8565 SX Planar

rf5565a.exe Model 55/65 Reference Disk v1.05 (zipped image)

190-052 IBM Personal System/2 Model 65 SX (8565-061 and 8565-121)

8565 SX Planar
System Firmware
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8565 SX Planar FRU P/N 92F0800, 57F1444 [P] [P]

F1 3 A/250 V KB/mouse fuse
J1 HDD15 video connector
J2 DB25 serial port
J3 Parallel port
J4 Mouse port
J5 Keyboard port
J6 16-bit MCA slot w/ AVE
J7-13 16-bit MCA slot
J14 Power supply connector
J15,16 72-pin SIMM socket
J17 Floppy connector
J18 Battery/Speaker connector
OS1 28.322 MHz osc
OS2 25.175 MHz osc
OS4 14.31818 MHz osc
OS5 32.00000 MHz osc
U6 Inmos IMSG171P-35? RAMDAC
U13 P8042AH 90X9052 Keyboard controller
U19 90X8941 VGA
U22 23F9177
U33-36,45-48 TI TMS4464FML-12 64Kx4 DRAM
U43 Dallas DS1287 RTC/CMOS
U59 Bell 45F8645 ceramic module (PLL?)
U69 Dallas DS1220AD 2Kx8 NVRAM
U61 57F1139
U70 27F4619
U71 387SX Math co-pro socket
U72 386SX-16
U73 23F8566
U80 LM386 Audio op-amp (PC Speaker)
U81 NEC µPD765BC Floppy controller
U84 90X8134 DMA Controller
U85 PE-27081 delay line?
U90 64F3608 BIOS ROM Even
U91 64F3611 BIOS ROM Odd

System Firmware (POST & BIOS)

Firmware stored in EPROM.

ROM Images

64F3608 / 64F3611 - 08 Feb 1990, rev. 0, 2x 27C512 (U90 / U91)

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