8570 Type 1 Planar

386 16 MHz or 20 MHz

rf7080a.exe Model 70 386 Reference Disk v1.12 (zipped image)
XGAOPT.exe XGA/XGA2 Display Adapter Options Disk (details HERE)

8570 Type 1 Planar
System Firmware
   ROM Images

8570 Type 1 Planar FRU P/N 96F7309 or 41G3984

P/N 15F8379 (16 MHz, -F61) [P] [P]
P/N 33F6083 (20 MHz, -121) [P]

CR1 LM340T 7805 5V reg. (incl. SCP)
J1 16-bit MCA slot w/ AVE
J2, J3 32-bit MCA slot
J9 HDD15 video connector
J10 DB25 serial port
J11 Parallel port
J12 Mouse port
J13 Keyboard port
J19 Battery/Speaker connector
J30-32 72-pin SIMM socket
J34 Floppy/Hard-drive riser slot
J36 Power supply edge connector
LN1-4 inductors
U2 Inmos IMSG171P-35 RAMDAC
U12 NS16550AV UART
U13 N8042AH Keyboard controller
U14,34 Video RAM
U15 15F6864 VGA controller
U17 28.3220 MHz osc
U18 25.1750 MHz osc
U31 1.84320 MHz osc
U35,36 N8259A-2 PIC (cascade)
U85 14.3181 MHz osc
U88 72X8299
U89 NEC µPD72065L Floppy controller
U128 90X8134(ESD) DMA Controller
U143 i80386DX-16 or -20
U145 NEC µPD446G-20L 2Kx8 SRAM
U148 i80387DX
U150 Motorola MC146818A RTC/CMOS
U159 32.0000 or 40.0000 MHz osc
U164 32.0000 MHz osc
U169 15F8303 BIOS ROM Odd
U170 15F8302 BIOS ROM Even
Y1 32.768 kHz xtal (RTC)

U150 Motorola MC146818A RTC/CMOS - The only RAM this chip has on it is the 64 bytes of CMOS memory. The other MCA configuration information is in the U145 NEC D446G-20L chip (U79 Hitachi HM6264LFP-15T on the Type 2 planar). (thx David)

System Firmware (POST & BIOS)

Firmware stored in EPROM.

ROM Images

15F8302 / 15F8303 - 11 Apr 1988, rev. 2 / 0*, 2x D27512-2 (U170 / U169)
   * reports rev. 2 for Model 70, rev. 0 for Model 80

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