Cabletron T3015 Adapter

@0050.ADF "Cabletron 4/16-Mbps Token Ring Adapter" (T3015)

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Token Ring Technology Overview
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Cabletron T3015
Part Numbers

Cabletron T3015

Setting the Clock Source Jumper JP1

In most computers, the DNI Card will use its own clock source (asynchronous mode). If the DNI Card uses the system's clock source, the board runs in synchronous mode.

Set the bus timing jumper as follows:
Shunt pins 1 and 2 to use asynchronous clock source (default) - Model 50 compatibility.
Shunt pins 2 and 3 to use synchronous clock source - Model 70 and 80 compatibility.

Part Numbers

Token Ring DNI Cards Part Numbers For Micro Channel Bus:

T3015 .......... 9050277 .......... Micro Channel Bus, 16-bit
T3015 .......... 9050340 .......... Micro Channel Bus, 16-bit, SMD

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