IBM SCSI Adapters


SCSI Adapter /A ("Tribble", Long and short, uncached)
SCSI Adapter w/cache ("Spock" / "Spock Prime", 512 KB cache)
SCSI-2 Adapter /A (OEM'd Future Domain MCS-700 "Patriot")
SCSI-2 F/W Adapter /A ("Corvette", PS/2 or RS/6000)
SCSI-2 Differential F/W Adapter /A ("Corvette Turbo", PS/2 or RS/6000)

Japanese SCSI/A Adapters
RS/6000 SCSI Adapters

Supporting Information

IBM SCSI-2 F/W Chipset
IBM SCSI Microcode (from David Beem) Many BIN files for burning SCSI BIOSes...
IBM Adapter, Cable, and Planar SCSI Connectors
SCSI Layout (Cabling, IDs, Termination etc.)
Mixing Narrow and Wide SCSI Devices
SCSI Drives Over 1 GB
Maximum Drive Size on Type 4 System (Is 250GB too much?)
HD Shows up as DASD (
SCSI Error Codes
System Partition and IML
Why Int4b?

SCSIFIX.ZIP Finally! A utility to alter the number of sectors for a SCSI drive and convert them to a 3.94GB drive! Bob Eager, you have answered a prayer!

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