Aironet MC1000 / ARLAN 670

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Yes, PS/2s can even get in on the hot new topic of wireless networking in your home. It isn't 802.11b, but assuming the parts rumored to exist for this adapter do in fact exist, you can wirelessly link your PS/2s.

Drivers? Not a clue. Symbol/Telxon and Cisco Aironet don't seem to know and if they don't have a clue, I'm not going to do much better...I don't have the adapter any longer to do any testing on it.

Based on content by William R. Walsh (original HERE).

Aironet MC1000 / ARLAN 670

Telxon Card

DS1,2 dual-color LEDs, unknown
Edge Header Unknown
J1 Solder pads
J3 Looks like an RS-485 port IIRC
P1 Plug for Telxon radio
U1 Zilog Z80182
U2 AMD AM29F10
U5 "420-001123/D"
U7 14538B
U18 NEC D431000AGW-70L

The Telxon radio is marked as a "900MHz Dataspan RS485 MCA Server Model DS-2672".
Box is made by Aironet Canada Limited. FCC ID LOZ095-2

Aironet seems to still exist. Telxon was bought by Symbol (the barcode scanner people) as the majority of Telxon products were barcode scanners of some kind. I'm nervous about putting this adapter in any computer to see what ADF it needs or what operating systems it would support as I do not have a suitable antenna for the antenna connection and I do not want to burn up the transmitter.

Product Description (original HERE, HERE, and HERE)

The ARLAN 670 allows a Micro Channel Architecture bus computer to be quickly and cost-effectively added to an ARLAN network, without running wires or maintaining a costly wired cable infrastructure. Providing unmatched flexibility in network design, the ARLAN 670 allows fixed, mobile, or moving stations to be placed where productivity dictates - offices, factories, hospitals, or retail stores.

Using patented spread spectrum radio technology, originally developed by the U.S. military for fast, secure, and reliable communications, the ARLAN 670 can be equipped with either a 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz radio. Combined with Aironet's Microcellular Architecture, the ARLAN 670 can be configured to form a peer-to-peer network with other ARLAN wireless LAN adapters or function as an Ethernet, Token Ring, or LocalTalk II client to the appropriate ARLAN Access Points.

  • Provides wireless connectivity from a MCA client PC to an Aironet Wireless Ethernet, Token Ring, or LocalTalk II LAN.
  • Features second generation multi-channel Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum radio technology for worldwide operation, with data rates up to 2 Mbps per channel.
  • Patented Microcellular Architecture for unmatched roaming and power management.
  • Supports peer-to-peer or access point based configurations.
  • Implementation in diskless computers supported via BOOTP.
  • Communicates up to 1000 feet indoors with optional antennas for greater range or modified coverage areas.
  • Over 16 million system ID settings for security and subnetwork isolation.
  • Menu-driven system configuration and management via standard setup and diagnostic utility.
  • NDIS, ODI, and PACKET device drivers provide support for all popular network operating systems, including Novell NetWare.
  • Modular design provides easy migration path to alternative radio technology.

Detailed specs HERE.

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