6152 Academic System

188-033 IBM 6152 Academic System
190-099 IBM 6152 Academic Workstation, All Models, Withdrawn From Marketing
S68X-2209 (P/N 68X2209) IBM 6152 Academic System Customer Setup Sheet
S68X-2326 (P/N 68X2326) IBM 6152 Academic System Quick Reference
P/N 15F0062 IBM 6152 Academic System Kit - Quick Reference
15F0059 IBM 6152 Academic System Kit - Reference Diskette
S68X-2327 (P/N 68X2327) IBM 6152 Academic System Hardware Maint. Service (includes CE diagnostic diskette)
S68X-2328 (P/N 68X2328) IBM 6152 Academic System Technical Reference
S68X-2329 (P/N 68X2329) IBM 6152 Academic System Hardware Maint. Reference

33F6215 Academic System 6152 Quick Reference Jan88

15F0059 6152 Reference Diskette *.IMD ??? Contains extracted files as well.

AOS 4.3 Program Files 
AOS 4.3 Documentation

Crossbow RISC Adapter     

Late MFM Adapter   Found in some 6152. You might find earlier, YMMV

       The IBM 6152 Academic System combines a Model 60 with a 32-bit RISC processor (similar to the RT PC processor), together with a Motorola MC68881 floating point processor.

       The primary OS for the 6152 is the IBM Academic Operating System 4.3 (IBM/4.3).  The IBM/4.3 operating system is derived from the 4.3 Berkeley Software Distribution (4.3 BSD) version of a UNIX operating system.  The X Window System, version 11 is provided as an integral part of IBM/4.3. The X Window System is a network-transparent windowing system that provides a base for the operation of application programs.  Token-Ring and Ethernet networks are supported on the 6152.

       The 6152 is also supported by the DOS 3.3 and OS/2 Standard 1.0 operating systems.  When operating under DOS 3.3 or OS/2 Standard 1.0 the 6152 does not use the RISC processor or RISC RAM storage. Only one operating system can run at any time. DOS 3.3 and OS/2 Standard 1.0 do not support the RISC processor or RISC RAM.

Unit-          Fixed     RISC
Model          Disk      Memory
6152-022       20Mb      2Mb
6152-024       20Mb      4Mb
6152-044       44Mb      4Mb
6152-048       44Mb      8Mb
6152-074       70Mb      4Mb
6152-078       70Mb      8Mb

o   Dual processors -- 32-bit RT PC RISC and PS/2 80286
o   MC68881 floating point processor provides 625 KWIPS performance
o   Multiple Operating Systems
    -   IBM AOS 4.3/6152 and DOS 3.3 can co-reside on a single DASD
    -   OS/2 Standard 1.0 can reside on a second fixed disk


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