AIX for PS/2 Books

  Some of these are for 1.2.1, but you use what you got...

EZ12DMST.BOO  AIX for PS/2 and S/370: Managing the OS SC23-2293-01
EZ12EMST.BOO  AIX/370 Messages Reference SC23-2294-01
EZ12JMST.BOO  AIX/370 Administration Guide SC23-2088-01
EZ12BMST.BOO  AIX for RT, PS/2, S/370: C Language Ref SC23-2058-02
EZ12AMST.BOO  AIX for RT, PS/2, S/370: C Lang. User's Guide SC23-2057-02
EZ122MST.BOO  AIX X-Windows: User's Guide SC23-2017-02
EZ121MST.BOO  AIX OS X-Windows: Programmer's Ref SC23-2118-02

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