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PS/2 General Information

SHS15F2189     IBM PS/2 Hardware Maintenance Service General Info
SHS52G9971     IBM Personal System/2 HMM - May 1995
SHS71G4116     IBM PS/2 HMM Supplement
SHS60G9487     PS/2 HMM Suppl Security Switch and Parts Update(Dec 92)
SHS61G1549     PS/2 HMM Parts Update and Supplement March 1993
SHSA380093     PS/2 ECA
SHSA380096     PS/2 OEM Service Information
SHSA380081     PS/2 Option Compatibility and Ref Diskette Info
SHS64F3983     IBM HMR General Information Manual
SHS64F3984     IBM HMR Diagnostics for Micro Channel
SHS64F3985     HMR Diagnostics for Non Micro Channel
SHS10G6311     IBM PS/2 Service Aid Diskette Version 2.0
SHS41G8689     Recovery Procedure for Preinstalled OS/2 2.0


SHS91F9492     IBM PS/2 SCSI Adapter (FRU 85F0063) FRU Sheet
SHS15F2262     IBM PS/2 FaxConcentrator Adapter/A HMR
SHS84F8541     IBM PS/2 FaxConcentrator Adapter/A HMS
SHS85F1672     IBM PS/2 1-8MB 286 Memory
SHS15F2289     IBM PS/2 Adapter/A for Ethernet Networks
SHS15F2290     IBM PS/2 Adapter/A for Ethernet Networks HMR
SHS71G2238     IBM PS/2 Image and Image-I Adapter/A HMM
SHS42G0294     IBM PS/2 XGA and XGA-2 Diskette Package
SHS42G0352     IBM PS/2 Adapter/A for Ethernet TP Networks Suppl
SHS61G1556     IBM PS/2 Data/FAX Internal Modems HMM
SHS04G5110     IBM PS/2 Internal Data/Fax Modem HML
SHS64F3996     IBM PS/2 Option and Adapter HMR Information


BK8P7001       LAN Technical Reference: 802.2 and NetBIOS APIs
BK8R0000       Ethernet Adapter Interface
BK8R1000       Token-Ring Network Adapter Interface
BK8R1001       Token-Ring Network Shared-RAM Adapters
BK8R2000       Token-Ring Network 16/4 Busmaster Server Adapter/A Interface
BK8W6000       Token-Ring Network LANStreamer Adapters
E2QG9000       Auto LANStreamer MC 32 Installation and Testing
E2QH2000       Dual LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter Installation and Testing
E2QH7000       Auto 16/4 MC Adapter Installation and Testing
E2RA2000       LAN Adapter/A for Ethernet Installation and Testing
E2RI8000       Dual EtherStreamer MC 32 Adapter Installation and Testing
E2SA2000       Wireless LAN Entry User's Guide
E2SB5001       Wireless LAN Entry 8227 Access Point User's Guide
E2SD3001       Wireless LAN Entry Network Planning Guide


SHS84F9802     IBM PS/2 2.3GB Full-High SCSI Tape Drive Supplement
SHS84F9803     IBM PS/2 2.3GB Full-High SCSI Tape HML
SHS91F9250     IBM PS/2 2.3GB Full-High SCSI Tape Drive HML
SHS85F1648     IBM PS/2 2.88MB Diskette Drive HMR
SHS42G2346     IBM PS/2 Enhanced 2.88MB Diskette Drive Suppl
SHS15F2274     IBM PS/2 5.25-Inch Slim-High Diskette Drive
SHS91F9234     IBM PS/2 Rewritable Optical Drive HMR
SHS71G4115     IBM Internal/External CD-ROM Drives HMM
SHS10G6461     IBM PS/2 CD ROM-II Drive HML
SHS42G0366     IBM PS/2 3.5" Rewritable Optical Drives HMM
SHS42G2343     IBM 170MB and 212MB AT Hard Disk Drives Suppl
SHS42G2345     IBM PS/2 104MB and 212MB SCSI Hard Disk Drives Suppl
SHS92F2748     IBM PS/2 Keyboard Aid
SHS04G5106     IBM PS/2 Cached Processor Option HML
SHS71G4102     IBM PS/2 Models 50, 50Z, 55, 70/80 Upgrades HMM


SHG41G2927     PS/2 Installation Planning Guide and Beyond
SHSA380053     PS/2 Displays Maintenance Manual
SHS41G2925     IBM PS/2 8511 and 8518 Color Displays HMS
SHSA337001     IBM PS/2 TouchSelect Option HML

Enclosures and Cartridges


SHS91F9233     IBM PS/2 SCSI External Storage Enclosure (3510)


SHS15F2158     IBM PS/2 Ext Storage Enclosure For SCSI Devices HMR (3511)


SHSY310712     3514 Service Information


SHS10G5992     IBM PS/2 Communications Cartridge I HMR (N33SX or L40SX)
SHS10G5993     IBM PS/2 Communications Cartridge I HMS (N33SX or L40SX)
SHS04G5109     IBM PS/2 Communications Cartridge HML (8551 or 8554)
SHS10G4421     IBM PS/2 Communications Cartridge II  (8551 or 8554)

3550 001/002

SHS42G2335     IBM 3550 Expansion Unit Model 001 HMR
SHS42G2336     IBM 3550 Expansion Unit Model 001 HMS
SHS42G2332     IBM 3550 Expansion Unit Model 002 HMS

3510 / 3511 / 3532

SHS64F1426     IBM PS/2 External SCSI Devices HMS (3510, 3511, 3532)
SHS64F4022     IBM PS/2 External Devices Parts Catalog



SHS64F3986     IBM PS/2 Model 25 HMR
SHS10G6609     IBM PS/2 Model 25 SX HMS
SHS10G6610     IBM PS/2 Model 25 SX HMR

8525 286

SHS15F2181     IBM PS/2 Model 25 286 HMS
SHS64F3811     IBM PS/2 Model 25 286 HMR


SHS64F3987     IBM PS/2 Model 30 HMR

8530 286

SHS15F2192     IBM PS/2 Model 30 286 HMS
SHS64F3988     IBM PS/2 Model 30 286 HMR

8525 / 8530

SHS15F2191     IBM PS/2 Model 25/30


SHS84F9845     IBM PS/2 Model 35 SX, 35 LS, 35 SLC HMR
SHS84F9846     IBM PS/2 Model 35 SX, 35 LS, 35 SLC HMS


SHS84F7767     IBM PS/2 Model 40 SX and 40 SLC HMS
SHS84F7768     IBM PS/2 Model 40 SX and 40 SLC HMR

8543 L40SX

SHS15F2266     IBM PS/2 Model L40 SX HMS
SHS15F2267     IBM PS/2 Model L40 SX HMR
S84F7577       Mod L40SX Quick Reference
SAIBMSTR       Mod L40SX Reference Summary
SAIGMSTR       Mod L40SX Quick Charger
SAIIMSTR       Mod L40SX Battery Adapter
SAIJMSTR       Mod L40SX Internal Data/Fax Modem Oper. Inst.
SAINMSTR       Mod L40SX Internal Data/Fax Modem Install Inst.


SHS15F2193     IBM PS/2 Model 50 HMS
SHS64F3989     IBM PS/2 Model 50 HMR

8551 N51SX

SHS04G5111     IBM PS/2 Model N51 SX HMR
SHS04G5112     IBM PS/2 Model N51 SX HMS


SHS15F2250     IBM PS/2 Model 55SX HMR
SHS15F2195     IBM PS/2 Model 55 SX HMS

8554 CL57 SX

SHS10G4419     IBM PS/2 Model CL57 SX HMR
SHS10G4420     IBM PS/2 Model CL57 SX HMS

8556 SX/SLC

SHS04G3295     IBM PS/2 Model 56 SX and 56 SLC HMR
SHS04G3296     IBM PS/2 Model 56 SX and 56 SLC HMS

8557 SX, SLC, M57

SHS92F1677     IBM PS/2 Model 57 SX, 57 SLC, M57 SLC HMR
SHS92F1678     IBM PS/2 Model 57 SX, 57 SLC, M57 SLC HMS


SHS64F3991     IBM PS/2 Model 60 HMR
SHS15F2194     IBM PS/2 Model 60 HMS


SHS15F2196     IBM PS/2 Model 65 SX HMS
SHS64F3992     IBM PS/2 Model 65 SX HMR


SHS15F2197     IBM PS/2 Model 70 HMS
SHS64F3993     IBM PS/2 Model 70 HMR


SHS15F2198     IBM PS/2 Model P70 386 HMS
SHS64F3994     IBM PS/2 P70 386 HMR


SHS84F7593     IBM PS/2 Model P75 486 HMS
SHS84F8525     IBM PS/2 P75 486 HMR


SHS15F2199     IBM PS/2 Model 80 HMS
SHS64F3995     IBM PS/2 Model 80 HMR


SHS15F2247     IBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 486 HMS
SHS15F2249     IBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 486 HMR


SHS85F1676     IBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 486 HMS
SHS15F2246     IBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 486 HMR

8590 / 8595

SHS10G6474     IBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 486 and 95 XP 486 HMS
SHS10G6475     IBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 486 and 95 XP 486 HMR


SHS71G1587     IBM PS/2 E (EWS - Type 9533) HMM


SHS61G1566     IBM PS/2 Server 85 Enhancements
SHS52G9981     IBM PS/2 Server 85 HML


SHS61G1423     Type 63XX, 64XX IBM PS/ValuePoint HMM - 07/96
SHS42G2450     PS/VP (6384) Hardware Service and Reference
SHS60G9470     PS/VP 6384 Computer 486DX2 66/33 Supplement
SHS61G1423     IBM PS/ValuePoint HMM
SHS71G1875     IBM PS/VP Type 6387 HMM Supplement

Other Systems

SHS83G7789     IBM Personal Computer 300/700 Series HMM
SHS71G3701     IBM ThinkPad 500 HMM
SHS83G7698     IBM Power Series 440 (6015), RISC/6000 (7020) HMM


SHSA380138     Non-IBM Printers Parts Catalog
SHSA380098     Laser Printers: Service Info and Parts Catalog
SHSA380100     Misc Printers: Service Info and Parts Catalog
SHSA380099     Proprinters: Service Information and Parts Catalog

Other Documents

SHSA380041     Non-IBM Parts Catalog
SHSA380092     PS/2 Token-Ring Local Area Network

RETAIN (REmote Technical Assistance Information Network) Technical Data

8503HSF        8503 Retain Tips
8504HSF        8504 Retain Tips
8506HSF        8506 Retain Tips
8507HSF        8507 Retain Tips
8508HSF        8508 Retain Tips
8511HSF        8511 Retain Tips
8512HSF        8512 Retain Tips
8513HSF        8513 Retain Tips
8514HSF        8514 Retain Tips
8515HSF        8515 Retain Tips
8516HSF        8516 Retain Tips
8517HSF        8517 Retain Tips
8518HSF        8518 Retain Tips
8525HSF        8525 Retain Tips
8530HSF        8530 Retain Tips
8535HSF        8535 Retain Tips
8540HSF        8540 Retain Tips
8543HSF        8543 Retain Tips
8545HSF        8545 Retain Tips
8550HSF        8550 Retain Tips
8551HSF        8551 Retain Tips
8554HSF        8554 Retain Tips
8555HSF        8555 Retain Tips
8556HSF        8556 Retain Tips
8557HSF        8557 Retain Tips
8560HSF        8560 Retain Tips
8565HSF        8565 Retain Tips
8570HSF        8570 Retain Tips
8573HSF        8573 Retain Tips
8580HSF        8580 Retain Tips
8590HSF        8590 Retain Tips
8595HSF        8595 Retain Tips
8600HSF        8600 Retain Tips
9504HSF        9504 Retain Tips
9507HSF        9507 Retain Tips
9515HSF        9515 Retain Tips
9517HSF        9517 Retain Tips
9518HSF        9518 Retain Tips
9521HSF        9521 Retain Tips
9524HSF        9524 Retain Tips
9525HSF        9525 Retain Tips
9527HSF        9527 Retain Tips
9533HSF        9533 Retain Tips
9535HSF        9535 Retain Tips
9540HSF        9540 Retain Tips
9545HSF        9545 Retain Tips
9552HSF        9552 Retain Tips
9553HSF        9553 Retain Tips
9556HSF        9556 Retain Tips
9557HSF        9557 Retain Tips
9570HSF        9570 Retain Tips
9576HSF        9576 Retain Tips
9577HSF        9577 Retain Tips
9585HSF        9585 Retain Tips
9590HSF        9590 Retain Tips
9595HSF        9595 Retain Tips

PS2ECA         PS2ECA Retain Informati(o)n
PSY2EMA        PSY2 Retain Tips (for EMEA)
PSY2HSF        PSY2 Retain Tips (04/02/97)

PSY2HSF        PSY2 Retain Tips (05/23/98)

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