AIX Access for Dos Users


288-053 AIX Access For DOS Users and IBM X-Windows For DOS

AADU PARTICIPATION IN AIX AS INTELLIGENT WORKSTATION: The PC, XT, AT or a PS/2 may be attached to an AIX host system on an Ethernet LAN, Token-Ring LAN, or asynchronous RS-232-C connection. Upon initialization, the AIX Access host menu lists the available AIX DOS server.  The user selects the desired AIX DOS Server and enters a valid AIX login name and password.  When the connection is established, a DOS prompt (A>) appears.  The user may invoke DOS and AIX programs and connect input and output using named pipes from either AIX or DOS programs.

SHARED VIRTUAL FILE SUPPORT: AADU provides the DOS user with virtual disks that present the entire AIX file system space as if it were locally mounted.  DOS references to files on these "volumes" are carried out in the AIX system.  These files are shared by DOS and AIX.  DOS application programs and data may reside entirely or in part on these shared volumes.  The resource sharing services appear native to DOS.  Conversion routines permit AIX and IBM DOS utilities and applications to pass text data files between them.
       DOS and AIX naming conventions, including directory naming,
are mapped to one another within the AIX DOS Server/User system in a
way familiar and acceptable to both environments.

VIRTUAL PRINTER SUPPORT: AADU provides access to AIX system printers by allowing the user to reroute output selectively to AIX systems.  AIX requests can be issued through use of the print screen (PrtSc) key, by the DOS copy command to the remote print device (LPT1), or from an application program.  Only those characters printable by the AIX printer are supported.

TERMINAL EMULATION: AADU emulates an ASCII terminal, providing the keyboard and program interface characteristics of a DEC  VT100.
       Terminal emulation mode may be started from DOS at any time. If desired, the user can switch back and forth quickly between execution of DOS programs and performing work as a standard AIX ASCII terminal.
       While a terminal session is inactive on the workstation, it
remains active in AIX, so background work continues.  Output to the 
workstation is buffered and displayed when the terminal session is 
       When in terminal emulation mode, the user may invoke any AIX 
functions or programs available to the asynchronous terminals on the 
attached AIX systems.

PC-BASED VI EDITOR: For AIX users with extensive editing requirements on AIX files, a PC-based vi editor is included with AADU.  This editor is compatible in syntax with the AIX vi full-screen editor.  Through the use of this editor, the AIX user is able to perform most editing on the IBM personal computer, unloading one of the most CPU-intensive tasks to the intelligent workstation.  The files created with the PC-based editor can be used directly by AIX.

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