AIX 1.3 Messages

  Many thanks to Rick Ekblaw for pulling these out.

900-000 free: NFS gfs %d
900-001 free called with NFS gfs
900-003 %s on %s
900-004 %s, %s on %s
900-008 Bad file system allocation detected
900-009 Bad file system free detected
900-037 - if_ena: autoconfigure could not allocate kernal memory
900-038 - if_ena: board configured but ROM does not check out
900-039 - no if_ena adaptors present
900-041 brreada: negative block number
900-045 brelse: netwantsbuf
900-062 - if_ena: unit %d reset via 690 transmit watchdog.
900-142 commitdir: inconsistent
900-200 symblnk: no kmem of size %d
900-201 symblnk: nfs_readlink fails %d, for dp %x
900-202 dirmangled: gfs %ld, ino %d: reclen: %lu dirp: %p
900-203 dirmangled: d_reclen too large
900-240 no space allocated for pmount/gmount/gfshash
900-241 addgfs: fails no free entries
900-242 deletegfs: gfs %d not found
900-246 addgs: invalid gfs %d
900-247 addgs: bad gfs
900-248 gsentry: no mounts - entry %d
900-249 gsentry: no mounts
900-255 convertgs: request for %d bytes failed
900-256 failed to allocate gsmount table
900-282 iclose
900-295 fss_close: gfs %d already unmounted
900-299 ipanic: %s
900-300 fflag=0x%x fxread=%d fxwrite=%d
900-322 iget: bad counts
900-325 inodehremove: (gfs,ino) %d %d HASH %d hash %d ISLOT %d h_link %d
900-326 inodehremove bad hash link
900-366 niget: no response yet.  fsite=%d, (g,i)=(%ld,%d), pid=%ld
900-388 svrawardtok: bad tcbdes
900-389 svrclrtok: TCB inconsistency detected
900-392 itst_grant: granting token, token not idle
900-560 jrstart: no journal write routine for dev 0x%x
900-561 jrstart: dev 0x%x not initialized for journaling
900-562 Journal not started error %d
900-563 Journaling started
900-564 Journaling terminated
900-565 jrwrite: output overrun...journal terminated
900-566 jrwrite: prev I/O failed...journal terminated
900-567 Journal write fails errno %d
900-568 Journal complete...count satisfied
900-569 Final journal write fails code %d
900-600 Available User Memory: %d pages (0x%x bytes)
900-602 loc_site: %d
900-603 invalid local site number
900-605 swapadd returns with errno %d
900-606 Can't add any paging device
900-607 procstartup: found independent site: %d
900-608 getgfs: could not read pipe device's superblock
900-609 getgfs: magic 0x%x dev 0x%x
900-610 pipe does not contain a valid file system
900-611 getgfs: pipe gfs out of range
900-612 Re-enter line:
900-615 mountit: could not read super block of room
900-616 mountit: root file system is not a valid file system
900-617 mountit: root gfs out of range
900-619  ***** Start of Questions *****
900-620 (Hit Ctrl/C to restart Ctrl/X to re-enter line or Return for default)
900-621 Default options: TCF Site Number %d
900-622 TCF cluster id
900-623 , Talk to ALL sites
900-624 Pipe gfs is %d
900-625 The %s device is 0x%x
900-626 The Coredump device is 0x%x
900-627 Size of %s device in 1k byte blocks is %d
900-628 Swaplo is (decimal) %d
900-629 Dumplo is (decimal) %d
900-630 Use default options? ('y' or 'n')
900-631 ***** End of Questions *****
900-632 Please answer Y(es) or N(o)
900-633 Installation Options:
900-634 1 Perform initialization of a new site
900-635 2 Add this previously installed site to an existing TCF cluster
900-636 3 Perform maintenance on a previously installed system
900-637 Select Installation Option:
900-638 ***** End of Questions ******
900-639 %c is not a valid Installation Option
900-640 Do any routes need to be added? (default no)
900-641 Enter TCF Cluster Site Number
900-642 TCF site number greater than %d - re-enter
900-643 Enter TCF cluster id (default
900-644 Enter Pipe gfs (in decimal):
900-645 pipegfs %ld is invalid, maximum gfs = %ld
900-646 Enter %s device? (default: find from minidisk)
900-647 Enter size of %s area in 1k byte blocks? (default: %d decimal)
900-648 Enter swaplo? (default: %d decimal)
900-649 Enter coredump device? (hex)
900-650 Enter dumplo? (default: %d decimal)
900-651 ***** End of Questions *****
900-652 pipe (%u/%u), root (%u/%u), swap (%u/%u), dump
900-653 (not configured)
900-654 auto_conf: invalid device configuration
900-655 auto_conf: swap device size not set!
900-666 Use %cs filled TCF broadcast
900-667 Use 1s filled or 0s filled broadcasts for TCF
900-668 Invalid response "%s".  Valid responses are "1" or "0"
900-669 Dependent boot: TCF not enabled.
900-680 kmemalloc: MA SEG not supported
900-720 hdinitpart: minis %ld, minie %ld
900-721 hdinitpart: partn %d, mbrs %ld
900-722 hdinitpart: mbre %ld, mbrt %x
900-723 hdinitpart: missing bad block minidisk on drive %d
900-724 Warning: drive %d initialization errors:
900-726 badblkinit: list allocation error for drive %d
900-727 badblkinit: I/O buf allocation error for drive %d
900-728 badblkinit: read error, dev = %u, error = %d
900-729 badblkinit: bad magic
900-730 master boot record (mbr) bad
900-731 bad read off the vtoc block
900-732 memory work space unavailable: no partition intialization
900-733 vtoc table copy 1 checksum bad
900-734 vtoc table copy 2 checksum bad
900-735 vtoc table copies 1 and 2 checksums don't agree
900-736 vtoc table copy 1 magic string bad
900-737 vtoc table copy 2 magic string bad
900-738 vtoc table copy 1 sequence numbers bad
900-739 vtoc table copy 2 sequence numbers bad
900-740 the current vtoc table was constructed from vtoc copies 1 and 2
900-741 vtoc table partitions overlap non-AIX mbr partitions
900-742 no bootable AIX partition on this drive
900-743 one of the minidisk id fields is out of range
900-744 duplicate minidisk ids found
900-802 localsearch: didn't find just created nfs inode
900-803 Lost incore inode
900-844 svrfpr: tr_alrmleft %ld
900-845 svrfpr: u.u_error == 0 when aborting
900-847 getofile: got all there is, but not enough!
900-888 queue_netmsg: fsite negative
900-889 queue_netmsg: netmsg to locsite
900-890 queue_netmsg: nmp %p bad_site %d
900-891 queue_netmsg2: fsite negative
900-923 Bad header checksum (site %d?)
900-924 net_received: wrong lsite %d
900-932 Bad checksum from site %d
900-933 calculated checksum 0x%02x
900-934 received 0x%02x
900-935 message type %d (response)
900-941 Bad checksum from site %d
900-942 calculated checksum 0x%02x
900-943 received 0x%02x
900-944 message type %d (request)
900-949 %4s %9ld %p %4d %8lx %3d %1s
900-950 %2d%1s %9ld %6d %8lx
900-951 print network statistics:
900-952 top_stat: 0x%x
900-953 inmp = %p inmp2 = %p ibp = %p
900-954 netp->n_head = %p netp->n_tail = %p
900-955 Total messages: input is %ld output is %ld sum is %ld
900-956 network.c: Attempted to use an unconfigured network device
900-957 Procchar '%c' received from local site
900-958 procchar message %s
900-961 TCF traffic stopped: network device is unavailable
901-020 page_fork: proc has to many data vsegs
901-040 larp_init: couldn't allocate %d
901-041 larp info structures! Allocated %d
901-042 larp_init: couldn't get mbuf for route record option
901-043 larp_init: couldn't get mbuf for receive options
901-044 larp_init: couldn't get mbuf for strict source route and record option
901-048 larp_to_route: MGET failed
901-050 larp_respond: MGET failed
901-051 add_larp: cost %d too big for %d via %d
901-052 larp_addrdead(%lx)!!!
901-080 lip_netinit: couldn't get mbuf for strict source route and record option
901-124 nmrelse: netwants not found
901-162 panic: %s
901-165 %s dev 0x%x: hard error sn%d
901-224 ptrksend: too many PIDs and/or PGRPs with origin site %d
901-225 stopping cluster traffic
901-226 getpsp: pid-site table full
901-227 stopping cluster traffic
901-260 ntyinit: unable to allocate tables
901-280 allocFileSys: kmemalloc returned null
901-281 qBlockAlloc: kmemalloc returned null
901-300 qwarnflp: warncount out of bounds
901-321 user %d over block quota - denied
901-322 user %d over file quota - NO MORE!!
901-323 user %d over file quota - denied
901-324 user %d over file quota %d left
901-325 user %d over block quota - NO MORE!!
901-326 user %d over block quota %d remaining
901-340 Exceeded quota limits on %d filesystems on site %d
901-341 Only showing %d
901-342 Warning: Too %s on %d, %d warning%s left
901-343 Warning: Too %s on %d, NO MORE!!
901-400 SELECT: p_alrmp %p != NULL
901-403 svrselscan: couldn't find server
901-462 block number %ld
901-463 bmap: can't find indir block for direct page
901-486 spqueuecheck: msg %p not processed!
901-487 checksvrs: msg waited %ld msecs
901-488  type %d seq %ld fsite %d
901-489 checksvrs: Insufficient TCF Message Flow
901-490 checksvrs: LEAVING NET!
901-520 svrsitedown: top_stat %d after slp
901-524 svrgettop: too many local mounts
901-525  please redistribute filesystems
901-540 newimage: xsite %x EBADST
901-542 %s: exec failed (errno = %d)
901-544 %s: Setuid execution not allowed
901-560 exit: init died
901-562 abndn_rmt: kids refuse to leave
901-565 proc_checks: out of system PIDs
901-566 adndn_rmt: ppid %ld, kid %ld, site %d, stat %d
901-600 mount: warning mount point not stored locally
901-601 Warning: Site %d can't communicate with server
901-602 svrmtnfs: Unable to contact NFS server for gfs %d
901-603 mount: warning mount point not stored locally
901-605 gfs %d gp %p lflag %x
901-606 fsumount: no pmount
901-612 smount: gfs %ld conflicts with already mounted filesystem
901-613 smount: gfs %ld, dev (%u/%u) dirty, mounted read-only
901-614 mount: gfs %ld conflicts with already mounted filesystem
901-615 MOUNT: Can't do automatic format conversion on Read Only Mounts!
901-616 Convert this device with fsconvert and try again
901-617 smount: gfs %ld, dev (%u/%u) must be checked by hand; mounted read-only
901-640 profil: no memory
901-641 profil: can't realloc
901-660 startnet: No cluster communication device detected
901-661 nmdebug_alloc: failed kmemalloc, dbg_cnt %d
901-662 sysstart: init
901-663 sysstart: Exec of /etc/init failed, u_error = %d
901-664 sysstart: Attempting to come up dependent site
901-665 sysstart: Exec of /etc/init failed, errno = %d
901-712 Timeout table full
901-742 install_token: not open tcbdes %d fp->f_tcbdes %d
901-743 install_token: not open
901-754 find_rqsite: can't find tcb element for fdes %d fdes, tcbprt %p, site $d
901-755 panic site %d
901-756 find_rqsite: cannot find token control block element
901-803 no independent site available
901-804 netwcss: fails interrupted by toperror
901-805 Insufficient in-core inodes for cluster reconfiguration
901-806 Disabling cluster communications. Use /etc/clusterstart
901-807 to rejoin cluster or regenerate kernel with more in-core
901-808 inodes if problem persists
901-811 sndnewtop: send nothing
901-813 top_error %d top_stat %d actsite %d
901-814 inpart %d pollsite %d partset 0x%lx newpartset 0x%lx
901-815 partset 0x%lx newpartset 0x%lx
901-816 newtop %d curtopseq 0x%lx gspartset 0x%lx
901-817 newpartset 0x%lx
901-818 In recovery, looking for something to do
901-819 recgfs %ld, pollsite %d
901-820 Already got it
901-821 CSS %d
901-822 In wait, looking for something to do
901-823 waiting for gfs %ld
901-824 Already got the CSS
901-860 nextop: only %d svrprocs
901-863 SD:%s
901-866 NT:%s
901-871 recover: lost local fsys gfs %d
901-872 recover: release token %d %d
901-940 ****** CONVERTING OLD FORMAT FILESYSTEM dev <%d,%d> ******
901-941 inocvt: error reading blkno %ld
901-942 SUPERBCVT: readonly or unclean mount. flags %x
901-943 size %d != %d ( s_dinfo )
901-943 size %d != %d ( s_fsmnt )
901-943 size %d != %d ( s_fpack )
901-944 stashflist: stash busy
901-945 fscvtflist: no freelist to restore for dev %lx
901-946 freelist read error on block %ld
901-962 LARP version %u
905-044 remrq: proc %p NOT on q
905-045 label_t %x:
906-001 arp: lan address is broadcast for IP address 0x%lx!
906-002 arp: All zeros lan address
906-003  sha %s,   spa 0x%lx
906-004  tha %s,   tpa 0x%lx
906-005 Duplicate IP address!! Sent from lan address
906-006  sha %s,   spa 0x%lx
906-007  tha %s,   tpa 0x%lx
906-008 Shutting down network device %s%d
906-041 arp: token ring address is broadcast for IP address %x!
906-042 %s: %s
906-043 Shutting down network interface %s%d
906-081 lo%d: can't handle af%d
906-121 in_control
906-201 icmp_error
906-202 icmp len
906-241 ip_init
906-242 save_rte: olen %d
906-243 forward: src %lx dst %lx ttl %x
906-244 redirect (%d) to %lx
906-283 No available network devices
906-284 No devices configured, at least one required
906-285 What is the %s internet address for %s? (a.b.c.d)
906-286 (default - skip configuration for this device)
906-287 What is the internet subnetmask for %s? (a.b.c.d)
906-289 (default %d.%d.%d.%d)
906-290 Enter route destination (a.b.c.d)
906-291 (default: Add no more routes)
906-292 Enter route Gateway (a.b.c.d)
906-293 Error adding route.  Network unreachable
906-294 Error adding route.  Route already exists
906-295 Error adding route.  Errno = %d
906-321 raw_usrreq
906-361 rtfree
906-362 rtfree: refcnt %d!
906-441 %p %s:
906-442 ????????
906-443 rcv_(nxt,wnd,up) (%x,%x,%x) snd_(una,nxt,max) (%x,%x,%x)
906-444 snd_(wl1,wl2,wnd) (%x,%x,%x)
906-481 tcp_pulloutofband
906-482 tcp sum: src 0x%08lx
906-483  sum = 0x%04x len = %d
906-484 tcp off: scr 0x%08lx off %ld
906-521 tcp_output
906-522 tcp_output REXMT
906-561 tcp_usrreq
906-601 udp_usrreq
906-641 accept
906-687 mclput: mbuf %x
906-721 so free dq
906-722 soclose: NOFDREF
906-723 soaccept: !NOFDREF
906-724 receive 1
906-725 receive 1a
906-726 receive 2
906-727 receive 3
906-761 soisconnected
906-762 sbappendrights
906-763 sbflush
906-764 sbflush 2
906-765 sbdrop
906-801 uipc 1
906-802 uipc 2
906-803 uipc 3
906-804 uipc 4
906-805 piusrreq
906-806 unp_connect2
906-807 unp_disconnect
906-808 unp_externalize
907-121 get_part_info: No Kmem for SCSI Initialization
907-161 scsi_tape_dd_init: No TAPE Class Found
907-162 tapeinit: SCSI Sub-system marked Broken
907-201 scsi_make_dev: Could not get logical card number
907-202 scsi_dd_init0: Could not allocate SCSI data structures
907-203 scsi_dd_init0: Could not allocate device state data areas
907-204 scsi_dd_init0: Could not initialize card in slot %d
907-205 scsi_dd_init1: No CARD Class Found
907-206 proc_scsi_config: No CARD Class Found
907-207 proc_scsi_config: No DASD Class Found
907-208 proc_scsi_config: Could not write out the SCSI configuration record
907-241 scsi_dasd_dd_init: No DASD Class Found
907-242 scsi_dasd_init: SCSI Sub-system marked Broken
907-243 scsidasdpark: I/O still pending on Disk %d (Card %d, PUN %d, LUN %d)
907-244 scsi_dasd_dump: dumping system to hard disk
907-245 System dump complete
907-246 scsi_dasd_dump: bad code
907-247 scsi_dasd_dumpio: Error %d while dumping system
907-281 put_wait: No Wait Queue elements available
907-282 put_wait_call: No Wait Queue elements available
907-321 out_icmd: Command Timed Out - resetting card in slot %d
907-322 out_scb_cmd: Command Timed Out - resetting card in slot %d
907-323 hard_reset: SCSI card in slot %d is broken
907-324 hard_reset: Too many resets on card
907-325 soft_reset: SCSI card in slot %d is broken
907-326 soft_reset: Too many resets on card
907-361 cardinit: Could not get logical card number
907-481 scsi_dasd_iconfig: Configuration Table Size Exceeded
907-482 scsi_dasd_resolve: Configuration Table Full
907-521 dasd_init: No Device Specific State Blocks
907-522 dasd_close_req: Unknown Driver State
907-523 dasd_close_req: Unknown state 0x%x for Card %d, PUN %d, LUN %d
907-562 datainit: Error allocating request blocks
907-563 datainit: Error allocating card work queues
907-564 datainit: Error allocating temporary buffers
907-565 datainit: Error allocating Wait queues
907-566 datainit: Error allocating SCSI command blocks
907-641 card_io: Unknown Driver State
907-681 ibm_target_cmd: Unknown Target mode type
907-721 get_scsi_config: Could not allocate temporary buffer
907-722 get_scsi_config: Could not allocate dummy buffer
907-723 get_scsi_config: Could not allocate configuration table buffer
907-724 update_scsi_config: Could not allocate Configuration Buffer
907-725 update_scsi_config: Could not Write out all of the Configuration
907-726 write_scsi_config: Could not allocate sector buffer
907-727 write_scsi_config: Could not allocate sector buffer
907-881 std_proc_tsb: No SCB's available
907-882 std_proc_tsb: No Data Buffers available
907-883 scsi_rereserve: No SCB's Available
907-921 scsi_tape_iconfig: Configuration Table Size Exceeded
907-922 scsi_tape_resolve: Configuration table full
907-961 tape_init: No Device Specific State Blocks
908-001 spurious kb interrupt
908-002 Your Boot Loader did not pass an NL translation table
908-003 The keyboard map will be U.S. English
908-042 NULL return trying to malloc vtmstruc : Unit = %d
908-081 mous_parms: data byte error
908-082 mous_parms: command byte error
908-121 VTTSELI:  Max number of VT's = %d, vtid = %d
908-161 ***   entering hftvtnum.  iocn=0x%x
908-162 ***   leaving hftvtnum.  cn=0x%x, dev=0x%x
908-201   key state error
908-202 &str_arry[%d][%d] = %d
908-203 str_arry[%d][%d] = %d
908-204 ktptr[%d][%d].keyb_keytype   = 0x%x
908-205 ktptr[%d][%d].keyb_mapstat   = 0x%x
908-206 ktptr[%d][%d].keyb_kstate    = 0x%x
908-207 ktptr[%d][%d].keyb_code_page = 0x%x
908-208 ktptr[%d][%d].keyb_code      = 0x%x
908-209 ** In sound() ** :
908-210 %d. mode = %d, freq = %d, dur = %d
910-001 Improper media: cannot be formatted for %s
910-280 Warning: no kmem for hd: initialization failed
910-282 ehdintr: intr = 0x%x, dev = %d, edev = %d
910-283 ehdintr: %s
910-285 ehdintr: BS_BUSY stuck, bsr = 0x%x
910-287 ehdcmd: timeout on INTPND|BSY, bsr = 0x%x
910-288  ointrstat = 0x%x, obsr1 =0x%x, obsr2 =0x%x
910-289 ehdcmd: INTPND|BSY took %ld counts
910-290 ehdcmd: new bsr = 0x%x
910-291 ehdcmd: CMDINFUL stuck, bsr = 0x%x
910-292 ehdcmd: CMDINFULL took %ld counts
910-293 ehdcmd: new bsr = 0x%x
910-295 Your fixed disk controller requires an %s
910-296 to function properly under AIX.  Please contact %s
910-297 ehdreadstat: timeout on BS_SIFFULL
910-298 ehd_err_log: %s %s error on dev (%u/%u), blkno=%ld
910-299 ehd_err_log: status:
910-300 ehddump: dumping system to hard disk ...
910-301 System dump complete
910-302 ehddump: bad code
910-303 ehddumpio: dump device not correctly set
910-304 ehddumpio: dump didn't fit on partition
910-305 ehddumpio: DMA channel %d is busy
910-306 ehddumpio: dump didn't fit on partition
910-307 ehdintr: bad status, intrstat = 0x%x, ointrstat = 0x%x
910-311 Your fixed disk controller requires %s
910-320 Copy protection violation
910-321 esntable overflow: only %d registrations possible
910-360 bodygetxfile: unknown ldtype %x
910-362 getcoff: .lib section too big!
910-363 getcoff: too many shared libraries!
910-364 readcoff: text not aligned
910-365 readcoff: data not aligned
910-400 fdopen: diskette sense err in drive %d
910-401 fdpark: motor(s) not killed, i/o still pending
910-402 fdstate: timed out on diskette drive %d
910-403 fdcalc: verify botch
910-404 fdvercmp: zero fdw_needs ver???
910-406 fd_err_log: %s error on dev (%u/%u), blkno=%ld
910-407 fd_err_log: status:
910-408 (Diskette Write Protected)
910-409 Remove diskette and label it.
910-410 Remove diskette and label it
910-411 fdtab.ib_actf - not empty
910-414 Unrecoverable diskette failure encountered. To retry the dump:
910-415 Prese the CNTL and ALT keys on the left side of the keyboard
910-416 together with the SHIFT key on the right side of the keyboard.
910-417 Then press the ! key.
910-418 Kernel coredump: you will need %ld formatted floppies
910-419 Please insert diskette #%d and press any key (or ESC to abort)...
910-420 fdopen: 5.25 Inch Diskette Adapter/A not enabled
910-421 fdopen: External drive not found by 5.25 Inch Diskette Adapter/A
910-422 fdopen: Internal drive not found by 5.25 Inch Diskette Adapter/A
910-423 fdopen: diskette Write Protected or Not Present
910-424 fdstate: NULL bp
910-425 Multiple 5.25 Inch Diskette Adapter/A cards installed
910-426 All 5.25 Inch Diskette Adapter/A cards ignored
910-427 fd: error 1 in checking 5.25 drive type. Setting to High Density
910-427 fd: error 1 in checking 5.25 drive type. Setting to Low Density
910-428 fd: error 2 in checking 5.25 drive type. Setting to High Density
910-428 fd: error 2 in checking 5.25 drive type. Setting to Low Density
910-432 fd: error 3 in checking 5.25 drive type. Setting to High Density
910-432 fd: error 3 in checking 5.25 drive type. Setting to Low Density
910-430 Warning: high density drive formats in low density mode
910-431 fdopen - no diskette is present in drive
910-602 invalid window page
910-603 getpages couldn't find read page
910-640 paputchar: printer out of paper
910-641 paputchar: printer timeout
910-642 trying to open busy planar parallel port
910-650 Planar parallel port in wrong mode for extended op
910-651 Extended Parallel Port initialization FAILED
910-652 epaopen: dev 0x%x, bad minor 0x%x
910-653 epaopen: pext struct address is NULL
910-654 epaopen: port already open
910-655 epaopen: port not in init. state on open
910-657 epaopen: couldn't allocate I/O buffer
910-658 epaclose: dev 0x%x, bad minor 0x%x
910-659 epaclose: pext is NULL or driver state not open
910-660 epawrite: dev 0x%x, bad minor 0x%x
910-661 epawrite: pext is NULL or driver state no open
910-663 epawrite: copyin failed
910-664 epawrite: signal waiting 4 dma channel
910-665 epawrite: ppstart had an error
910-666 epawrite: pp_xfr had an error
910-667 eparead: dev 0x%x, bad minor 0x%x
910-668 eparead: pext is NULL or driver state not open
910-669 eparead: copyout failed
910-670 pp_pc_xfr: pext is NULL or driver state not open
910-671 pp_xfr: pext is NULL or driver state not open
910-672 pp_get_interface: Timeout - other side sending too
910-673 ppstart: pext NULL or driver state not open
910-720 Dump header %d > %d bytes; can't dump, sorry
910-721 kernel dumps are disabled (no configured dumpdev)
910-722 Dump aborted.
910-723 Dump complete.
910-724 dumpmem: dump byte count 0x%lx not aligned
910-725 dumpmem: Improperly aligned dump address
910-760 Type Enter to continue:
910-763 System tables
910-764 startup: inode table allocation error
910-769 Disabling cluster communication
910-770 terminating processes ...
910-771 syncing disks...
910-772 System halted, you may turn the power off now
910-773 Type Enter to Reboot:
910-774 Automatic Reboot in %d seconds...
910-775 Type Enter to Reboot Immediately:
910-776 Automatic Reboot
910-780 nmi_err: Watchdog timer timeout
910-781 %s
910-782 doadump: dump already in progress: saved partial dump due to second kernel panic
910-783 Required Memory pages to boot: %d, Avilable: %d
910-784 Insufficient memory. Check params
910-785 WARNING: Too Low free pages.  Check params.!
910-786 WARNING: Free pages %d.  Configured minimum = %d
910-840 pmwinit
910-841 mapin: no page tables free
910-920 mtopen: drive seems dead; is it on?
910-921 mtopen: cartridge not fully inserted
910-922 mtopen: cartridge is write protected
910-972 LOW ON SWAP SPACE!  Can't find any process to kill!
910-973 Process %ld killed: no swap space
910-974 Process %ld killed: no swap space
910-975 swkill: still need %d pages
910-979 vinifod: paging from small block file
911-000 pginit: number of boards found > NPEGS
911-001 pginit: pgcsr POS is bogus %x !
911-002 pginit: bad POS info
911-003 pginit: Couldn't reset ethernet board in
911-004 slot %d; board disabled
911-005 pg_reset: ethernet board didn't interrupt
911-006 pg_reset: ethernet SETUP failed
911-007 pg_reset: ethernet status NOT OK
911-008 pgint: card(%d) reset FAILED
911-009 pgrint: short packet %d
911-010 pg_isw: CBL is null with CU active!
911-011 ps_isw: PG appears wedged
911-041 Process %ld killed: no swap space
911-042 Process %ld killed: no swap space
911-046 page read error, dev %x, errno $d
911-049 Process %ld killed: no swap space
911-080 physio: bad count/offset, u.u_cnt=%x, u.u_off=%lx
911-081 physio: bad count/offset, u.u_cnt=%x, u.u_off=%lx
911-082 IO err in swap
911-120 intrattach: Couldn't alloc intrstructs
911-123 intrattach: ran out of intrstructs
911-161 Your bootloader did not pass the machine configuration to the kernel
911-162 Please be sure you are running the correct version of the bootloader
911-163 Some of your PS/2 options may not function correctly at this time
911-166 Your bootloader did not pass the machine configuration to the kernel.
911-167 Please be sure you are running the correct version of the bootloader.
911-168 Some of your PS/2 options may not function correctly at this time.
911-240 sw_intrattach: no free slots in vector table
911-280 sthdinita: Can't get sthd POS config data
911-281 Warning: no kmem for hd: initialization failed
911-282 sthdgettype: incorrect argument
911-283 sthdfsm: spurious interrupt, stat = 0x%x
911-286 sthdfsm: BUSY stuck on ssb req
911-287 sthdfsm: no DATA REQ on ssb
911-288 HARD
911-289 retryable
911-290 sthdfsm:  cyl=%d, trk=%d, sect=%d
911-291 sthdcmd: BUSY stuck on ccb req
911-292 sthdcmd: no DATAREQ for ccb
911-293 sthddump: dumping system to hard disk ...
911-294 System dump complete
911-295 sthddump: bad code
911-296 sthddumpio: dump didn't fit on partition
911-297 sthddumpio: DMA channel %d is busy
911-298 sthddumpio: dump didn't fit on partition
911-299 sthdfsm:  isr=%x, s0 = %x, s1 = %x, s2 = %x
911-360 tkinit: tried to re-initialize board
911-361 %s token ring has invalid RAM size
911-362 Use the Reference Diskette to select
911-363  a 16KB RAM size
911-364 tkinit: No token ring card.  Option is not enabled.
911-365 tk_doinit: no memory for primary ring
911-366 tk_doinit:no memory for alternate ring
911-367 tk_reset: can't init unit %d's hardware
911-368 tk_reset: ring init unit %d failed - init_code 0x%x
911-369 tk_intr: entered twice
911-370 tkintr: tk_board = %p unit = %d
911-371 isrp_low = %b, interrupt vector = 0x%x
911-372 tkintr: UNRECOGNIZED interrupt
911-373 tk_open_complete: ring open of unit %d failed
911-374 Retry adapter open %d
911-375 bad return from TRANSMIT_DIR_COMMAND in unit %d: 0x%x
911-376 unable to reset token ring board
911-381 token_ring: %s error in %s adapter:
911-382  - %s
911-383  - Adapter is closed
911-384 tk_watch: LOST TOKEN OUTPUT
911-385 INTERRUPT in unit %d : waited %d+ secs
911-386  : resetting board
911-387 tk_reopen: Retry open unit %d
911-388 %s
911-389 Initialization successful
911-390 Processor initialization failed
911-391 ROM test diagnostic failed
911-392 RAM test diagnostic failed
911-393 Instruction test diagnostic failed
911-394 Interrupt test diagnostic failed
911-395 Memory interface hardware diagnostic failed
911-396 Protocol handler diagnostic failed
911-397 Adapter's programmable timer failed
911-398 Cannot write to shared ram
911-399 Reading from shared ram caused an error
911-400 Writing into shared ram read-only
911-401 area did not cause an error
911-402 Initialization timed out
911-403 Unknown failure during bring up 0x%x
911-404 %s
911-405 Invalid command code
911-406 Adapter open - should be closed
411-407 Required parameter(s) not provided
411-408 Command canceled
911-409  - unrecoverable failure: 0x%x%x
911-410  - (%s : %s)
911-411 Inadequate receive buffers for open
911-412 Invalid NODE_ADDRESS
911-413 Invalid adapter receive buffer len
911-414 Invalid adapter transmit buffer len
911-415 Unknown failure
911-416 tkr interface down: giving up
911-442 Kernal mode bad seg reg pop (%x) at %p
911-443 ss/debug trap at %x:%x
911-444 ss/debug trap at %x:%x
911-445 Breakpoint in system
911-446 Kernel Mode :
911-447 387 Segment Overrun
911-449 trap_panic: reentry. Type Enter to continue:
911-450 %s Mode Trap: trap type 0x%x
911-451 eax=%08lx   ebx=%08lx   ecx=%08lx   edx=%08lx
911-452 esi=%08lx   edi=%08lx   ebp=%08lx   esp=%08lx
911-453 ds=%04x   es=%04x   fs=%04x   gs=%04x   tnum=%x   terr=%x
911-454 cs:eip=%04x:%08lx   eflags=$lx   uss:usp=%04x:%08lx
911-487 lsyscall: getting args :copyin failed
911-562 vswapout: no swap space
915-081 Share request
915-082 UNShare request
915-083 klm_lockmgr(%s): blocking lock denied?!
915-084 klm_lockmgr: (%s) unlock denied?!,sets error %d
915-085 klm_lockctl: ENOLCK on KLM_CANCEL request
915-086 fcntl: Local lock-manager not registered
915-087 klm: RPC_SUCCESS
915-088 klm: klm_working
915-089 klm: timeout sset to %d
915-090 klm: RPC_TIMEDOUT
915-091 lock-manager: RPC error: %s
915-092 klm: pid:%d cmd:%d [%d,%d]  stat:%d/%d
915-160 NFS request from unprivileged port,
915-161 source IP address = %u.%u.%u.%u
915-200 clget: null client
915-201 rfscall: null cred
915-202 NFS server %s not responding still trying
915-203 NFS server %s not responding still trying
915-204 NFS %s failed for server %s: %s
915-205 NFS %s failed for server %s: %s
915-206 NFS server %s ok
915-207 NFS server %s ok
915-211 refcnt not held
915-212 srvnfsnm: bad flag
915-213 nattr_to_ipattr: inum changed from %d to %d
915-214 Hiding NFS inode %d
915-280 nfs_umount: no mntinfo
915-322 nfs_getattr: couldn't alloc ns
915-323 nfslookup: makenfsnode returned NULL
915-360 xdr_putrddires: error xdring dir part
915-361 xdr_getrddirres: entry error
915-362 xdr_getrddirres: entry error
915-363 xdr_getrdsdirres: Inode too large to represent in short %d
915-400 Portmapper not responding; giving up
915-401 Portmapper not responding; still trying
915-402 Portmapper ok
915-442 nfsopen: zero inode
915-443 nfsopen: stale id
915-520 bad auth_len pid %d str %d auth %d
916-969 IO err in swap
916-971 mbswap: swap header list depleted

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