Apricot Files

Reference Disks

apridisk.exe Tool to read/write Apricot floppy disks
apr00145.dsk Reference/Setup Disk - Rel 6.2 (14531031), requires apridisk
apr00145.zip Zipped files from the disk image above
refsetup.exe Reference/Setup Disk - Rel 8.2
refsetup.ima Image file of the disk created by the executable above

Note: Not sure what models are supported.


WHATMC.EXE Use to identify what Apricot planar is installed in a system
WHATADF.EXE Use to identify what an ADF file is for
ASYNC.SYS Apricot Qi ASYNC driver v1.0.5 (Put in root directory)
APRA20.SYS Apricot Qi600 MS-DOS 5 A20 Handler v1.02 (first DEVICE line in CONFIG)
MCA.ADL Needed by QEMM on Apricot MCA machines
MCAMOUSE.COM Loadable mouse driver for MCA Mouse v5.0
MCAMOUSE.SYS Logitech (MCA) mouse driver v5.0
DRAWINGS.ZIP A few Designer Files - Apricot related

Sourced from actapricot.org & The Insight BBS - Apricot Rel Disks (mirror).

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