EduQuest Systems
Educational Computers

Common Devices
EduQuest and 7386 Utility and Diagnostics Disks

EduQuest Thirty [Type 9603]
EduQuest Forty [Type 9604-04X, 040]
EduQuest Fifty [Type 9605-04X, 040]
EduQuest Thirty-cs [Type 9606]
EduQuest Fifty-cs [Type 9608-14X, 140]
EduQuest Thirty-Five [Type 9613-00A, 001] SLC2 25/50 (001: No Audio, 00A: Audio)
EduQuest Forty-Five [Type 9614-001, 003] 486DX2-66, 486DX4-100
EduQuest Fifty-Five [Type 9615-001, 003] 486SX, 486DX4

Sound Card
Token Ring NIC

Upgrading EduQuests

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