7568 System Resource Card

@8EF7.ADF System Resource (ID = 8EF7)
@8EF7.ADF System Resource (ID = 8EF7)
   (Version for the 7568. Adds reserved I/O addresses.)

System Resource Card
   Clear Power On Password  (Clear CMOS)
System Resource Card Status Lights
  Hexadecimal Display.
Three Port Cable Assembly
  Data Ouput Points
      DO1 Catastrophic Check
      DO2 Non-Catastrophic Check
      DO3 Speaker Interface
   Setup and Service Device (Units without FDs or HDs need this)
   Keyswitch Connection Combinations
8EF7 ADF Sections

System Resource Card FRU 15F8577

C37 RTC backup (5v 1F cap)
DS1 Run/Check LED
DS2 Speaker LED
DSP1 2 digit display
E2 Speaker header?
E3 Password erase / CMOS Clear
P4 Floppy conn
J1 Setup and Service Device Port
J2 Video port
J3 KB/Mouse port
J4 KB/Mouse port
J5 Bottom video port
J6 Breakout Cable port
LN1 Unk
LN2 Unk
LN3 Unk
P1,2 Backplane connectors
P3 Keyswitch connector
RN1 ?
U1,2 82C55A-2
U5 82077AA Floppy controller
U7 82C54-2
U11 Optional BIOS Extension ROM
U14 57F0838
U16 Inmos IMSG171P-35
U17 33F5953
U24-27,36-39 Video mem (4146?)
U28 92F0616
U31 SRM2264LM12
U32 MC146818AFN RTC
U41 90X8134(ESD) DMA Controller
U50 33F5469
U53 Xilinx XC3020-70
U64,73 57X41111
U99-101 GE H1162
Y1 24.0 MHz
Y2 28.322 MHz
Y3 25.17500 MHz
Y4 32.768 kHz
Y5 22.11840 MHz
Y6 20.0000 MHz
Y7 14.31818 MHz

Tony I says:
   Double connector sets for Video, KBD, FDD. One on bottom, one in front. Large connector on bottom for built in digital I/O signals
Ed. Only one monitor can be attached to the video ports at a time!

Support for the PS/2 XGA Adapter/A requires that the System Resource Card Graphics Support Upgrade (#6886) be installed on earlier models of the GEARBOX Model 800.

Erase Power On Password

The procedure is to place a jumper on the E3 jumper points (located below C37, 1 farad capacitor) on the system resource card for 20 minutes.

System Resource Card Status Lights
   Green means SRC is OK
    Red means system detects an error on the SRC
    Off during system reset. BUT if it remains off after system reset is complete, an error may have occurred between the SRC and other cards in the unit.

   Amber light is off during normal operation, lit when a program activates a speaker. E2?

Hexadecimal Display.
   00 is the usual running display.

Three Port Cable Assembly (System Resource Breakout Cable)

  Connection from System Resource Card in the system to various other standard connectors Serial (RS-232/422), parallel, and System Digital Output (DO) devices.
   The 3' breakout cable attaches to the 78 pin D shell connector on the bottom of the system resource card. There are three D shell connectors on the breakout box (similar to the Multiport box).

Data Ouput Points
   A 15 pin D-Sub on the  breakout cable has three optically isolated Data Output Points:

DO1 Catastrophic Check
   Cannot be controlled or reset through OS. Indicates one or more of the following:
--Watchdog timer has tripped and the processor is no longer functioning normally.
--ECC on the processor has found a fatal memory error. The system may not continue to run.
--I/O channel Check caused by
     ECC check on an adapter
     Parity check on the bus
     I/O channel check by an adapter
--Temperature check
    Processing can continue but damage to the system unit may occur.
    Activated when exhaust air of the power supply >60 degrees C (140 degrees F).
--Other catastrophic errors noted by SVAL.
WARNING: If temperature check is ignored and internal PSU reaches damaging levels, the system will shut down without warning.
DO2 Non-Catastrophic Check
   Controlled by operating system. Examples: 'fan failed", "battery is low", or "battery missing".
DO3 Speaker Interface
   Speaker connection controlled by OS and system BIOS/SVAL.

Setup and Service Device (#6230)

A stand-alone 1.44MB, 3.5" diskette drive in an enclosure, used for initial system set-up, loading diags and recording test results on a Gearbox without a DASD module. It plugs into a DB26 port on the System Resource Card. This port must have the power and signal leads in it.

Note: The floppy port is DISABLED if a DASD module is installed.


LOCK SVAI runs, system starts normally. KB is locked.

UNLOCK SVAI runs, KB can be used

MAINT MODE When powered off, system bypasses battery backup function. Use only during diagnostic procedures.

RESET Turn to Reset then back to any other position.

C&K Components, Inc. Y100AB2C801NQE, Current Products HERE

I am confused, but all the specs are available as "Build To Order" Note: The Silver contacts are rated for 4 AMPS @ 125 V AC or 28 V DC; 2 AMPS @ 250 AC V AC (UL/CSA). Copper, silver plated (std. with all termination options).

Y100AB - Single Pole (SP), 45°, keypull pos. 1, 2, 3 & 4
2- Two nickel plated brass keys (4 &5 tumbler)
C - 4 Tumbler lock with detent
8 - Gloss black facing
01 - Solder lug with notch
N - With nut
Q - Silver contacts
E - Epoxy seal

To order, simply select desired option from each category and place in the appropriate box. Available options are shown and described on pages L–4 through L–10. For additional options not shown in catalog, consult Customer Service Center.

Keyswitch Connection Combinations

Lock   8,1
Unlock 1,2
Maint  2,3
Reset  3,4

AdapterID 8EF7 "System Resource"

Diskette Primary/Alternate Address
  Primary or secondary address for diskette adapter on SRC. This floppy controller is disabled if a DASD Module is installed.
     <"Alternate 0370-377" >, "Primary 03F0-03F7"

BIOS Ext. ROM Segment xxxx-xxxxx
 Enables address ranges of optional BIOS Extension ROM on SRC. Each enable covers a specific address range. More than one enable can be active to allow larger address.

BIOS Ext. ROM Segment 0D0000H - 0D1FFFH
   <"Disable">, "Enable "

BIOS Ext. ROM Segment 0D2000-0D3FFF
 <"Disable">, "Enable "

BIOS Ext. ROM Segment 0D4000-0D5FFF
   <"Disable">, "Enable "

BIOS Ext. ROM Segment 0D6000-0D7FFF
   <"Disable">, "Enable "

BIOS Ext. ROM Segment 0D8000-0DBFFF
   <"Disable">, "Enable "

BIOS Ext. ROM Segment 0DC000-0DFFFF
   <"Disable">, "Enable "

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