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193-116 IBM THINKPAD 720 AND 720C SYSTEMS (summary only)
192-256 IBM THINKPAD 700 AND 700C PS/2 SYSTEMS (summary only)
192-273 IBM Personal Systems Fall 1992 Announcement Overview (summary only)

IBM ThinkPad Facts and Features (G326-0255-00) (thx to Jelte)


The ThinkPad 720 and 720C provides a unique cursor-pointing device called TrackPoint II, which is built into the keyboard. It works like the mouse and allows the user to point and select icons on the screen under control of the application. It consists of a device that stands between the "G" and "H" keys, accompanied by two "Click-Buttons", which are positioned below the space-bar. The device reacts to pressure from the finger-tip and the left button is used for selecting or dragging items on the screen. The right button simulates the Enter key in some applications.


A 9.5-inch diagonal LCD, Supertwisted Neumatic (STN) 640 x 480 pels, Video Graphics Array (VGA) resolution, cold florescent sidelighted display with an 18 to 1 contrast ratio. Depending on the application, up to 64 grey scales can be addressed. It displays black characters on a white background and it may be reversed to a white on black mode by a simple switch operation.


A 10.4-inch diagonal color LCD, thin film transistor (TFT) 640 x 480 pels, Video Graphics Array (VGA) resolution, cold fluorescent sidelighted display with a 100 to 1 (minimum) contrast ratio. Depending on the application, 256 colors are available simultaneously out of a palette of 4,096 colors in VGA mode (640 x 480). There are over 921,000 thin film transistors used in its construction, and with advanced manufacturing techniques a defect rate of less than .00002 can be maintained. This quality state of the art VGA screen provides clear, bright, vibrant colors approaching cathode-ray-tube technology.

The external input device port can have the following devices connected:

  • IBM PS/2 Miniature Mouse (#5443, 07G0033)
  • IBM PS/2 Numeric Keypad (#5445, 07G0032)
  • IBM PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Connector (#3145, 54G0441).
    The IBM PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Connector is required when:
    • Attaching an external keyboard
    • Attaching an external keyboard and mouse.


It is designed to prevent unauthorized operation of the computer in the following ways:

  • Bolts down the system on the desk
  • Keylocks system in the security base with the hard disk locking mechanism (padlock optional)
  • Prevents removal of hard disk
  • Prevents removal of IC DRAM cards and coprocessor
  • Prevents access to the screw holes in the system
  • Prevents access to the system expansion and I/O connectors.


The user can set a privileged access password to the system to limit the use of the system program. Once the password is set, the boot drive selection and/or an I/O port usage can be protected from tampering by any of the reference diskettes.


Part # Description 700   700C 720   720C Comments
53G9140 NiMH Battery w/Indicator Y Y Y Y New on 700/700C
54G0132 160MB HDD Y Y Y Y New on 700/700C
53G9263 240MB HDD Kit N N Y N 720 only
53G9275 240MB HDD Kit N N N Y 720C only
66G3219 240MB HDD Kit Y N N N 700 only
66G3220 240MB HDD Kit N Y N N 700C only
66G3221 240MB HDD Kit SLC2 Y N N N 700/SLC2 only
66G3222 240MB HDD Kit SLC2 N Y N N 700C/SLC2 only
53G9714 Port Replicator Y Y Y Y New on 700/700C
0933315 3270 Emulation N N Y Y PCMCIA Card
0933462 Token-Ring 16/4 N N Y Y PCMCIA Card
0933290 Ethernet 10BaseT N N Y Y PCMCIA Card
0933280 Ethernet 10Base2 N N Y Y PCMCIA Card
42G2581 Data/FAX Modem N N Y Y PCMCIA Card
42G2582 14.4 Data/FAX Modem N N Y Y PCMCIA Card
49G2163 AC Adapter 25W Y N N N 700 only
49G2165 AC Adapter 40W Y Y Y Y
49G2166 NiMH Battery Y Y Y Y
49G2167 Car Lighter Adapter Y Y Y Y 700C/720C Limits
49G2169 KeyGuard Y Y Y Y Physically Impaired
49G2170 External Quick Charger Y Y Y Y
49G2172 Security Base Y Y Y Y
49G2173 Security Diskette Y Y Y Y
54G0133 120MB HDD Y Y Y Y
54G0180 Communications Cartridge Y Y Y Y
54G0441 Keyboard Mouse Connect Y Y Y Y
54G0445 Battery Cover Y Y Y Y Safety Cover
54G0935 486SLC2 C Processor Upg N Y N N 700C only
54G1032 486SLC2 M Processor Upg Y N N N 700 only
07G1530 Carrying Case Y Y Y Y Briefcase Size
92F8808 Carrying Case Y Y Y Y Compact Size
07G0032 Keypad Y Y Y Y
07G0033 Miniature Mouse Y Y Y Y
79F6800 RS-232 Y Y N N Unique Form Factor
94X2555 2400 Baud Modem Y Y N N Unique Form Factor
42G2580 14.4 Baud Modem Y Y N N Unique Form Factor
07G1419 2MB IC DRAM Y Y Y Y
07G1420 4MB IC DRAM Y Y Y Y
07G1421 8MB IC DRAM Y Y Y Y


The ThinkPad Port Replicator can be attached to all ThinkPad 700/720/C systems. The Port Replicator is designed to provide a convenient way to detach/re-attach all attached peripherals, for example, a printer, when the "portable" computer is taken from one location to the other. Installation of the port replicator is simply snapping onto the system expansion connector. No additional features are required for use. The Port Replicator extends the bus signals of the system expansion connector to a keyboard/numeric keypad, a mouse, an external display, a parallel and serial (9-pin) connectors. The system AC adapter can be put in the plug guide. Thus, the peripherals stay plugged into the Port Replicator that remains on the desk. Removal procedure is simply done by using opening levers. A wire or chain can be used to secure the port replicator on the desk.


This is a molded plastic keyboard overlay that has holes for each key and an integrated TrackPoint II and click buttons. It allows a user with mobility problems/muscle control problems to steady a hand on the KeyGuard and press the key by reaching through the related hole.

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