8580 Type 1 Planar

16 MHz, -041 & 071 Models

rf7080a.exe Model 70/80 Reference Disk v1.12 (zipped image)

187-051 IBM Personal System/2 Model 80 (8580-041/071)

Planar Memory
Power Supply

Type 1 Planar
System Firmware
   ROM Images



-041: 386-16, 1 MB RAM, 44 MB hardfile, 1.44 MB
-071: 386-16, 1 MB RAM, 70 MB hardfile, 1.44 MB

Memory Sizes

System Board 16 MHz (8580-041, 071) 33F8416
1 MB 80 ns Memory Kit 72X6670 or 6450375

A list of 2 MB numbers:
92F9391, 90X8993, 90X7391, 6450372, 6450379, 90X9391, 15F6825, 92F0664 (?)

Type 1 Planar 16 MHz, FRU P/N 33F8416, P/N 72X7492 [P] [P]

? 2x26 solder pads
CR8 LM340T5 7805 5V reg. (incl. SCP)
J1,2,4 32-bit MCA slot w/ MME
J3,5,7,8 16-bit MCA slot
J6 16-bit MCA slot w/ AVE
J9 HDD-15 Video connector
J10 DB25 Serial port
J11 Parallel port
J12 Mouse port
J13 Keyboard port
J14 Power supply connector
J15,16 Memory expansion connectors
J17 Floppy connector
J18 Battery/Speaker connector
SW1 2x8 solder pads (?)
TD1 PE-21978 delay line
TD2 PE-21785 150 ns delay line
TD3 PE-21782 75 ns delay line
U11 LM386? Audio Op-Amp (PC Speaker)
U12 387DX Math Co-pro socket
U13 intel 386DX-16 CPU
U18 72X7377 DMA controller
U52 72X7550 ROM BIOS Even #1
U53 72X7553 ROM BIOS Odd #1
U54 72X7556 ROM BIOS Even #2
U55 72X7559 ROM BIOS Odd #2
U60 14.31818 MHz osc (slots, IO)
U66 Inmos IMSG171S-35 RAMDAC
U72 72X8287ESD VGA
U93 25.175 MHz osc (VGA)
U100 28.322 MHz osc (VGA)
   OKI M41464-12 64Kx4 DRAM (video)
U112 72X8299 IO controller
U148 NS16550V UART
U161 NEC µPD72065L Floppy controller
U164 1.8432 MHz osc (UART)
U174,180 N8259A-2 PIC (cascade)
U186 Hitachi HM6116LFP-3
   NEC µPD446G-20L? 2Kx8 SRAM (NVRAM)
U187 Motorola MC146818A RTC
U188 P8042AH 90X9052 K/B controller
Y2 32.768 kHz xtal ? (RTC)

System Firmware (POST & BIOS)

Firmware stored in EPROM.

ROM Images

72X7550 / 72X7553 / 72X7556 / 72X7559 - 30 Mar 1987, rev. 0, 4x 27C256 (U52 / U53 / U54 / U55)
90X8548 / 90X8549 / 90X8550 / 90X8551 - same contents as above

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