Processor Complex Sub-Model Matrix

Complex Sub-Model Matrix
Machine and Complex Identification

Complex Sub-Model Matrix

Submodel (per-planar) Processor Board
FRU and Description
90 8595 9595 5560
Base 0 / Type 0
? 15 1A N/A N/A 64F0782 386DX-20 0KB L2
40x 17 12 N/A N/A 04G3884 386DX-20 64KB L2
Base 1 / Type 1
0Gx 2D 2C N/A N/A 92F0049 486SX-20 (J2 pins 2-3) 1
0Gx 2F 2E N/A N/A 92F0049 487SX-20 (J2 pins 1-2) 2 P4
0Jx 11 14 N/A N/A 64F0201 486DX-25 P1
0Kx 13 16 N/A N/A 64F0198 486DX-33 P2
0Mu 2B 2A N/A N/A 92F0048 Upgrade 486DX-50 3 P3
0Ku 37 36 N/A N/A 92F0145 Upgrade 486DX2-33/66 4
60-W0 11 14 N/A 93 79F0087 (Japan) 486DX-25
60-Y0/80-Y 13 16 N/A 94 79F2458 (Japan) 486DX-33
Base 2 / Type 2
0Hx 57 58 N/A 9F 92F0079 / 95F4299 (Japan) 486SX-25 5 P5
0Hx 59 5A N/A 90 92F0079 / 95F4299 (Japan) 487SX-25 6 P6
0Hx 5B 5C N/A 92 92F0079 / 95F4299 (Japan) 486DX2-25/50 7 P8
0Lx 3F 40 N/A N/A 92F0161 486DX2-25/50 P7
60-Nxx N/A N/A N/A A6 35G2765 (Japan) 486DX2-33/66
Base 3 / Type 3
0Mx 29 28 N/A N/A 82G2484/57F1597 486DX-50 P8
Base 4 / Type 4
0Nx 43 42 44 N/A 61G2343 486DX2-33/66 PB
0Px 45 46 47 N/A 52G9362 586-60 PC
0Qx 45 46 47 N/A 92F0120/71G6197 586-66 8 PE
0Yx 45 46 47 N/A 06H3739 586-90

Notes and Comments:

N/A - "Not Applicable" - complex not supported on the planar

1) 92F0049 486SX-20 (J2 pins 2-3)
2) 92F0049 487SX-20 (J2 pins 1-2)
3) 92F0048 Upgrade straight 486DX-50
4) 92F0145 Upgrade 486DX2-33/66
5) 92F0079 486SX-25
6) 92F0079 487SX-25
7) 92F0079 486DX2-25/50
8) 71G6197 586-66 w/ old PCB

0Ku Type 1 w/ 486DX2-33/66 (flash BIOS, possibly for RAID systems)
0Mu Type 1 w/ straight 486DX-50 (single board 486DX-50)

Machine and Complex Identification

Location of the Type-Model Sticker

8590/9590/5560 - The ID sticker is on the lower right front corner of the case.
8595/9595 - The operator panel has a small window for the ID sticker.

Look for a second label (marked P1 - PC) to the right of the front serial number of the system. The second label indicates that the processor board has been upgraded.

Location of the Complex FRU Sticker

Differs depending on the complex type. Usually near the edge. Either printed on a sticker or silkscreened directly on the PCB.

Using the System Programs

Go to the System Programs Main Menu (from the Refdisk or System Partition) and select More utilitiesDisplay Revision Levels. Note the submodel code displayed on the screen.


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