Link Archive

Links on this page are all DEAD or lead to some other content now. However, some of them can still be useful when accessed via the amazing Wayback Machine.

Ardent Tool Mirrors

David Beem's Mirror Earlier snapshot [US] (archive)
Bob Eager's Mirror Very old snapshot [UK] (archive)
9595 on Very old snapshot (archive)
PS/2 and PC Server Compendium British version managed by Tim Clark. (archive)

PS/2 and MCA Related Fan Sites

PS/2 Supersite (Mirror of IBM's PCBBS as of 99?) (FTP not archived, local page copy)
Grzegorz Mazur's Home Page (PL) Some 486 and other stuff. (24 Jan 06) (archive)
IBM PS/2 PL by Karol Chlasta (old) (archive)
Extreme Computing with Microchannel Tam Thi Pham (old) (archive #1, #2) (local)
Personal System/55 (JP) Tatsuo Sunagawa (archive)
MCA PS/2 Archive (UK) By Pete Blackhouse (in the land of warm beer) (archive)
   FTP server contains reference of AIX 1.3 for PS/2 and others. (FTP not archived)
Allen Brandt's Mocha Java Watch his hottest 9595 with MMX233 (archive)
Micro Channel Linux Home Page by Darren Wright (archive)
The PS/2 Zone "Computer Services of York" by Michael A. Stanhope
Model 60 Page by Jason Whorton (archive)
Spooky's BBS by Martin Voerman, IBM PS/2 Info - Patches - Pix
IBM-PS2.COM by Martin 'Spooky' Voerman (archive)
Su's PS/2 Page by Su Wadlow, Her time with PS/2 & Linux... (archive)
Fred's PS/2 8580 Information Collection (old) by Fred Spencer (old URL) (archive #1, #2)
Sanders' PC-730 Page by Sander Fransen (archive)
MCA and PS/2 links by "The Bob" Watts (a.k.a "Whizzbang") (archive)
Tim's IBM 8570 pages by Tim O'Connor (archive)
PS/2 page by Ryan Pugh
Canada MCA Network, Bill's mirror 8570-centric (archive)

Official Websites

IBM - Official Links

IBM Library Server Library Boulder, Colorado
Redbooks Possibly useful
Publications Search Engine (IBM) External
IBM Networking Support (IBM)
Vintage Computers (IBM Canada) (archive)
Products and Services (IBM Boca Raton) (archive)
IBM Boulder PS
Personal Computer Line up (IBM Japan)
SurePath BIOS Post-PS/2 version (archive)

IBM - Mirrors

EPRM mirror (Kev has a mirror)
EPRM mirror (different version) (archive)

Other Websites

ThinkPad Shiryo-Kan maintained by Mr. Bato, written in Japanese (archive)

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