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Information sourced from Mitsubishi Electric's Insight CD pages.


The last system in Apricot's Micro Channel Architecture server range, FT//s features include MCA2 bus architecture and increased RAM capacity.

Bus Architecture MCA2 (40 MB/sec)
Processor Intel 80486DX2-66
Intel Pentium 60
Video EVGA On-board
Memory 192 MB On-board (486)
256 MB On-board (Pentium)
Floppy Disk Drive 3.5" and/or 5.25"
Hard Disk Drive 240 MB - 6 GB
Networking via expansion card
Security On-board
Expansion Options 1x 32-bit with 1st video extension
1x 32-bit with 2nd video extension
6x 32-bit slots

Hard Drives

MB Make Model Type Part Number
240 Quantum LPS 240S SCSI TF50162
380 IBM 0661 SCSI TE48235
515 Maxtor MXT-540SL SCSI TF50191
540 Quantum LPS 540 S SCSI
1,000 IBM 0662 S12 SCSI XB52689
1,200 Maxtor MXT-1240S SCSI TE50199
2,000 IBM 0664 M1H SCSI TG51270
150 Archive Viper150 SCSI SU52600
525 Archive Viper525 SCSI SU52601
1.3GB Archive Python SCSI TE49468
2-8GB Archive DDS DAT SCSI SU52593
2 MB Sony MP-F17W-0A 3.5"
1.2Mb Panasonic JU-475-4 5.25"
Sony CDU561 SCSI SU52602

Ethernet Options

3Com 32 bit bus master Ethernet card, thin/thick wire (3C527B) XB50379
3Com 16 bit Ethernet card, thin/thick wire (3C523B) XB48125
3Com 16 bit Ethernet card, UTP/thick wire (3C523B-TP) XB48127
3Com 32 bit Ethernet card, thin/thick wire (3C529) XB51624
3Com 32 bit Ethernet card, UTP/thick wire (3C529-TP) XB51625
IBM Token Ring 4/16Mb/s LAN card (25F9528) XB49546

Additional Options

Apricot LOC Technology security.

Rear Panel

Product Code Prefix

TQ FT//s (486)
TR FT//s (Pentium)

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