3117 High Speed Adapter/A

@E04E.ADF "High Speed Adapter/A"
@F04F.ADF "3117 Scanner Adapter/A"

3117adf.com  option disk  (Ed. actually, F04F 3117 Scanner Adapter/A)

hspdadf.exe  ADF file (for High Speed Adapter/A)

187-063 Scanner Attachment Features for the IBM PS/2

Zilog 8530 SCC Product Datasheet 1985
Z8530 SCC Serial Communications Controller Technical Manual Sep 1986
SCC Users Manual 1992  

Further research shows the High Speed Adapter /A is an RS-422A async adapter, good for up to 1Mbit/s.

High Speed Adapter P/N 65X1905

U18 Hitachi HM6116P-2
U20 Zilog Z0853006PSC SCC
U45 5.5296 MHz osc
J2 DB9 Male
J3 DB9 Female

AdapterId E04E High Speed Adapter/A"

Adapter Memory Location
    Memory locations the adapter will use to store data.
    <Segment C800"  (0220-0227 int 7 C800-C9FF)>,  CA00 (0220-0227 i7  CA00-CBFF), CC00  (0220-0227 i7  CC00-CDFF), CE00  (0220- 0227 i7  CE00-0CFF), D000 (0220-0227  i7  D000-D1FF), D200  (0220-0227  i7  D200-D3FF), D400  (0220-0227  i7  D400-D5FF), D600  (0220-0227  i7  D600-D7FF), D800  (0220-0227  int 7 D800-D9FF), DA00  (0220-0227  i7  DA00-DBFF), DC00  (0220-0227 i7 DC00- DDFF), DE00  (0220-0227  i7  DE00-DFFF)

Channel B
   This assignment is needed when you use Channel B
   <"Full Duplex">, Half Duplex

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