disk type .
Maximum internal hard disk capacity 2GB
Hard disk average seek time 16ms (160MB); 11.5ms (400MB)
Average latency 8.3ms (160MB); 6.95ms (400MB)
Hot swappable drive bays .
RAID levels supported .

Graphics Subsystem
Graphics chipset .
Graphics type XGA
Graphics data width .
Video RAM standard/maximum 512KB / 1MB
Video RAM type .
Maximum resolution (with standard video RAM) 1024x768 256 colors
Maximum resolution (with maximum video RAM) 1024x768 256 colors
Maximum colors (with standard video RAM) 16777216
Maximum colors (with maximum video RAM) 16777216
Graphics bus interface .

Standard Features
Pointing device type .
Standard diskette size 3.5" 1.44MB
Keyboard type IBM enhanced keyboard
I20 Compliant .
Product approvals / certifications .

Power Management
Power supply .
Power supply type 110 or 220 volt
Power supply additional .
BTU Output 1123 BTU/Hr
Sound emissions 5.3dB
Cooling system .
Power management features .

Weight and Dimensions
Weight 23.1Kg
Height 501mm
Width 203.2mm
Depth 508mm
Operating Temperature (C) (low; high) 10; 35
Relative humidity (%) (low; high) 8; 80

Tested operating systems OS/2 Standard Edition 1.2, OS/2 Standard Edition 1.3, OS/2 Extended Edition 1.2, OS/2 Extended Edition 1.3, Disk Operating System Version 3.3, Disk Operating System Version 4.0, Advanced Interactive Executive Personal System/2, IBM 4680 Operating System Version 2, IBM Operating System Version 3
Operating system provided .
Device drivers/utilities .
Productivity applications .

Security features Mechanical locks
Power-on password
Keyboard password

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Last Modified:  1999-07-20
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