Olicom Token-Ring MCA 16/4 (OC-3129)

@08A4.ADF Rev 1 to 5 Leaded components ONLY STP cable support
@08A5.ADF Rev 6 and up SMT components UTP and STP cable support
@08A6.ADF Rev 6 and up SMT components ONLY STP cable support

Caution! This card's ID is shared with the Intel TokenExpress and Pure Data MC 16/4 TR adapters! Be sure you get the right ADF. Using an improper ADF has the potential to cause hardware damage or misconfiguration. (WRW)

oc3129-1.exe adapter setup disk.
oc3129-3.exe drivers disk. (includes ADFs!)
oc3129-4.exe diagnostic utility
ocaiw.exe AIW Version 4.13 (what is this?)
trmp.exe Windows NT 3.5/4.0/9x NDIS 3.0 Miniport version 4.33

OC-3129 (STP and UTP)
ADF Sections

Based on content by William R. Walsh (original HERE).

Olicom OC-3129 @08A5

J3 DE9 STP TR Connector
J4 RJ45 UTP TR Connector
R31, 32 Resistor Networks
RL1-3 Takamisawa RA5W-K Relays
UB4 Texas Instruments TMS38054FNL
UE6 Texas Instruments TMS380C16PQL
UJ6 64.000MHz
UK6 PAL "TR81C611"
U/L/M5, UM6 NEC D41464L-10
UO5 Pads for a PGA IC

It's based on a Texas Instruments chipset, like the Madge Smart Ringnode.

Here are files relevant to the adapter...got 'em while I could...before the darkness falls, as I'm sure it will. Already Olicom's own support section appears to have gone dark...fortunately, their FTP server was still running.

Important: Three versions of the OC-3129 exist. 08A4 (also a duplicate ID!) with leaded components supports only shielded twisted pair cable (DE9 plug). 08A5 is SMT based and supports both STP and UTP.  08A6 is SMT based and supports STP only.

ADF Sections (08A4, 08A5 and 08A6 are all similar)

AdapterID 0A85h "Olicom Token-Ring MCA 16/4 Adapter (OC-3129)"

I/O Address Location
   Up to four Token-Ring Network adapters may be installed in this computer.  An adapter can use one of four I/O port address combinations. Each combination consists of two address ranges.
     <Choice "0 =  0A20-0A23 & 0A30-0A3F>, 1 =  0A24-0A27 & 0A40-0A4F, 2 =  0A50-0A53 & 0A60-0A6F, 3 =  0A54-0A57 & 0A70-0A7F

Adapter Data Rate
   This adapter can operate at 4 Mbps or 16 Mbps.  You MUST set the adapter data rate to the same rate as the Token-Ring Network LAN segment to which you are connecting the adapter.
     <"4 Mbps">, 16 Mbps

RPL Address location
     There are 12 possible 8K blocks of PC memory that can be assigned for accessing the RPL area of the Token-Ring Network adapter.  The preferred RPL address for the adapter is: CC000-CDFFF. The RPL address must not be assigned for use by any other adapter or option.
    <"RPL Disabled>, CC000-CDFFF, CE000-CFFFF, D0000-D1FFF, D2000-D3FFF, D4000-D5FFF, D6000-D7FFF, D8000-D9FFF, DA000-DBFFF, DC000-DDFFF, DE000-DFFFF, C8000-C9FFF, CA000-CBFFF

Interrupt Level
   This adapter can operate on one of four interrupt levels: 2, 3, 10, or 11.  The preferred interrupt level is 2, but the adapter can operate on any of the four levels if necessary
    <"Interrupt 2">, 3, 10, 11

Bus Master Arbitration Level
   Bus Master Arbitration level
     <"Level 8">, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Bus Master Release Timing (absent in 08A4)
    During a Micro Channel DMA operation this Adapter supports two different ways of releasing the bus after the Preempt signal.  After a Preempt occurs the bus can be released either immediately or after the maximum time allotted by the Micro Channel architecture.  The best performance is achieved if this adapter is allowed to continue for the maximum time allowed.
    <"Maximum">, Immediately

Cable Type (absent in 08A4 and 08A6 models)
   STP media (Type 6) uses the 9-pin D-type connector (J3) and UTP media (Type 3) uses the RJ45 phone-jack (J4).
    <"STP media (Type 6)>, UTP media (Type 3)

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