AIXelent Journey
Installing AIX for PS/2 1.3

Shut AIX Down
   After finally getting an install to work (thanks to Rick Ekblaw) I tried to figure out howtheheck to shut it down. AIX does not appreciate being powered off...

Pete Backhouse saves me with:
   Just a simple 'sync; sync; halt' should do it... (add an additional 'sync' 
if you're feeling paranoid!) that's all we have ever used on our aix systems...

The god-Emperor replies with:
   It worked. A little odd since the system does'nt say anything until "halt" is processed.

   This assumes you are logged in as root (aixps2# is the default prompt!)
aixps2# sync <return>
aixps2# sync<return>
aixps2# halt<return>

then it shuts down...

Start X Under AIX
Pete Backhouse says:
   Just type "init" at the prompt.

Shut Down X
  > Good question- how do I shut down x? I used "Exit" on the TWM menu, but all that did was to clear the desktop to no icons at all. The "X" cursor moves on the gray pattern screen, but no key combinations get me back to the command prompt...

Pete Backhouse says:
   Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to kill x-server.

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