80386 Memory Expansion Option

@FAFF.ADF - IBM 0-6 MB 386 Memory Expansion Adapter
CFAFF.ADF - Init file for @FAFF.ADF

Is this also the 2-6MB Memory Expansion Option (6450367)?

Memory Expansion Adapter FRU 90X9507

J1-3 Burndy VH3X32S-2Z16

Memory Daughter Card FRU 90X9009

Memory Chips
   Panasonic MN41C4256SJ-08 or
   Hitatchi HM514256AJP8 or
   Toshiba TC514256AJ-80

U9,18 IBM 89X8922
Connector Header Burndy VR3X32S-2Z17

   "IBM Personal System/2 A Business Perspective" 1st Ed., pg. 49, Fig 37, "Any Model 80 can accept up to three 80386 Memory Expansion Options." Memory speed is 80 ns.

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