POS Support Files

IBM 4693 SurePOS Terminal Support (archived)
IBM Retail Store Publications (archived)

4693/4 Model 3 Fiscal Printer Hardware Supplements (Non-US, archived)

Retail Store Solutions Adapters - Installation and Service (GA27-4009-02)
Store Systems - Installation and Operation Guide for POS I/O Devices (GA27-4028-01)
Store Systems - Hardware Service Manual for POS I/O Devices (SY27-0339-02)
4693 - Installation and Operation Guide (SA27-3978-01)
4693, 4694, and 4695 - Hardware Service Manual (SY27-0337-02) (BOO format)

4693 Files


4693bios.dsk BIOS Update Diskette v3.18 05/08/95 Mmodels 3W1 and 741 only.
ozbootp.dsk 4693-3w1 BootP Ref v3.20 12/18/95 Instal/Diags for 4693-3w1 BootP only.


Diskette 1/2 v3.20 DOS and VESA Utilities
Diskette 2/2 v3.20 DOS and VESA Utilities

OS/2 Linear Drivers for Warp 3

o23sln40.exe SBCS Models 741/3W1 using C&T 65535/40, 02/01/96
o23sln45.exe SBCS Models 741 using C&T 65545, v4.2.0
o23dnlxx.exe DBCS Models with 1M VRAM v1.0

OS/2 Non-Linear Drivers for Warp 4 (v1.0.0)

o24snl45.exe SBCS Model 741 using C&T 65540/45; 640x480x256 colors only

Windows 95 Linear Drivers (v2.0.3)

w95_lnxx.exe Model 741 with 1M VRAM using C&T 65540/45; 640x480x256 colors only.

Windows 3.51 or 4.0 NT Linear Drivers

Model 741 using C&T 65540/45 with NT 3.51 05/06/96 or NT 4.0 10/04/96

Windows 3.1 Linear Drivers

w3_slnxx.exe SBCS Model 741 using C&T 65540/45 chips v3.2.3
w3_dlnxx.exe DBCS Model 741 using C&T 65540/45 chips v3.2.0


469xsupp.zip Supplemental Drivers v3.5.9 04/20/99
DOS / W95 Networking support, RPL instructions and utility programs for the 4614, 469x

Reference Disks

Model 4693-321, 421, 541-medialess, 741-medialess and 741-w/media
4693termv350.exe Terminal Ref/Diag Disk v3.50 It does not support the 541 w/media.

Model 4693-541
4693refv350.exe Terminal RefDisk v3.50 Reference for 4693-541 with media.
4693diagv350.exe Terminal DiagDisk v3.50 Diagnostic for 4693-541 with media.

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