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@DFF4.ADF IBM Wireless LAN Adapter

IBM Wireless LAN Kit   Using the Wireless Lan under OS/2 
e2sa2000.boo Wireless LAN Entry
e2sb5001.boo Wireless LAN Entry 8227 Access Point User's Guide
e2sd3001.boo Wireless LAN Entry Network Planning Guide
195-080 New Features for IBM Wireless LAN 
194-197 IBM Wireless LAN

IBM Wireless LAN Adapter Files
   These Installation Diskettes are the most current version of this product. These images support the Wireless LAN Adapter in three hardware configurations - ISA, MCA, or PCMCIA - Configured as a Wireless Base Station, or as a Wireless Requester. 

    Wireless LAN (Advanced) - ISA/MCA Adapter, with External Transceiver, and PCMCIA Card, with External Transceiver - is 1Mbps and only has DOS & OS/2 driver support. WLLANn.EXE files are for these.

wllan1.exe IBM RF Wireless LAN Diskette 1 of 6 - Utility
wllan2.exe IBM RF Wireless LAN Diskette 2 of 6 - Netware Base
wllan3.exe IBM RF Wireless LAN Diskette 3 of 6 - DOS/Windows
wllan4.exe IBM RF Wireless LAN Diskette 4 of 6 - OS/2 1 of 3
wllan5.exe IBM RF Wireless LAN Diskette 5 of 6 - OS/2 2 of 3
wllan6.exe IBM RF Wireless LAN Diskette 6 of 6 - OS/2 3of 3 (ADF and DGS)

Wireless Lan
ADF Sections

Wireless Lan
DS1 LED for ??
F1 PTC resistor
J2 ISA edgecard
J3 Radio port (DE9)
SW1 Address switch for ISA
U1 S9352AB
U12 TC160GA8AF
U7 25H29410 RIPL
U16 25H09410 ucode
U17,18 Flash
U24 IBM22-ALDC1005S-00
Y1 20.0000 MHz osc 


P601 15 pin micro centronics
U501  SC38PG041CE02
U504  Motorola 86L01
U505 MC68HCP11E1
U603 HC4052

Marked as 84D09747T01 Issue O 709UYA2PM Motorola 1994

AdapterID DFF4  IBM Wireless LAN Adapter
AdapterID FFF8

RIPL Address Range
   There are 8 possible 16K blocks of memory that can be assigned for accessing the EEPROM area of the Wireless LAN Adapter. The RIPL address range selected must not be assigned for use by any other adapter or option and cannot be the same as the RAM address for other adapters.
  <"Disable RIPL">, C000-C3FF (C000-C3FF), C400-C7FF (C400-C7FF), C800-CBFF (C800-CBFF), CC00-CFFF (CC00-CFFF), D000-D3FF (D000-D3FF), D400-D7FF (D400-D7FF), D800-DBFF (D800-DBFF), DC00-DFFF (DC00-DFFF)

Interrupt Level
   The prioritized interrupt request line on which the Wireless LAN Adapter will interrupt the system. This adapter can operate on one of four interrupt levels: 3, 9, 10, or 15.  (Ed. Remember this is an ISA/MCA card- see below!)
   The interrupt level selected must not be assigned for use by any other adapter or option. A conflict will not be indicated by an asterisk (*) and the detection must be done by the operator by checking the other adapters interrupt assignment
     <"Interrupt 10">, 15, 3, 9

DMA Arbitration Level
   This selects the priority level of the adapter when requesting the bus for a DMA data transfer. The DMA channels 0-7 are immediately associated with the respective arbitration levels. 
    <"Level 3">, 0, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7

Fairness On/Off
   BUS ARBITRATION FAIRNESS:  This controls whether or not the adapter will give up participating in the next bus arbitration when it has been using it exclusively.
    <"On">, Off

I/O Base Address
   There are 63 possible I/O base addresses that can be assigned for accessing the communication registers of the IBM Wireless LAN Adapter.  The preferred I/O base address for the adapter is <0400>. Each assignment reserves the following 255 contiguous port addresses for this adapter.
  <"0400" (IO 00400h - 004FFh)>, and 63 others...

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