About the best for us pampered Win-duh!s lusers...

Starting INed
   Martin Etteldorf started me down the slippery slope by saying "Type e <enter>". Why it HAD to be e and not ined, I dinna ken.
Notice says: TEN/PLUS INed v2, Interactive Systems, Corp. 83, 87 

Quitting INed
  I scoured the net- Alt-D gets you right out and clears the screen as well. It works beautifully. Chokes you up, it's so clean...

Overriding terminal not found
  If INed doesn't like your terminal, it will say "Terminal type "yourterminal" is unknown. Select one of the following:"

  Start e with TERM=ibm8512 e where ibm8512 is your terminal.

You can specify your terminal from the following: DEFAULT, hft, hft-c, ibmpc, ibm 3101, 3151 /51-s /52, 3161 /61-c, 3162, 3163, 5151 /54, 6153 /54 /55, 5081,  8503 /07 /12 /13  /14, vt100 /100x, vt220 

Function Keys (as I found out)
F1 Help (duh)
F3 New Task Menu
F4 Local Menu
F11 Zoom in- if directory, subdirs shown, if readable file, it's displayed
F12 Zoom out if directory, goes up, if file, backs out to directory
Cancel Scroll Lock Kills error messages and box drawing.
Execute Right Ctrl key (between space and arrows) selects file or menu
PageUp/Down scrolls menu choices.
Arrow keys move up and down one line at a time

Enter is limited to editing!

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