IBM PS/2 (Model 55 SX/55 LS) - Technical Specifications

IBM Personal System/2 Model 55 SX/LS

General information
Machine type: 8555
Announce date: May, 1989 (55 SX), October, 1990 (55 LS)

Excerpt from the original announcement letter;

"The Model 55 SX enhances the Personal System/2 family of systems by offering 32-bit microprocessor compatibility at a price range previously occupied by 16-bit 80286 systems. The desktop system is highlighted by the Micro Channel (TM) Architecture with a 16 MHz 80386SX 32-bit microprocessor, high density memory technology and a wide range of integrated features. With the capability of supporting up to 16MB of high speed real memory, 30MB or 60MB of disk
storage, advanced graphics and an optional 80387SX Math Co-Processor, this system provides significant performance improvements for 80286 users."

System characteristics
Microprocessor: Intel 80386sx (32 bit)
Clock speed: 16 MHz, 0-2 wait states
Coprocessor: socket for optional i80387 math coprocessor
Type of BUS: 16-bit MCA (Micro Channel)
Total number of expansion slots: 3
Ports: PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, serial, parallel, VGA

Min/Max on system board: 1/4MB (16MB max. using adapter cards)
Type of memory:
RAM: DRAM (PS/2 72-pin SIMM, 2 sockets) 85ns parity checked
ROM: 128kb
Cache: n/a

Physical description
Power supply: 90w, 110-220VAC
Weight: 8.65 kg (19 lbs)
Dimensions (HxWxD): (102 x 406 x 397mm)

Mass storage
Drive bays: 2 3.5" half-height
Floppy Disk
Size: 3.5 inch half-height
Capacity: 1.44MB
Hard disk
Size: 3.5 inch half-height
Capacity: 30MB / 60MB
Access time: 39ms (30MB), 27ms (60MB)
Interface: ST-506 (30MB), ESDI (60MB) PS/2 connector

Display type: Optional Analog CRT
Graphics modes supported: Integrated VGA Display adapter
320x200, 256 colours
640x480, 16 colours

Type: 101 key enhanced

Operating system: IBM PC DOS Versions 3.30 or higher

Various memory, diskette drive, hard drive, monitor, and keyboard configurations including;
8555-031 - System Unit 386-16Mhz,2MB,30MB,1.44MB
8555-061 - System Unit 386-16Mhz,2MB,60MB,1.44MB
8555-LT0 - System Unit 386-16Mhz,2MB,Token Ring (medialess workstation)
8555-LE0 - System Unit 386-16Mhz,2MB,Ethernet (medialess workstation)


Description (#Feature Number)(PartNumber)
2-8MB 80286 Memory Expansion Option (#8286)(6450609)
1MB Memory Module Kit (85ns) (#5212)(6450603)
2MB Memory Module Kit (85ns) (#5213)(6450604)
0-8MB Expanded Memory Adapter/A (#7259)(1497259)
0.5MB Memory Module Kit (#3397)(30F5348)
2 MB Memory Module Kit (#7833)(30F5360)
Mouse (#8770)(6450350)
5.25-inch Diskette Adapter/A (#1007) (6451007)
3117 Adapter/A (#1029)(65X1925)
3119 Adapter/A (#5442)(94X2415)
High Speed Adapter/A (#1028)(65X1905)
6157 Tape Drive Adapter (#4160)(92X1458)
Display Adapter 8514/A (#4054)(1887972)
8514 Memory Expansion Kit (#4081)(1887989)
Dual Async Adapter/A (#1014)(6451013)
The IBM 3270 Connection (#2000)(25F8448)
IBM System 36/38 Work Station Emulation Adapter (#6279)(69X6279)
PC Network Baseband Adapter/A (#1223)(1501223)
PC Network Adapter II/A (#1222)(1501222)
PC Network Adapter II/A - Frequency 2 (#5647)(96X5647)
PC Network Adapter II/A - Frequency 3 (#5648)(96X5648)
IBM Token-Ring Network Adapter/A (#4790)(69X8138)
Token-Ring Network Trace and Performance Adapter/A (#5774)(96X5774)
Token-Ring Network Adapter/A - Remote Program Load (#8881)(83X8881)
Token-Ring 16/4 Adapter/A (#1133)(16F1133)
300/1200 Internal Modem/A (#0349)(6450349)
Multi-protocol Adapter/A (#3043)(6451003)
IBM Realtime Interface Co-Processor Multiport/2 (#6263 or #6247) (09F1897 or 16F1820) and related features (supported in slot 2 only)
IBM X.25 Interface Co-Processor/2 (#6401)(16F1858) and related features (supported in slot 2 only)
Image Adapter/A (#4324)(07F4400)
4250 Print Adapter/A (#7122)(70X8320)
IBM Personal Pageprinter Adapter/A (#7002)(75X8267)
IBM Display Station Emulation Adapter/A (#7743)(92X0743)
InfoWindow Attachment Kit (#4239)(83X9239)

Plus many more IBM and 3rd party adapter cards...
Note: Options are no longer available from IBM.

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