AIX 1.3 Multi-Head Support

IX44820 X11R5 multi-head support and S3 SVGA 1024x768x256 color support.

Multi-Head Support For X-Server
       The new AIX PS/2 X Windows and Motif supports multiple display adapters (multi-head) with seamless movement of mouse across displays. Currently the X-server can support up to 8 display adapters, though more than one instance of the same adapter is possible for XGA only (by hardware design). All other adapters (VGA, 8514/A, Image Adapter) can only have one instance in the system. It is possible to have up to 8 instances of XGA in the system.
    The multi-head support is only supported on the PS/2 (MC bus) only, and is not available on the ISA bus. This is because of the lack of multiple video card support on the ISA bus.
X-server Options for multi-head support
-all  Runs the Xserver on all available displays.  (Doesn't include planar VGA, if available.)
      xinit -all
-allp Runs Xserver on all available displays, and planar VGA on systems like the model 80.
      xinit -allp
          -P<r><c> <display no> {/vga} | <display name> {/vga}
    ( words enclosed by {} are optional)
    This option is used for specific placement of displays. The utility (see defect 531) lsdisp, displays the displays cards attached to the system with a display number and the name of the display. The numbers <r> and <c> denotes the element in the placement matrix where the display will be placed for the sake of cursor movement. for example a matrix of 4 displays can be specified with the following row and column numbers.
 |      |      |
 |  11  |  12  |
 |      |      |
 |      |      |
 |  21  |  22  |
 |      |      |
    This means the cursor can have a seamless movement from
 11 to 12, 11 to 21
 12 to 11, 12 to 22
 21 to 11, 21 to 22
 22 to 12, 22 to 21.
-wrap option, four-directional  movement without any bound
-wrapy / -wrapx  vertical/horizontal movement without any bound
    When using the /vga option with the display number or the display name, the display can be run in 640x480 16-color VGA mode.
     For instance, if there are two display cards installed, an XGA and a 8514/A, with XGA as display number 1 and the 8514 as display number 2, X can be run as follows:
xinit -P11 1 -P12 2
xinit -P11 xga -P12 8514
xinit -P11 xga -P12 8514/vga
    This will run the 8514 in VGA mode and the XGA in XGA mode.
    Note: only one instance of VGA can be specified.
  Note: To get multiple XGA adapters to work, the last XGA adapter on the system should have its 1 MB VRAM aperture disabled. This can be done using the reference diskette. If the 1 MB VRAM aperture is disabled to run X in XGA mode, the system will try to use the 4 MB VRAM aperture. Using the 4 MB VRAM aperture is only possible when the adapter is plugged into the 32-bit slot. There are only 3 such slots on the model 80. Therefore, it is possible to have a VGA and up to 3 XGA or XGA-2 adapters on a model 80. (The last card is determined by the adapter slot number and the adapter order shown when the configuration is viewed with the reference diskette.)

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